Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: DLC Pack Instructor Locations Guide

Dragon Ball Zenoverse 2 DLC Pack Trainer Locations Guide
DLC introduces brand new instructors to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. This Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: DLC Pack Instructor Locations Guide includes the locations of all the new trainers introduced in the various DLC packs since release. This guide lists all of the different master instructors as well as information on how to unlock them, what challenges you must overcome and what abilities they are able to teach you.

DLC Pack Instructor Locations Map

Where To Find All Mentors & Instructors Xenoverse 2 DLC

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: DLC Pack Instructor Locations Guide

Where To Find Whis
Whis can be found in the North West corner of the map, past the large collection of trees next to the fish statue. His tests are very simple. In the first test you simply use his ability. In the second test you need to defeat 14 enemies within the time limit. The third you need to finish off each of the enemies with the highlighted ability and the final event simply use the ultimate ability. He teaches the following abilities:

What Abilities Does Whis Teach?

  • Finishing Blow
  • Prelude to Destruction
  • Strike of Revelation
  • Symphonic Destruction
Cooler (Final Form)
Where To Find Cooler (Final Form)

Cooler is found next to Frieza and you just have to talk to him to start training with him. Land a hit with Feint Crush and then beat him in your first battle to get him to train you. Easy things up to the Supernova Cooler mission and even then it is pretty easy. You just have to launch him away and use Supernova Cooler to finish Cooler with. It is a fast move but you will want some distance or else he will just stamina break you.

What Abilities Does Cooler (Final Form) Teach?

  • Feint Crush
  • Shadow Crusher
  • Fake Blast
  • Supernova Cooler
Android 16
Where To Find Android 16
Android 16 becomes available once you complete over 90% of the Time Patrol quests inside the Time Chamber. The Initiation Test is very simple, just use the Eye Beam on him a few times to complete it. The first lesson is learning to use Rocket Tackle. It’s a simple move and you need to kill him with it. Use any combo that results in knockback and then use the ability to chase him down.

Lesson two is the use of Android Rush. Get Cell’s HP down to the lowest it can go, you only need to hit him with one part of the attack for the kill to count. The third and final lesson is using Hell Flash. It’s a little difficult as the move sucks but just use the kick combo to knock him to the ground and then use Hell Flash.

What Abilities Does Android 16 Teach?

  • Eye Beam
  • Rocket Tackle
  • Android Rush
  • Hell Flash
Future Gohan
Dragon Ball Xenoverse Future Gohan

Future Gohan is near the waterfall and the pond in Conton City. When you talk to him and ask him to train you, you have land a Super Explosive Wave and then beat him. After you do that he will train you the rest of the way. The rest of the battles are easy but you might run into trouble with the last fight. You have to finish Gohan with the One-Handed Kamehameha but it is a very slow move because you do a backflip during the attack. I had to knock him back and then launch it to land and he blocked it with a sliver of HP left and was defeated.

What Abilities Does Future Gohan Teach?

  • Super Explosive Wave
  • Sonic Rush
  • Energy Dome
  • One-Handed Kamehameha Mk.II
Dragon Ball Xenoverse Bardock Location

Bardock is found behind the shrine below the ridge. You might need to do the bonus campaign mission to get him to train you, I’d already beaten it when I found him. To get him to train you, land a Tyrant Lancer during the fight then finish him. Great Heat is another tough one because you pose before you launch it. Again I had to get Bojack to a sliver and just let him block and die from the reduced damage.

What Abilities Does Bardock Teach?

  • Tyrant Lancer
  • Revellion Spear
  • Riot Javelin
  • Brave Heat
Where To Find Hit
Hit can be found at the entrance to the Arena. The first stage is a battle with Goku and Hit, you need to use the Backbreaker ability when an enemy is behind you. The second lesson you need to use the super attack to finish off Goku, Hit and Piccolo.The final stage is fighting Hit, having to use the evade skill he gives you to kill him.

What Abilities Does Hit Teach?

  • Time Skip/Flash Skewer
  • Time Skip/Back Breaker
  • Time Skip/Jump Spike
  • Time Skip/Tremor Pulse
Where To Find Bojack
To unlock Bojack as a mentor you have to collect 8 pieces of Bido’s clothing. This includes Bido’s upper body, lower body, hands, feet and Bujin’s clothing upper body, lower body, feet and Bujin’s Turban. These are all TP medal purchases. You can purchase all of the items at the TP Medal Store by selecting the clothing option. In total, it will cost you 390 TP Medals. You need the following pieces

  • Bido Upper Body – Bido’s Clothes (30 TP)
  • Bido Lower Body – Bido’s Clothes (30 TP)
  • Bido Hands – Bido’s Clothes (30 TP)
  • Bido Feet – Bido’s Clothes (30 TP)
  • Bujin’s Upper Body – Bujin’s Clothes (80 TP)
  • BUjin’s Lower Body – Bujin’s Clothes (80 TP)
  • Bujin’s Feet – Bujin’s Clothes (80 TP)
  • Bujin’s Turban (In accessories) – Bujin’s Turban (30 TP)
Where To Find Zamasu
Zamasu’s initiation is actually quite simple. Simply survive the time limit when fighting Black Goku and Zamasu. The first test you need to follow on-screen combination attacks that finish in the God Splitter attack. The next test requires you to complete more advanced combinations using the next ability. It can be tough, just be sure to max out your health with items before entering as your Ki and Stamina do not drain.

The final task with Zamasu requires you to defeat him using his ultimate ability. He has incredible life regen during this battle so you need to be able to burst him down quickly. Bring items to fill up your Ki and this one’s easy.

What Abilities Does Zamasu Teach?

  • God Splitter
  • Heavenly Arrow
  • Instant Severance

We are updating this as we progress through the DLC. Check back soon for updates. If you are looking to find any of the original 25 Mentors, check out our Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Mentor guide.