Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guide: Parallel Quests Guide

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guide: Parallel Quests Guide
In Dragon Ball Xenoverse you will level up, get skills and find new equipment for your charter. Doing the Parallel quests is one of the best ways to get some great new stuff. This Dragon Ball Xenoverse Parallel quest guide will help you get the most from the quests!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Parallel Quests Guide

If you want to unlock ALL the rewards from the Parallel Quests you will have to do them multiple times. Each quest has hidden bonus objectives that will increase the likelihood of rarer items.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guides: One Star

One Star

World Tournament Tag Team – The two bonus objectives for this are “Clear in Under 5 minutes” and “Defeat Piccolo”

Not 100% sure how I got Piccolo to appear the second time so just do what I did. I brought Goku and Piccolo as my partners and I landed the KO shot on ALL the opponents within 2 minutes. Focus on Krillin first, then Yamcha and finally Tien. I think the most important part is YOU killing them. Once Piccolo arrives just be sure to end him before the 5 minutes are up. I was level 4 for this one and just spammed basic attacks and my energy barrage.

Become Piccolo’s Apprentice – When you come back to the Toki Toki hub you can find key DBZ characters to train under. My first mentor was Piccolo. All you have to do is drop him to 50% hp in the fight before 5 minutes are up and you will get EXP and the Evil Explosion Super Attack. Don’t worry you are not restricted to Piccolo you can switch whenever you want.

Saiyan Blood – After you defeat Raditz and do you first Parallel quest you can get this from Raditz. There are two bonus objectives for this missions but I think you need to do it at the Quest counter to use them. You need to keep Raditz above 50% HP, easier with 2 partners, and defeat Gohan. Gohan will appear if you beat the other two with Raditz having above 50% hp.

Become Krillin’s Apprentice – After a couple more missions Krillin popped up in Toki Toki with a quest. Same drill with as Piccolo, bring him down to 50% Hp and he will give the Orin attack. You can change back to Piccolo next time you see him.

Prepare For The Attack Of The Saiyans! – Bonus objectives for this battle are “Clear in under 5 minutes” and “Defeat Goku”. The five minutes part is pretty easy if you are above level 5 and have a Evil Explosion from Piccolo. Once Goku gets there be sure you are the one who kills him! He is pretty strong at the lower levels so bring a couple allies to help you so he spreads out his attacks. To get Goku to appear I think you need to get the KO on all your opponents within 5 minutes.

Become Vegeta’s Apprentice – You get this after you beat Vegeta and return from that part of the story quest. If you get him to 50% hp you will beat him and get the Galick Gun special attack. You can charge Galick gun if you hold the button down when you use it.

Saibamen’s Revenge – In this one you will need to take out about 15 Saibamen to win. The bonus objective is to kill them all in five minutes and then get Nappa to spawn through this. Apparently it isn’t a 100% chance because I had to do it 3 times before he would spawn. Make sure you are high enough level to kill the Saibamen quickly. In the first area take out the two in front of you and go through the gate near them. Leave the loner behind because he will just slow you down, take him out on your way back.

Dragon Ball xenoverse Saibamen's Revenge

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guides: Two Star

Two Star

Attack Of The Saiyans – You need to take out Raditz, Nappa and Vegeta in this match. Take out the Sabiman first and then focus on the bigger threat when the tiny guys are out of the way. Still not sure what the Bonus here is.

Burst Open and Mix! – You will have to take out the Saiyans and the Great Ape to beat this mission. If you can do it in 10 minutes you will unlock the extra area with the Time Patroller inside. Doing both of those are you bonus objectives and get you extra loot.

Namekian Dragon Balls – You need to collect three Dragon Balls to beat this, you can carry two at a time. Focus on taking out Guldo first for one bonus objective and then you can collect all 7 Dragon balls for the second bonus one.

Prince’s Specialty! Glaick Gun! – You get this from having Vegeta as your mentor and using Galick Gun while you fight. You need to lower him to about 10% hp and then finish him off with the Galick Gun.

