Dragon Age Inquisition: Storm Coast Side Quest Guide

Dragon Age Inquisition: Storm Coast Side Quest Guide

The Storm Coast is another area in Dragon Age Inquisition that you can do side quests in. The area isn’t very big but the quests can be missed if you aren’t looking. This guide will help you find all the quest and complete them as you go!

Dragon Age Inquisition Storm Coast Side Quests

There are three rifts to close here and a few Ocularum for you shard collectors.

Cleaning House – This is the quest you get when you come into the Storm Coast. Head up to the way point and enter the house with the door shut. Inside you can find a map with the location of the Bandit camp. Head to the bandit camp and clear it out to complete this quest.

Apparently if you do the Mercy’s Crest Requisition quest you can get an amulet that lets you fight the bandit boss one on one. If you win you get him as an agent. I can’t test this because I already beat him.

Anitvenom Requisition – You will need 10 Elfroot and 5 Spider Ichor for this quest. The Elfroot can be found all over the place and you most likely already have 10. The Spider Ichor can be found on dead spiders in the caves near the beach. It isn’t a 100% drop rate but I had enough by the time I beat the area. This can be done multiple times.

Mercy’s Crest Requisition – I’m not sure if I got this from the War Room or when I got to the Storm Coast but I had it when I looked at my table. You will need 2 Serpent Stones and 1 Deepstalker hide. The Serpent Stone can be found on the mountain side near in The Storm Coast and the Deepstalkers can be found in the cave north west of the starter camp in The Storm Coast.

Wardens Of The Coast – I’m not sure how I got this quest but it randomly appeared on my map. You will need to head to four points on your map and use the search(click the stick in) to find signs of the Wardens. Just follow the arrow to the items you need to search. They are normally found around an abandoned campsite in the area.

The Captain Of The Chargers – Talk to Krem outside of the War Room in Haven to get this quest. Tell him “We Welcome The Help” and you will be asked to go to the Storm Coast. I got this quest after I completed my main story mission in The Hinterlands. Head down to the beach and help him out to complete the quest. After that you can get him to join you IF you want.

Memories Of The Grey – There are two artifacts for you to find here for this quest. You will need Blackwall with you collect them.

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