Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Instructor Guide

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Instructor Guide
Just like the original Dragon Ball Xenoverse, you get instructors in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Things have changed a little bit since the original game and you might get confused when training with them. Check out this Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Instructor Guide to get all the help you need with instructors!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Instructor Guide

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Instructor Map

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Instructor Map

Advancement Tests
Advancement tests will unlock new missions from your instructors. For instance Piccolo will have one mission to start with until you get to Intermediate. The more training missions you do from various instructors, the higher your training bar will go up. When you get a new advancement mission, go do it so you don’t waste any training points.
Instructor Mastery
This time around you don’t need to master a character to learn their moves. Instead it is based off Advancement tests. Mastering an instructor in this one will earn you Marks that you can use in your Play Data screen. These are just pictures of you instructors, more to show off than anything else. You can master them like you could in the last game, use them in battle, use their skills and get high rankings on missions.

Your first instructor and the guy who teaches you about instructors in general. You can get him to be your instructor right after you defeat Raditz during the first story mission.

Krillin’s Initiation Test – His first mission, all you have to do is use his move and beat him. You will get the skill Rise To Action if you beat him. This will recharge some of your Stamina at the cost of some Ki.

Lesson 1 – You can do this right after the first test and you get Orin Combo for beating him. You just have to use the Orin Combo during a normal combo to hit it easily. Defeat him with it to earn the move.

Lesson 2 – Time to earn the Destructo-Disc ability from Krillin. This one is against Yamcha and Krillin but you can use the Disc to beat them down easily. Defeat Krillin with Destructo-Disc to earn the skill. It will follow the enemy and it cannot be guarded against so it’s not bad for a Ki move.

Lesson 3 – This mission is to unlock Krillin’s Ultimate Attack, Scatter-Kamehameha. You have to defeat 11 Saibamen and then Krillin. You don’t have to use the Ultimate attack but it does kill the Saibamen in one shot.

You unlock Piccolo after you do the first mission from Krillin.

Piccolo’s Initiation Test – The first mission you get from Piccolo and nets you the Ki Skill Evil Explosion. You have to defeat Piccolo with Evil Explosion in the mission, you can charge it for more damage.

Lesson 1 – You must be Intermediate Rank to do this mission. This is Piccolo’s second mission and you unlock Super Explosion Wave after doing it. This is his evasion skill that you can use when being swamped by enemies. You will have to defeat 3 Piccolos in order to earn it.

Lesson 2 – This is for Piccolo’s Light Grenade skill. You will face Krillin, Piccolo and Yamcha on this mission. To defeat Piccolo you will need to use the Light Grenade skill but the others can die normally.

Lesson 3 – You need to be Advanced on your training level to access this mission. This is where you learn Piccolo’s Ultimate attack, Special Beam Cannon. To win the fight you have to finish Piccolo with Special Beam Cannon during the fight.

Another one you get after doing Krillin’s first mission.

Yamcha’s Initiation Test – His move is Fake Death and you can use it to hit people after dodging them. I did use it to land a hit but I finished him by just knocking him around. After you beat him you get the Fake Death Move.

Yamcha’s Special Training 1 – This is just a random event that pops up at the Kame house. He will want you to collect Turtle Stones around the area. The first one is right at the Kame House. This will get you some TP coins.

Lesson 1 – Another battle with Yamcha and this time you can get Wolf Fang Fist. I beat him using it but I’m not 100% sure you need to use it to KO him.

Lesson 2 – Yamcha’s second training mission that will earn you Ki Blast Thrust, basically a charging punch. You can use this to one hit all the Saibamen you have to face in the mission.

Lesson 3 – Yamcha’s last training mission for his Ultimate attack, Spirit Ball. You can press the button is is equipped to to keep attacking with it, time is well for more hits.

The last starter Instructor.

Tien’s Initiation Test – Doing this mission will net you Dodon Ray, a little beam attack. You don’t have to use the move to beat him.

