Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guide: Parallel Quests Guide

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guide: Parallel Quests Guide
In Dragon Ball Xenoverse you will level up, get skills and find new equipment for your charter. Doing the Parallel quests is one of the best ways to get some great new stuff. This Dragon Ball Xenoverse Parallel quest guide will help you get the most from the quests!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Parallel Quests Guide

If you want to unlock ALL the rewards from the Parallel Quests you will have to do them multiple times. Each quest has hidden bonus objectives that will increase the likelihood of rarer items.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guides: One Star

One Star

World Tournament Tag Team – The two bonus objectives for this are “Clear in Under 5 minutes” and “Defeat Piccolo”

Not 100% sure how I got Piccolo to appear the second time so just do what I did. I brought Goku and Piccolo as my partners and I landed the KO shot on ALL the opponents within 2 minutes. Focus on Krillin first, then Yamcha and finally Tien. I think the most important part is YOU killing them. Once Piccolo arrives just be sure to end him before the 5 minutes are up. I was level 4 for this one and just spammed basic attacks and my energy barrage.

Become Piccolo’s Apprentice – When you come back to the Toki Toki hub you can find key DBZ characters to train under. My first mentor was Piccolo. All you have to do is drop him to 50% hp in the fight before 5 minutes are up and you will get EXP and the Evil Explosion Super Attack. Don’t worry you are not restricted to Piccolo you can switch whenever you want.

Saiyan Blood – After you defeat Raditz and do you first Parallel quest you can get this from Raditz. There are two bonus objectives for this missions but I think you need to do it at the Quest counter to use them. You need to keep Raditz above 50% HP, easier with 2 partners, and defeat Gohan. Gohan will appear if you beat the other two with Raditz having above 50% hp.

Become Krillin’s Apprentice – After a couple more missions Krillin popped up in Toki Toki with a quest. Same drill with as Piccolo, bring him down to 50% Hp and he will give the Orin attack. You can change back to Piccolo next time you see him.

Prepare For The Attack Of The Saiyans! – Bonus objectives for this battle are “Clear in under 5 minutes” and “Defeat Goku”. The five minutes part is pretty easy if you are above level 5 and have a Evil Explosion from Piccolo. Once Goku gets there be sure you are the one who kills him! He is pretty strong at the lower levels so bring a couple allies to help you so he spreads out his attacks. To get Goku to appear I think you need to get the KO on all your opponents within 5 minutes.

Become Vegeta’s Apprentice – You get this after you beat Vegeta and return from that part of the story quest. If you get him to 50% hp you will beat him and get the Galick Gun special attack. You can charge Galick gun if you hold the button down when you use it.

Saibamen’s Revenge – In this one you will need to take out about 15 Saibamen to win. The bonus objective is to kill them all in five minutes and then get Nappa to spawn through this. Apparently it isn’t a 100% chance because I had to do it 3 times before he would spawn. Make sure you are high enough level to kill the Saibamen quickly. In the first area take out the two in front of you and go through the gate near them. Leave the loner behind because he will just slow you down, take him out on your way back.

Dragon Ball xenoverse Saibamen's Revenge

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guides: Two Star

Two Star

Attack Of The Saiyans – You need to take out Raditz, Nappa and Vegeta in this match. Take out the Sabiman first and then focus on the bigger threat when the tiny guys are out of the way. Still not sure what the Bonus here is.

Burst Open and Mix! – You will have to take out the Saiyans and the Great Ape to beat this mission. If you can do it in 10 minutes you will unlock the extra area with the Time Patroller inside. Doing both of those are you bonus objectives and get you extra loot.

Namekian Dragon Balls – You need to collect three Dragon Balls to beat this, you can carry two at a time. Focus on taking out Guldo first for one bonus objective and then you can collect all 7 Dragon balls for the second bonus one.

Prince’s Specialty! Glaick Gun! – You get this from having Vegeta as your mentor and using Galick Gun while you fight. You need to lower him to about 10% hp and then finish him off with the Galick Gun.