Saiyan Pride – This one is pretty tough. You need to beat all you opponents while the AI Vegeta still has over 50% Hp. Once you do that Goku will use Kaioken and come back with full Hp. After that you need to beat him again and not lose Vegeta. I haven’t beat this one yet because the AI Vegeta always gets tore up.

Defeat Frieza’s Army – This one is pretty easy because you only have to defeat Frieza’s henchmen. I think in total you fight about 10 or 12? I never counted. The bonus objectives are to kill them all in 10 minutes which is pretty simple. If you do that then Burther, Jayce and Captain Ginyu will appear for the second Bonus objective.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Saiyan Pride

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guides: Three Star

Three Star

I’ve started to notice that even if you do the bonus objectives sometimes they don’t count. You may have to do a quest more than once to get the bonus objectives.

Force Entrance Exam – This mission has you taking on Recoome, Burter and Jeice. If you beat them with Guldo at over 50% hp then Captain Ginyu will arrive. If you kill him and keep Guldo at 50% you will beat both bonus objetives.

Fierce Battle! Ginyu Force – This one is tough if you don’t have Super Saiyan. You will need to take out the whole Ginyu force. The bonus objectives are to do it and 5 minutes, which makes Frieze appear, and kill Frieza.

Tri-Race Coop – You need to beat Vegeta, Krillin and Piccolo in this mission. The bonus objectives are to kill them in 5 minutes and then defeat Frieze and the two that revive with him. This one took me three times of doing it in 5 minutes.

Legendary Super Saiyan – This one is REALLY frustrating to get the bonus objectives. The main objective is to beat Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin and Goku. The trick here is to beat everyone BUT Goku and he MIGHT turn Super Saiyan. I did this mission 5 times before it finally triggered and then Super Saiyan Goku beat the piss out of the first form Frieza you need to protect. I would wait until you are a higher level and have Super Saiyan yourself before doing this one. I thought it was beat everyone within 5 minutes but I got it by accident once at the 7 minute marker. It is VERY random when it triggers.

The Explosion of Namek – You need to beat Full Power Frieza. Defeat Frieza in 3 minutes to trigger a Time Patrol guy. Beat the Time patrol guy and you will have both bonus objectives done.

Super Saiyan Legend – Defeat Frieza’s henchmen and all forms of Frieze. Kill all henchmen, then one Frieza appears DO NOT fight him, go to his ship find Gohan and Killin ask Krillin to help you, bring him out the ship, let Frieza kill him, then Goku will appear, allow him to fight Goku for a bit then he’ll transform, that should drop SSJ1 form for free, now let the fight drag for a bit and Vegeta will show, somehow, let frieza beat the shit out of Vegeta, then you should get SSJ Vegeta Form as a drop, if Vegeta, doesn’t get weaken enough he won’t do it and upon defeating Frieza, he’ll say “looks like i didn’t have to use my full power…..”(Thanks for the comment Jay)

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Let's Train Guide

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guides: Four Star

Four Star

Challenger Hercule – For this one you will have to take out the Z fighters without Hercule falling below 50% Hp. If you do this Vegeta will go SSJ and you will need to beat him! (Thanks to Jay for the comment)

Return Of Ginyu Force – This mission has you taking on the Ginyu Force again. If you can beat them all in five minutes you will get Frieza to spawn and then you need to kill him. If you do both of those you get the bonus objectives complete.

Let’s Train – This one is from Gohan but I haven’t beat it solo yet so I don’t know the bonus objectives.

Multiple Cell Jr. hunt – You need to defeat 7 Cell Jrs before the time runs out. If you cant beat all of them in under 5 minutes you will have to take on Cell. I did this online with a group and we split up and took them out in separate areas at the same time.