Lesson 1 – This battle gets you Tien’s Volleyball Fist attack. I finished him with it, it’s easiest to use during a basic combo.

Lesson 2 – Tien’s second battle will net you Tri-Beam after the battle. It’s another battle where you face 3 opponents but you just have to take down Tien, he has to be defeated with Tri-beam.

Lesson 3 – You need to be Advanced on your training level to access this mission. Here you will get Tien’s Ultimate Attack, Neo Tri-Beam. This is similar to the Krillin Ultimate Mission. You can actually kill the Saibamen any way you want so don’t worry about using Neo Tri-Beam if you don’t want to. Tien on the other hand needs to be defeated by Neo Tri-Beam for victory.

Nappa is unlocked after you beat Dodoria and Zarbon in Story. I was also rank Kai when I started this.

Nappa’s Initiation Test – I’m not sure if you have to Finish Nappa with Bomber DX or not but I did. At this point these instructors are pretty weak for my level. You get the move Bomber DX for beating him.

Lesson 1 – This is for the move Arm Crush and you will be facing Raditz and Nappa at the same time. You don’t have to beat Radtiz, just Nappa to beat the mission.

Lesson 2 – Beating this mission will get you the skill Genocide Shell. This basically puts down a Ki Mine field and the Saibamen die in a shot to it. Defeat all the Saibamen and then Nappa to beat this mission.

Lesson 3 – The last mission for Nappa and how you earn his Ultimate Attack, Break Cannon. You have to defeat Nappa with it to beat the mission. The skill is does some decent damage but it’s so slow it is hard to hit.

Vegeta is also unlocked after Zarbon and Dodoria are defeated in the Story.

Vegeta’s Initiation Test – This will earn you Galick Gun after you beat Vegeta. You don’t have to beat Vegeta with Galick Gun to beat the mission.

Lesson 1 – Vegeta’s first mission will unlock the move Finish Breaker for you. Kill 10 Saibamen and then bring down Vegeta to complete the mission.

Lesson 2 – Now it will be you against Raditz, Nappa and Vegeta to learn the move Flash Strike. All you have to do is take down Vegeta with Flash Strike. I hit him while he was knocked in the air by my combo.

Lesson 3 – You need to be Super Training Level in order to unlock this mission. I’m sure most of you guessed this by now, Final Flash is the move. Defeat Vegeta with it and claim your reward.

Kid Gohan
Another teacher you can get after you beat Dodoria and Zarbon in the story.

Kid Gohan’s Initiation Test – Doing this mission will get you the Evil Ray Strike melee attack. It is basically a diving headbutt attack.

Lesson 1 – This is for the Evil Rise Strike ability. Just take out Gohan with the Evil Rise Strike and you win.

Lesson 2 – Do this mission to earn the ability Masenko, finish Gohan with it to beat the mission.

Lesson 3 – Time to get Kid Gohan’s Ultimate Ability, Explosive Assault. It’s a pretty nice attack but you are left open after using it.

The last trainer you get after beating Zarbon and Dodoria.

Raditz Initiation Test – You will learn Double Sunday from being him here. I finished him with Double Sunday but I’m not sure if you need to or not, just do it to be safe.

Lesson 1 – This is for Saturday Crush, bring down Raditz with Saturday Crush and the move is yours.

Lesson 2 – I’m sure you get it by now, Shining Friday for beating him this time. Finish Raditz with Shining Friday to beat the mission.

Lesson 3 – The final Raditz Mission that will net you the Ultimate Attack, Weekend. Beat Raditz with Weekend to beat the mission and unlock the move.

From here on, I am just going to put their moves down. If something changes during the battle sequences I will add them as well. Finish them with whatever move you are learning and go from there. He unlocked after the Frieza Saga.

Zarbon’s Initiation Test – Move learned – Audacious Laugh.

Lesson 1 – Move Learned – Gorgeous Shot

Lesson 2 – Move Learned – Bloody Counter

Lesson 3 – Move Learned – Elegant Blaster

Unlocks after the Frieza Saga.