Saiyan Pride – This one is pretty tough. You need to beat all you opponents while the AI Vegeta still has over 50% Hp. Once you do that Goku will use Kaioken and come back with full Hp. After that you need to beat him again and not lose Vegeta. I haven’t beat this one yet because the AI Vegeta always gets tore up.

Defeat Frieza’s Army – This one is pretty easy because you only have to defeat Frieza’s henchmen. I think in total you fight about 10 or 12? I never counted. The bonus objectives are to kill them all in 10 minutes which is pretty simple. If you do that then Burther, Jayce and Captain Ginyu will appear for the second Bonus objective.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Saiyan Pride

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guides: Three Star

Three Star

I’ve started to notice that even if you do the bonus objectives sometimes they don’t count. You may have to do a quest more than once to get the bonus objectives.

Force Entrance Exam – This mission has you taking on Recoome, Burter and Jeice. If you beat them with Guldo at over 50% hp then Captain Ginyu will arrive. If you kill him and keep Guldo at 50% you will beat both bonus objetives.

Fierce Battle! Ginyu Force – This one is tough if you don’t have Super Saiyan. You will need to take out the whole Ginyu force. The bonus objectives are to do it and 5 minutes, which makes Frieze appear, and kill Frieza.

Tri-Race Coop – You need to beat Vegeta, Krillin and Piccolo in this mission. The bonus objectives are to kill them in 5 minutes and then defeat Frieze and the two that revive with him. This one took me three times of doing it in 5 minutes.

Legendary Super Saiyan – This one is REALLY frustrating to get the bonus objectives. The main objective is to beat Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin and Goku. The trick here is to beat everyone BUT Goku and he MIGHT turn Super Saiyan. I did this mission 5 times before it finally triggered and then Super Saiyan Goku beat the piss out of the first form Frieza you need to protect. I would wait until you are a higher level and have Super Saiyan yourself before doing this one. I thought it was beat everyone within 5 minutes but I got it by accident once at the 7 minute marker. It is VERY random when it triggers.

The Explosion of Namek – You need to beat Full Power Frieza. Defeat Frieza in 3 minutes to trigger a Time Patrol guy. Beat the Time patrol guy and you will have both bonus objectives done.

Super Saiyan Legend – Defeat Frieza’s henchmen and all forms of Frieze. Kill all henchmen, then one Frieza appears DO NOT fight him, go to his ship find Gohan and Killin ask Krillin to help you, bring him out the ship, let Frieza kill him, then Goku will appear, allow him to fight Goku for a bit then he’ll transform, that should drop SSJ1 form for free, now let the fight drag for a bit and Vegeta will show, somehow, let frieza beat the shit out of Vegeta, then you should get SSJ Vegeta Form as a drop, if Vegeta, doesn’t get weaken enough he won’t do it and upon defeating Frieza, he’ll say “looks like i didn’t have to use my full power…..”(Thanks for the comment Jay)

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Let's Train Guide

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guides: Four Star

Four Star

Challenger Hercule – For this one you will have to take out the Z fighters without Hercule falling below 50% Hp. If you do this Vegeta will go SSJ and you will need to beat him! (Thanks to Jay for the comment)

Return Of Ginyu Force – This mission has you taking on the Ginyu Force again. If you can beat them all in five minutes you will get Frieza to spawn and then you need to kill him. If you do both of those you get the bonus objectives complete.

Let’s Train – This one is from Gohan but I haven’t beat it solo yet so I don’t know the bonus objectives.

Multiple Cell Jr. hunt – You need to defeat 7 Cell Jrs before the time runs out. If you cant beat all of them in under 5 minutes you will have to take on Cell. I did this online with a group and we split up and took them out in separate areas at the same time.

The Cell Games Begin – This one is pretty tough. You have to defeat Hercule, Krillin Yamacha, Tien, Vegeta, SSJ Trunks, Piccolo, SSJ Goku and Teen Gohan. If you beat Piccolo and Goku before Gohan then sometimes Gohan will go SS2 and beating him is the bonus objective.