The Cell Games Begin – This one is pretty tough. You have to defeat Hercule, Krillin Yamacha, Tien, Vegeta, SSJ Trunks, Piccolo, SSJ Goku and Teen Gohan. If you beat Piccolo and Goku before Gohan then sometimes Gohan will go SS2 and beating him is the bonus objective.

Earth In Danger! – You will need to work your way up to Cell and beat him to win this mission. I’m not sure triggers the bonus but I think its if you beat it within 10 minutes and random. If you get the bonus you will have to re beat Cell, Frieza and SSJ Vegeta.

Clash! Perfect Cell! – Another Perfect Cell fight you will have to do. If you can beat him in under 3 minutes he will come back stronger and if you beat him you get both bonus objectives cleared.

Power Teams – You will be fighting pairs of two throughout this mission. You need to beat Teen Gohan and Picoolo, Vegeta and Trunks and finally Cell and Goku. If you do this in ten minutes you will have to re fight Cell and Gohan. Beat both of them and the bonus is complete.

17 and 18 Of The Official History – You need to beat both of the Androids without losing Vegeta or Piccolo to get this bonus objective. Once they come back beat them again and you will win.

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guides: Five Star

Five Star

Artificial Warriors – You will have to beat 17 and 18 in this mission. At the start area there are some Cell Jrs you need to beat first. If you beat them then the Androids will come back and beating them if the bonus objective.

Take Back The Dragon Balls! – Defeating all the Cell Jrs is the bonus objective. Had to do this one a few times for the bonus to count for me.

2nd World Tournament Tag Team – Beat 18, Goten and Trunks to beat this mission. If you do it in 5 minutes you will have to take on Hercule, then Adult Gohan, Goku and Vegeta will also appear. Beat all of them to get the bonus objectives done.

Great Saiyaman is here – You have to beat all of the enemies in the 3 areas to get Frieza and Cell to spawn. Once you beat them, if you kept Great Saiyanman alive, SOMETIMES Frieza and Cell will come back. If you beat them a second time you get all your bonus objectives done.

Majin Chaos – This one is pretty intense at first but with a good team you shouldn’t get beat. If you kill all 30 within 10 minutes then normal Buu will apear. Beat him down and you will clear the bonus objectives.

Namek Berserker – Beat Goten, Adult Gohan and Piccolo to win this mission. If you do it within 5 minutes then Gohan and Goten will come back as Super Saiyans. Once you beat them Piccolo comes back super charged and beating him will clear the bonus for you.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Great Saiyaman Is Here Guide

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guides: Six Star

Six Star

Majin Revival – You need to beat all the enemies and finally beat Hercule. During the fight if you can keep Majin Buu above 50% HP then Hercule will come back in his darkness form. Just keep the enemies off Buu by focusing them and then defeat darkness Hercule to get the bonus objectives.

Tag with Gotenks – You need to beat Gotenks in this mission. If you do it in 5 minutes then Ultimate Gohan will spawn and beating him with complete the Bonus Objectives.

Majin Banquet – You will fight all three forms of Buu in the mission. Haven’t go the Bonus objectives yet. If you win within 5 mintues you can get Hercule to spawn and then Majin Buu is revived. Beating both of them is the bonus objective.

Potara Warrior – This mission has you fighting Picollo, Gotenks, Gohan. Goku and finally Vegito. If you keep Super Buu above 50% HP Vegito will go Super Saiyan and beating him will net you the bonus objectives.

Blast the Super Spirit Bomb – You have to beat Kid Buu in this mission to have Goku use his Spirit Bomb. In order to get the bonus objective you need to let Kid Buu defeat Majin Buu.

The Cell Games Continued – You have to beat Guldo, Raccome, 18, Gohan, Videl and Piccolo to beat this mission. Once Videl and Piccolo spawn be sure to take them out before Gohan. Once you do that Gohan goes full power and Cell with join the fight. You need to beat Gohan before he can kill Cell or you. Charge him and try to keep him occupied because Gohan will kill Cell in one combo.