Dodria’s Initiation Test – Move learned – Dodoria Beam

Lesson 1 – Move Learned – Critical Upper

Lesson 2 – Move Learned – Dodoria Headbutt

Lesson 3 – Move Learned – Dodoria Launcher

After the Frieza Saga again.

Ginyu’s Initiation Test – Move learned – Fighting Pose F

Lesson 1 – Move Learned – Fighting Pose A

Lesson 2 – Move Learned – Milky Cannon

Lesson 3 – Move Learned – Body Change

Unlocked after Frieza Saga(duh).

Frieza’s Initiation Test – Move learned – Death Beam

Lesson 1 – Move Learned – Death Crasher

Lesson 2 – Move Learned – Death Slicer

Lesson 3 – Move Learned – Death Ball

Android 18
After you finish the Future Saga she will unlock.

18’s Initiation Test – Move learned – Power Blitz

Lesson 1 – Move Learned – Endless Shoot

Lesson 2 – Move Learned – Deadly Dance

Lesson 3 – Move Learned – Dual Destructo-Disc

Lord Slug
Another one that unlocks after the Future Saga.

Slug’s Initiation Test – Move learned – Evil Eyes

Lesson 1 – Move Learned – Darkness Eyes Beam

Lesson 2 – Move Learned – Darkness Twin Star

Lesson 3 – Move Learned – Darkness Rush Ranged and Melee


Cell’s Initiation Test – Move learned – All Clear

Lesson 1 – Move Learned – Gravity Impact

Lesson 2 – Move Learned – Perfect Shot

Lesson 3 – Move Learned – Perfect Kamehameha

After the Buu Saga you can train under Turles. Turles is up above Majin Buu’s house, in a forest area.

Turles Initiation Test – Move learned – Sudden Storm

Lesson 1 – Move Learned – Kill Driver

Lesson 2 – Move Learned – Fruit Of The Tree Of Might

Lesson 3 – Move Learned – Meteor Burst

Majin Buu
After the Buu saga.

Buu’s Initiation Test – Move learned – Innocence Bullet

Lesson 1 – Move Learned – Angry Hit, Stamina break is your friend in this one.

Lesson 2 – Move Learned – Innocence Canon

Lesson 3 – Move Learned – Innocence Breath

Hercule is also after the Buu Saga. A couple of people are having issues with Hercule, not finding him. My guess is you either need to do a couple of his side missions at his house, or you need to do his side quest in the city. You just need to praise him in town to complete his side mission there.

Hercule’s Initiation Test – Move learned – Dynamite Kick

Lesson 1 – Move Learned – Present For You

Lesson 2 – Move Learned – Rolling Hercule Punch

Lesson 3 – Move Learned – The Savior Has Come

Another trainer after the Buu saga.

Gotenk’s Initiation Test – Move learned – Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack

Lesson 1 – Move Learned – Galactic Donuts

Lesson 2 – Move Learned – Die Die Missile Barrage

Lesson 3 – Move Learned – Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack

Unlocked after the Buu Saga, found at the top of the School.

Beerus Initiation Test – Move learned – God Of Destruction’s Anger

Lesson 1 – Move Learned – God Of Destruction’s Rampage

Lesson 2 – Move Learned – God Of Destruction’s Wrath

Lesson 3 – Move Learned – Sphere Of Destruction

Gohan And Videl
This is after the Buu Saga BUT you need to complete his side mission in Conton first. You can find the side mission at Kame’s Retreat. The Great Saiyaman is there, complete the mission and then any other random mission or PQ to have Gohan and Videl spawn.

Gohan And Videl’s Initiation Test – Move learned – Eagle Kick

Lesson 1 – Move Learned – Justice Rush

Lesson 2 – Move Learned – Hawk Charge

Lesson 3 – Move Learned – Justice Combination

After beating the Story Jaco unlocks.

