Dragon Age Inquisition: Skyhold Side Quest Guide

Dragon Age Inquisition: Skyhold Side Quest Guide

The Skyhold becomes your base of operations in Dragon Age Inquisition. At first there isn’t much to do but you quickly unlock side quests that you can complete. This guide will help you find all the quests and help you complete them as you go through the game!

Dragon Age Inquisition Skyhold Side Quests

Welcome To Skyhold When you get to the Skyhold you automatically get this quest. All of these are marked on your map. You need to find the War room and the Blacksmith to complete this quest. The Blacksmith is in the Undercroft if you are having an issue finding him.

Inquisition Trappings – This is another quest you get once you make it to the Skyhold. First you need to go to the Undercroft which is to the right of the Throne chair. Head to the back and you can see the option to Customize your Skyhold. Most of the stuff is locked but you can change a few things around right now. Once you switch a couple things around you will complete the quest.

The Forgotten Boy – If you had recruited Cole you will get this quest at the Skyhold as well. Go to the way point in the courtyard and your members will be talking about him. At this point you can get rid of him if you want or talk to him. I kept him around but if you don’t trust spirits then send him away. After that you can have him end the suffering of a wounded person or let them man suffer until he dies. I choose to end his suffering and it didn’t seem to have any negative effects on my party.

Acquire The Arcanist – You get this once you get to the Skyhold as well. Go to the War Table and look in the north area of Ferelden for this quest. You have to send someone out to get the Arcanist but it doesn’t take any time.

Rune Crafting – After you recruit The Arcanist you will get the quest “Rune Crafting”. Talk to Dagna and she will give you some info on how rune crafting is done. You probably can’t craft one at the moment but if you go to the weapon table it will still count and complete.

Judgement – Sit at your throne and a prisoner will be brought up. Pick Arm and exile him to Tevinter to gain him as an agent and get some approvals from a your party members.

Judgement 2 – The second Judgement is the knight Denam. If you let the other Templars judge him then you will get approvals across the board.

Judgement 3 – Livius will come to the keep after you are done with the Adamant Fortress. Send him to the Wardens and let them give him Justice.

Judgement 4 – Ser Ruth is also from the Fortress. You can send her to the Deep Roads to kill her or say Andraste forgives her to get some approvals.

Judgement 5 – You will get a box of remains and be asked to judge who is inside. Just say to get this over with and move on.

Judgement 6 – Servis is one of the Mages you can bring back home from the Western Approach if you want. Pick An Informant on Probation to get him as an agent.

Judgement 7 – Mistress Poulin is another judgement you will have to carry out. You can take her money or put her to work for the Inquisition.

I’m sure there will be more quests later so check back for updates!

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