Dragon Age Inquisition: Haven Side Quests Guide

Dragon Age Inquisition: Haven Side Quests Guide
Haven is your home base in Dragon Age Inquisition. There are a ton of people here and you will need to help out to keep the Inquisition strong. This guide will help you find all the side quests and complete them as soon as you are able.

Dragon Age Inquisition Haven Side Quests

Haven’s Best And Brightest – You automatically get this quest once you get to Haven and talk to your Inquisition leaders. You will need to talk to the Quartermaster, Apothecary and the Blacksmith. They are all on your quest map.

When you talk to the Quartermaster ask him about requisitions for get the Inquisition Weapons recipe. You will need 1 logging stand and 5 iron to complete this requisition.

When you talk to the Apothecary ask him if you can do anything to help to get the quest “Passing Notes”. You can make new potions here for your travels.

The blacksmith will tell you what he can do and will give you a couple of mini quests. He wants you to build some armor and upgrade it. You can do this once you get more materials.

Passing Notes – You get this quest from the Apothecary inside Haven. You can find the quest marker right outside of the town. Enter the building and click the stick in to see which direction the item is in. Once you get close to the table click it in again to get the quest item.

Requisition For Weapons – You get this from the Quartermaster in Haven. You will need 5 iron and the logging stand north of the town. The iron can be found one the way to the logging stand(look for brown rocks on the mountain side). The logging stand is past the building you find the Note for the “Passing Notes” Quest. You need to claim the Logging Stand in order to get it. Once you get all the materials return to the Quartermaster.

The Right Armor – All you have to do is craft some armor with some leather. You can find the leather on goats near the logging stand for the “Requisition For Weapons” Quest. You can also kill Nugs that roam near town. If you are looking for Heavy armor you can use Iron. You can also find materials in the box near the armor crafting stand.

Piece By Piece – You also need to upgrade some armor for a quest. I’m not sure where I got the item to upgrade but I think I looted it from the camp near Cullen. If not it might of been in the supply box near the armor upgrade area.

Know Thy Enemy – This is turned in at the research table when you have an item to turn in. I found and item called “Bow String” and that was able to help me complete the quest. I don’t think you can find the items inside Haven, check the Hinterlands enemies for them.

The Captain Of The Chargers – Talk to Krem outside of the War Room to get this quest. Tell him “We Welcome The Help” and you will be asked to go to the Storm Coast. I got this quest after I completed my main story mission in The Hinterlands. You will need to unlock the Storm Coast at the War Table.

Memories Of The Grey – You get this quest from Blackwall so you need to recruit him first. Tell him you want peace and he will approve. Talk to him again and he will give you the quest Memories Of The Grey. Head to each of the areas mentioned in the quest to find the artifacts on the map.

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