Earth In Danger! – You will need to work your way up to Cell and beat him to win this mission. I’m not sure triggers the bonus but I think its if you beat it within 10 minutes and random. If you get the bonus you will have to re beat Cell, Frieza and SSJ Vegeta.

Clash! Perfect Cell! – Another Perfect Cell fight you will have to do. If you can beat him in under 3 minutes he will come back stronger and if you beat him you get both bonus objectives cleared.

Power Teams – You will be fighting pairs of two throughout this mission. You need to beat Teen Gohan and Picoolo, Vegeta and Trunks and finally Cell and Goku. If you do this in ten minutes you will have to re fight Cell and Gohan. Beat both of them and the bonus is complete.

17 and 18 Of The Official History – You need to beat both of the Androids without losing Vegeta or Piccolo to get this bonus objective. Once they come back beat them again and you will win.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse The Cell Games Begin Guide

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guides: Five Star

Five Star

Artificial Warriors – You will have to beat 17 and 18 in this mission. At the start area there are some Cell Jrs you need to beat first. If you beat them then the Androids will come back and beating them if the bonus objective.

Take Back The Dragon Balls! – Defeating all the Cell Jrs is the bonus objective. Had to do this one a few times for the bonus to count for me.

2nd World Tournament Tag Team – Beat 18, Goten and Trunks to beat this mission. If you do it in 5 minutes you will have to take on Hercule, then Adult Gohan, Goku and Vegeta will also appear. Beat all of them to get the bonus objectives done.

Great Saiyaman is here – You have to beat all of the enemies in the 3 areas to get Frieza and Cell to spawn. Once you beat them, if you kept Great Saiyanman alive, SOMETIMES Frieza and Cell will come back. If you beat them a second time you get all your bonus objectives done.

Majin Chaos – This one is pretty intense at first but with a good team you shouldn’t get beat. If you kill all 30 within 10 minutes then normal Buu will apear. Beat him down and you will clear the bonus objectives.

Namek Berserker – Beat Goten, Adult Gohan and Piccolo to win this mission. If you do it within 5 minutes then Gohan and Goten will come back as Super Saiyans. Once you beat them Piccolo comes back super charged and beating him will clear the bonus for you.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Great Saiyaman Is Here Guide

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guides: Six Star

Six Star

Majin Revival – You need to beat all the enemies and finally beat Hercule. During the fight if you can keep Majin Buu above 50% HP then Hercule will come back in his darkness form. Just keep the enemies off Buu by focusing them and then defeat darkness Hercule to get the bonus objectives.

Tag with Gotenks – You need to beat Gotenks in this mission. If you do it in 5 minutes then Ultimate Gohan will spawn and beating him with complete the Bonus Objectives.

Majin Banquet – You will fight all three forms of Buu in the mission. Haven’t go the Bonus objectives yet. If you win within 5 mintues you can get Hercule to spawn and then Majin Buu is revived. Beating both of them is the bonus objective.

Potara Warrior – This mission has you fighting Picollo, Gotenks, Gohan. Goku and finally Vegito. If you keep Super Buu above 50% HP Vegito will go Super Saiyan and beating him will net you the bonus objectives.

Blast the Super Spirit Bomb – You have to beat Kid Buu in this mission to have Goku use his Spirit Bomb. In order to get the bonus objective you need to let Kid Buu defeat Majin Buu.

The Cell Games Continued – You have to beat Guldo, Raccome, 18, Gohan, Videl and Piccolo to beat this mission. Once Videl and Piccolo spawn be sure to take them out before Gohan. Once you do that Gohan goes full power and Cell with join the fight. You need to beat Gohan before he can kill Cell or you. Charge him and try to keep him occupied because Gohan will kill Cell in one combo.

Stop Beerus’ Destruction – You have to defeat Beerus in this mission. If you can beat Beerus before he kills Majin buu then you will get the bonus objective. This one is a bit tricky because at about 25% hp he will rush Buu and wreck him quickly. I had to keep Beerus in a 25 hit combo in order to stop him from finishing off Buu.

