Dragon Age Inquisiton: Forbidden Oasis Side Quest Guide

Dragon Age Inquisiton: Forbidden Oasis Side Quest Guide
The Forbidden Oasis is another area you can do side quests in Dragon Age Inquisition. The desert is kinda of big and the quests are scattered all over. This guide will help you find the quests and complete them while you are going through the area!

Dragon Age Inquisition Forbidden Oasis Side Quests

There are some rifts to close here and some Ocularum for any shard collectors. This is the area you turn your shards in as well.

The Temple Of Pride – This is the quest you get when you arrive in the area. Head to the Oasis and you can see the temple entrance but can’t access it yet. You will need 6 shards in order to open the door. In order to get to the door take the mine entrance to the east of the door in the Oasis. Follow that path until you can make a hard left but don’t do that. Instead look right and you can see an opening behind the wood. Follow until you enter the Spiral mine and look for the path that leads outside. You can take that path directly to the door. Inside the temple you will need more shards to open the doors.

The Fire Captured – This is one of the doors inside the temple and you need 6 shards to open it. Inside you can find another door that takes 12 shards and a Casket that will give you bonus fire resistance.

The Cold Endured – Another door in the temple that takes 6 shards to open. You will find another door inside that takes 12 shards and you will get bonus frost resist for looting the casket.

The Spirit Calmed – The last door you can open in the temple which also takes 6 shards. Same as the others there is another door that takes 12 and you will gain passive spirit resistance for opening the casket.

What It’s Worth – To the north west of the Desert Camp you can find a miner roaming around that will give you this quest. Head up to the mine on the marker and clear out the spiders inside. After you do that take the left path to a loot crate with the Ring inside. After that you have to find the miner. For some reason she wasn’t on the map for me after I got the key so I had to leave and come back. She will give you the key to Par’as Cavern.

The Door In Par’as Cavern – Completing the quest “What It’s Worth” will get you the key to this door. Once you get the key you can go open the door and loot the treasure.

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