Dragon Age Inquisiton: Emprise Du Lion Side Quest Guide

Dragon Age Inquisiton: Emprise Du Lion Side Quest Guide
The Red Templars have invaded Emprise Du Lion and you are called to help. The area has a few side quests to do and this guide will help you find them as you go along. Check out Dragon Age Inquisiton Emprise Du Lion Side Quest guide here!

Dragon Age Inquisition Emprise Du Lion Side Quests

The Corruption Of Sahrnia – You get this quest when you arrive in the area. Go the village and enter the yellow house and speak with Mistress Poulin about the Red Templars.

Take Back The Lion – After you talk with Mistress Poulin she will give you this quest. Go to the way marker and clear out the enemies. After that set up camp and you will claim this area from the Red Templars. Same thing at the second way point. For the third way point kill the crystal monster then go down the ramp and clear out the other Templars, then you can claim the camp.

Rocky Rescue – After you complete “Take Back The Lion” you automatically get this quest. Head to the Quarry and save the 7 villagers by opening the cages.

Red Captors – You also get this quest when you get Take Back The Lion. This goes with Rocky Rescue, kill the Templars around the villages.

Mama’s Ring – This one is found in a different house in the village, just go to the ! on the map. Once you get to the area look for the broken blue house and use the search function to find the ring. Turn the ring in to Granny back at the village to complete the quest.

Turning The Tables – You can find this quest on a book north of where you find the ring for Mama’s ring. Head to the way point and you can find a dead woman in the area. Check her and you will complete the quest.

Caged Confession – You can find this on a note in the Quarry. If you give it to Louis, Iron Bull will disapprove. You can tell Linette things will be better and nothing happens but you beat the quest. If you tell her Louis killed her brother nothing seems to happen either. I just told her things will be better.

Words Not Hollow – You can find this on the Infected Women near some of the trapped villagers in the Quarry. Go to the way point and place the icon to beat this quest.

Dragon Age Inquisition Call Me Imshael

Stalker – North east of the village you can see a windmill on the river. Below that there is a small camp with a book that starts a quest. Go to the area marked on the map and then enter the ruins with the wolf statue. Next to that you can find the book you need to complete the quest.

Sifting Through The Rubble – Take the Tower Campsite and take the bridge west to find this quest on a book.

Call Me Imshael – Once you make it to the Keep in the area talk to the guy fighting there to get this quest. You have to kill him to take the keep anyways to just clear out the keep. Make sure your potions are restocked because this one is long. He gives you a choice and you don’t have to kill him but I don’t trust Demons, so I did. Return to Michel to complete the quest and have him join you.

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