Frieza’s Nightmare Returns! – You need to beat Majin Buu, Super Buu, Kid Buu, Gotenks and Vegito while keeping Frieza alive. If you beat Gotenks before Vegito then they will both go Super Saiyan and defeating them will get you the bonus.

Power Of A Super Saiyan God – You have to beat Super Saiyan God Goku in this mission. If you can do it in three minutes he will come back to life and beating him again is the bonus.

Old Rivals and Dragon Balls – To get the bonus objective you need to defeat 3 enemies and then collect the 7 Dragon Balls.

Power Of A Super Saiyan God Guide

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guides: Seven Star

Seven Star

I’m updating this as I go so check back soon for updates! You should try to do these missions online with a co op partner to make them easier.

Saiyan Battle – Triple Saiyan battle with Gotenks, Gohan and Vegeta. Not sure on the bonuses yet. If you can beat it under 5 minutes sometimes Goku will spawn and Vegeta and Gohan will come back to life. If you can beat all three then you will clear the bonus objectives.

Evil Seeks Dragon Balls Yet Again! – The bonus here is to kill all the enemies and then collect 7 dragon balls. I had to do this one a few times for it to pop.

Gathering Of The Great Evil Alliance – I’m not sure which enemies you have to beat for this one but it is 9 and it is intense! If you can beat it in 10 minutes Cell, Frieza and Buu will come back in darkness form. Defeating them will get you the bonus objective.

Saiyan Revolt – You have to protect Nappa and Raditz for this mission while beating Ginyu, Gohan, Gotenks, Vegeta and Goku. If you have them survive then Vegito will come and beating him is the bonus objective.

Parent And Child – You have to beat Videl, Trunks, Gohan, Hercule, Vegeta and Goku. Beating this mission ins 10 minutes will get Raditz, Goku and Bardock to come and beating them will get you the bonus.

Great Ape Festival – There are three great Apes in this mission you will need to defeat. If you do it in 10 minutes you will also have to defeat a Time Patrol guy for the bonus.

Dangerous Duo! Warriors Never Rest – Yo need to defeat Broly with Gohan surviving the battle to get the bonus objective. Videl will need to be defeated for Gohan to spawn.

Saiyan Warriors – You have to defeat Broly in this mission after you take on all the other Saiyans. Haven’t got the bonus here yet.

Power Bersekers – Another mission where you have to take on a ton of enemies. If you can do it in 10 minutes Gohan, Broly and Bardock will come and beating them will net you the bonus for this mission.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guides: Event Quests DLC


Small But Strong – This quest has you taking on the GT crew of Goku, Trunks and Pan. Once oyu beat everyone Goku will go Super Saiyan 3 and you need to beat him again. This one is tricky because oyu need to beat Trunks and Goku before Pan but she has the least amount of HP. Communicate with your teammates that this is what you are doing or you won’t get it done! If you can do it then you need to beat SSJ4 Goku. This is not a guarantee, even if you clear it in 5 minutes it doesn’t always happen.

Revenge Of The Tuffle – Here you fight Great Ape Baby. He has a ton of armor but once you break it down you can finish him quick by throwing him down from his tail when his guard is broke. If you can do it in 5 minutes Trunks and Pan will spawn and you need to take them down as well. This is not a guarantee, even if you clear it in 5 minutes it doesn’t always happen.

Ultimate Power, Ultimate Saiyan – HEre you face SSJ4 Vegeat and SSJ4 Goku. Once oyu beat them they will fuse into Gogeta and you need to beat him. If you do it in 5 minutes you will sometimes fight Omega Shenron and SSJ4 Gogeta for the bonus objectives.