Jaco’s Initiation Test – Move learned – Hero Pose

Lesson 1 – Move Learned – Elite Beam

Lesson 2 – Move Learned – Elite Shooting

Lesson 3 – Move Learned – Super Elite Combo

Pan unlocks after you beat the story.

Pan’s Initiation Test – Move learned – Dancing Parapara

Lesson 1 – Move Learned – Prepare To Be Punished

Lesson 2 – Move Learned – Feint Shot, this one sucked. I got lucky and landed it when she did a Feint Shot.

Lesson 3 – Move Learned – Maiden Blast

Unlocked after you beat the story.

Goku’s Initiation Test – Move learned – Spirit Bomb

Lesson 1 – Move Learned – Instant Transmission

Lesson 2 – Move Learned – x10 Kamehameha

Lesson 3 – Move Learned – Super Kamehameha

To unlock Broly as an instructor you have to first progress past the Buu saga in story, where you actually encounter and battle Broly. Once you’ve got past that part of the story you need God Mode rank. From there you can find Broly flying about the area where you get Parallel Quests. After you fight him and reload into the city he will be available as an Instructor.

Broly’s Initiation Test – Move Learned – Blaster Shell

Lesson 1 – Move Learned – Blaster Meteor

Lesson 2 – Move Learned – Gigantic Omega

Lesson 3 – Move Learned – Gigantic Meteor

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      • Senpai_Roy

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      • BaB

        He shows up around the mailbox droid and stuff. I think you need to meet him at his house first… or a couple of times, dunno. I just did the story quests and everyone popped up anyway.

    • Not sure how to get him yet, only one I am missing.

    • Updated to include Broly. Thanks for feedback 🙂

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    I dont have hercule or broly for trainers. Still locked. Anyone know why?

    • A couple of people have said that so I am going to update, I have a couple theories. You have to do his side mission in the town which is praising him, or you have to do some of his bodyguard missions in his area on the map.

    • Matthew D Cleaveland Jr.

      Have you beaten the story mode? Not the alternate ending, just the main story. You’ll find him floating high above the parallel quest area. When you get close, he’ll start a fight. Beat him, then go do a random quest. When you get out, he’ll appear in the mushroom area.

    • BaB

      Satan shows up after a while in the main area. Just gotta do a stupid pose for him, then you can do stuff.

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    • I am missing Broly according to the sheet, the only one I am missing.

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        Yes there is. Teaches prelude to destruction and some others.

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    How do you unlock hercule having trouble getting him.

    • Either story related OR he does have a side mission in town you might need to complete first. I think you need to praise him or something in town, he will have a ! over his head. I also did a few of his bodyguard missions.

    • He has a mission in Conton City. He’s near the shop area, it’s just one of the emote missions.

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    It’d be great if this guide could actually tell us where they are. Seriously, where TF is Turles

    • Matthew D Cleaveland Jr.

      I found him behind Buu’s home, on the cliff side. Just open your map and look for the pink marker.

      • Booooooo!

        He is in the mountain next to tien nearest the lake

    • If you have them unlocked they are always on the map as a Pink Marker. You have to fly up to get to Turles, I updated his part since he is a bit tricky to find.

    • Sorry, bit of an oversight on our part. I’ve created an image featuring all 25 instructors and where you can find them on the map.

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      If you mean achievement, only the milk and stone getting counts.

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      that is a mark like the guide and the game says,it doesn’t do anything, it is just a picture that other players can see that you have reached a certain level with that teacher,it has no use,like z soul in the previous game

      go to play data and press the “End” button,there you should see your nick name and marks

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    • BaB

      Probably not, I had Zarbon as my boss and I could do his stuff later anyway. 😮
      Is he standing around on the shroom or whatever?

    • ryufu23

      Dodria is Flying Around close to where Zarbon ( as instructor ) is on the map, just fly next to him, he will attack You win the fight and You will get him as an instructor ( You may need to play a mision for the map to update )

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