Stop Beerus’ Destruction – You have to defeat Beerus in this mission. If you can beat Beerus before he kills Majin buu then you will get the bonus objective. This one is a bit tricky because at about 25% hp he will rush Buu and wreck him quickly. I had to keep Beerus in a 25 hit combo in order to stop him from finishing off Buu.

Frieza’s Nightmare Returns! – You need to beat Majin Buu, Super Buu, Kid Buu, Gotenks and Vegito while keeping Frieza alive. If you beat Gotenks before Vegito then they will both go Super Saiyan and defeating them will get you the bonus.

Power Of A Super Saiyan God – You have to beat Super Saiyan God Goku in this mission. If you can do it in three minutes he will come back to life and beating him again is the bonus.

Old Rivals and Dragon Balls – To get the bonus objective you need to defeat 3 enemies and then collect the 7 Dragon Balls.

Power Of A Super Saiyan God Guide

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guides: Seven Star

Seven Star

I’m updating this as I go so check back soon for updates! You should try to do these missions online with a co op partner to make them easier.

Saiyan Battle – Triple Saiyan battle with Gotenks, Gohan and Vegeta. Not sure on the bonuses yet. If you can beat it under 5 minutes sometimes Goku will spawn and Vegeta and Gohan will come back to life. If you can beat all three then you will clear the bonus objectives.

Evil Seeks Dragon Balls Yet Again! – The bonus here is to kill all the enemies and then collect 7 dragon balls. I had to do this one a few times for it to pop.

Gathering Of The Great Evil Alliance – I’m not sure which enemies you have to beat for this one but it is 9 and it is intense! If you can beat it in 10 minutes Cell, Frieza and Buu will come back in darkness form. Defeating them will get you the bonus objective.

Saiyan Revolt – You have to protect Nappa and Raditz for this mission while beating Ginyu, Gohan, Gotenks, Vegeta and Goku. If you have them survive then Vegito will come and beating him is the bonus objective.

Parent And Child – You have to beat Videl, Trunks, Gohan, Hercule, Vegeta and Goku. Beating this mission ins 10 minutes will get Raditz, Goku and Bardock to come and beating them will get you the bonus.

Great Ape Festival – There are three great Apes in this mission you will need to defeat. If you do it in 10 minutes you will also have to defeat a Time Patrol guy for the bonus.

Dangerous Duo! Warriors Never Rest – Yo need to defeat Broly with Gohan surviving the battle to get the bonus objective. Videl will need to be defeated for Gohan to spawn.

Saiyan Warriors – You have to defeat Broly in this mission after you take on all the other Saiyans. Haven’t got the bonus here yet.

Power Bersekers – Another mission where you have to take on a ton of enemies. If you can do it in 10 minutes Gohan, Broly and Bardock will come and beating them will net you the bonus for this mission.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guides: Event Quests DLC


Small But Strong – This quest has you taking on the GT crew of Goku, Trunks and Pan. Once oyu beat everyone Goku will go Super Saiyan 3 and you need to beat him again. This one is tricky because oyu need to beat Trunks and Goku before Pan but she has the least amount of HP. Communicate with your teammates that this is what you are doing or you won’t get it done! If you can do it then you need to beat SSJ4 Goku. This is not a guarantee, even if you clear it in 5 minutes it doesn’t always happen.

Revenge Of The Tuffle – Here you fight Great Ape Baby. He has a ton of armor but once you break it down you can finish him quick by throwing him down from his tail when his guard is broke. If you can do it in 5 minutes Trunks and Pan will spawn and you need to take them down as well. This is not a guarantee, even if you clear it in 5 minutes it doesn’t always happen.

Ultimate Power, Ultimate Saiyan – HEre you face SSJ4 Vegeat and SSJ4 Goku. Once oyu beat them they will fuse into Gogeta and you need to beat him. If you do it in 5 minutes you will sometimes fight Omega Shenron and SSJ4 Gogeta for the bonus objectives.

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