Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Frieza’s Spaceship Guide

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Frieza's Spaceship Guide
Friza’s Spaceship is another area you can do extra missions at in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. This one will actually have a choice for you to make, which commander to follow? Check out this Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Frieza’s Spaceship Guide to help you make the right choice!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Frieza’s Space Ship Guide

Appule Missions
When you first start off you will be dealing with Appule. When Appule is defeated you will be able to enter Frieza’s ship.

Appule Mission 1 – He will want you to bring him a Med. Mix Capsule in order to join the Frieza Force.

Frieza/Cooler Missions
When you get into the ship you will have to do some Frieza missions.

Frieza Mission 1 – You will have to defeat all Frieza’s underlings in 3 minutes to pass. These guys are really weak and you shouldn’t have any trouble defeating them in 3 minutes. They don’t really dodge Ultimate attacks so spam those if you have to. For winning you will get the Training Suit(Ginyu force). After the mission you can pick either Zarbon or Dodoria
as your senior officer.

Frieza Mission 2 – After you do the Zarbon/Dodoria mission and the Ginyu Missions you will be working for Frieza again. His first mission is to take down Cooler. Frieza will join you for the fight, you and him vs Cooler and some Time Patrollers. You will unlock the Battle Suit(Ginyu Force) for winning. He also gave me As If I’d Lose Super Soul after the fight.

Frieza Mission 3 – This is the mission to become Frieza’s second in command, you vs Final Form Frieza.

Frieza Mission 4 – It’s pretty much the same as the last mission.

Frieza Mission 5 – Same thing, different planet.

Frieza Mission 6 – This is another Frieza fight but when you win you get a Hero Suit (Ginyu Force). Frieza also goes Golden after the fight, and you finish his missions. Talk to Navel after that and he will give you a Time Egg.

Cooler Missions – I can’t do Cooler missions because I picked Frieza after the Ginyu Missions(Thanks KotovBestPony) but my guess is, after you beat all his missions you get an egg as well. It would be really silly to not let one side get the egg, it unlocks a couple of bonus levels later in the game. Thanks to Ultimatedbzkid for bringing that to my attention, I didn’t even know you could join Cooler.

Choosing Zarbon Or Dodoria? – Whoever you pick will be the guy you now get missions from. Zarbon fights Dodoria and Dodoria fights Zarbon. If you join Zarbon you also work with Frieza later, Dodoria must be Cooler.

Zarbon Missions
If you pick Zarbon you will get missions from him.

Zarbon Mission 1 – Zarbon’s first mission is to take down Dodoria. Dodoria will have two Time Patrollers with him that you will also have to bring down. When you beat them Zarbon will be happy.

Zarbon Mission 2 – This appeared for me randomly as I was doing PQ missions, I was level 34 at the time. You will have to face Zarbon in a battle for the next mission. After you get him to about 50% HP, other Time Patrollers will spawn. All you have to do if defeat Zarbon to win the mission and he will listen to you from now on. You will earn the Qipao(Ginyu Force) outfit as well.

Dodoria The Mighty
If you pick Dodoria you’ll get the following missions from him.

Dodoria Mission 1 – This appeared for me randomly as I was doing PQ missions around level 25. You need to defeat Zarbon, Jayden and Tom.

Dodoria Mission 2 – This one opened about level 35. You have to defeat Dodoria. At 50% HP several Time Patrollers will spawn. You can either kill them or just defeat Zarbon. You will get Baseball Uniform (Ginyu Force).

Captain Ginyu Missions
After defeating your superior you will eventually be challenged by Captain Ginyu, I was 38 when it happened.

Captain Ginyu Mission 1 – It will be you against the Ginyu Force this time. After you beat them all you will be member of the Ginyu Force.

Captain Ginyu Mission 2 – This time you will be facing the whole Ginyu Force so bring a couple items. You have a couple of allies to help you out making it a little easier. I let them tank while I used Super Vegeta and Energy attacks. You get the Ninja Suit (Ginyu Force) for winning.