Dragon Age Inquistion: The Western Approach Side Quest Guide

Dragon Age Inquistion: The Western Approach Side Quest Guide
The Western Approach is another desert area in Dragon Age Inquisition. There is alot to do here and if you don’t keep your eyes open you might miss a couple things. This guide will help you find all the side quests as you go along.

Dragon Age Inquisition The Western Approach Side Quests

Tons of Rifts to close here.

The Venatori – You get this quest when you arrive in the area. Check the book at the first camp when you arrive for the second part of the quest. You can find the mine entrance to the south of The Still Ruins. Go down into the mine and there is a book on a crate you need to look at to complete the quest.

Draconolgy – You can find this quest if you take the mine all the way through to the other side. Fredrick can be found just south of the Nazaire Pass Campsite. After you talk to him he will ask you get him more of his supplies. Go to the way markers and look for sacks near flags and abandoned campsites.

Dragon Age Inquisition Sharper White Claws

How To Lure A Dragon – You get this from The Researcher after you beat the “Draconolgy” quest. You will need to find Quillback Intestines and Phoeinix Tail Feathers to beat this quest. They are not a 100% drop rate so you will have to farm a bit.

Hunting Patterns – You get this from The Researcher after you beat the “Draconolgy” quest. Go to each of the way point areas and use the search function to find the quest items. Return to The Researcher to turn it in.

Sharper White Claws – You get this after you turn in the Hunting Patterns quest. Look for bear traps inside the marked area on your map. They are all in the area with the dead bodies and ruins, no need to look outside of there. After you find them kill the White Claws.

A Manuscript Of Some Authority – You get this from Fredrick after you turn in “How To Lure A Dragon”. Go to The Still Ruins to find the book you need to complete the quest. After you return to Fredrick you will have to go to the Skyhold to translate the notes. After that return to Fredrick again and complete this quest.

The Abyssal High Dragon – This is the last quest you get from Fredrick. Place the bait on the markers and the High Dragon will spawn. We have a different guide for killing the Dragons if you are having issues. He’s level 14 so if you aren’t around that level you may want to get out of the area.

On The Chantry’s Tail – You can also find this quest outside the mine, down the road a bit. Follow the Way Markers all the way to the camp at the end and use a Mage to break the barrier. Once you do that you complete the quest.

Assault Griffon Wing Keep – You get this from The Researcher south of the Nazaire Pass Campsite. Like every other keep you will have to fight your way to the top and claim the keep. Make sure you have all your potions because there are about 20 guys inside.

The Trouble With Darkspawn – After you take the keep talk to the Knight-commander there for this quest. You will need to clear the Find the Source Of Darkspawn at the War Table to complete this quest. You will have to enter some ruins at the top of the mountain and close the hole the Darkspawn are coming out of. Once you get to the prison door you can find the key on a body right next to the door. At the end you can take Servis for judgement or kill him there. I took him in.

Fortress Squatters – You get this from the Knight-commander also. Head to the marker and clear out the bandits to beat the quest.

This Water Tastes Funny – Also from the Knight-commander. Head to the way point and down to the river and kill the big enemy down there to beat the quest.

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