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  • Jay

    Johnny for super saiyan legend, Kill all henchmen, then one frieza appears DO NOT fight him, go to his ship find gohan and krillin ask krillin to help you, bring him out the ship, let frieza kill him, then goku will appear, allow him to fight goku for a bit then he’ll transform, that should drop SSJ1 form for free, now let the fight drag for a bit and Vegeta will show, somehow, let frieza beat the shit out of vegeta, then you should get SSJ Vegeta Form as a drop, if vegeta, doesn’t get weaken enough he won’t do it and upon defeating frieza, he’ll say “looks like i didn’t have to use my full power…..”

    • Thanks I added it.

    • Raphie Barreto

      I’ve done this quest 5 times so far and Goku NEVER drops SS and Vegeta barely takes damage and become the extra final boss as SS and I’ve yet to get his SS. Now I know I can get SS Vegeta drop because it’s in the quest loot, but SS1? That’s not in there.

      • Jared

        ss1 is in the legendary super saiyan pq 14 bro, its like impossible to get even when you do all the requirements. Id just keep doing the time patrol missions cause you can buy it after the trunks future era

        • Raphie Barreto

          That’s what I was asking. Jay said you can get it on the Frieza quest, I was wondering how. Anyways Super Vegeta’s annoying to get. I kill him within the minute, but still no power up. Doesn’t matter much since I’m a Majin girl…tired of caring lmao

          • Arcdes

            How do you trigger Vegeta to go Super Saiyan? I have been trying on and off to get the ultimate finish but it never triggers. I get him to appear but nothing happens even if i let me get his butt kicked.

          • Raphie Barreto

            Just to run down the whole thing when Frieza comes go find Krillin in his ship. Let Freiza kill Krillin and Goku comes, going Super Saiyan when he’s done talking (that means he might or might not take damage, meaning he doesn’t need to get hit). Once Frieza’s at 100% Vegeta comes out. He DOES need to take some damage by Frieza before Frieza dies, which is impossible to not happen. Then you have a hit or miss for him to be the extra final boss.

            The short answer…it might not always happens, and to that, I say Fuck you Xenoverse…fuck you!

        • wmx191

          You need to attack him while he’s saying ‘You are done for…’

          • Tyroki

            SSJ is from PQ14. It took me around 30 odd tries (I’m not even exaggerating… I ended up around level 30 by the time I finally got it and had almost 100k Zeni) but finally got it.

            Beat everyone down, then when Goku and Krillin come to play, you need to beat Krillin first. Then, if you’re lucky, Goku will transform. Then if you’re even luckier, he’ll drop SSJ. If you aren’t lucky, welcome to my world. Faaaaaarm. On the plus side, I did it online with others, so it was more fun.

          • silverbullet1819 .

            Idk if im really lucky or this helped but on my created character i tried about 15 times no transform but i played full power freeza twice and he transformed both times….may or maynot be useful info

        • Lacard

          If you do PQ14 online, makes things a lot easier. Thats how I got my SSJ.

      • Cameron Lund

        What works for me is getting Vegeta out with more than 10 minutes on the clock, then pummeling Frieza and making sure (as if it’s possible) that Goku gets the kill shot. So far these have been the conditions every time I’ve fought super sayain Vegeta. Still haven’t gotten super Vegeta skill tho >:(

    • Justin Reynolds

      What do you mean by they will ‘drop’ it?

    • BaconINFINITO

      wrong ,let krilin gets raped,goku apeear,fucks frieza,vegita apear ,kill frieza fast,vegeta will tranform and attack you.
      sorry shit english

  • Jay

    For CHALLENGER HERCULE try to keep him above 80% for the majority of the fight, and once you beat vegeta, he should go super saiyan (i thought it was natural until he didn’t do it once)

  • Jay

    For BackStory, Of Android 17 and 18 (i think that was the name of it)
    when fighting 17 and 18, IMMEDIATELY Gang up on 17, or he’ll launch VERY WIDE, ANNOYING, OP ultimate attack, try not to waste your stamina because you WILL need it to block the attack, or bring Super Guard with you.

    • Dukeusa

      How do I get an ultimate finish in PQ 55????

      • dj batts

        I’ve tried beating it under 10 mins but so far no luck with that

  • shane

    For the pq 5 attack of the saiyans the extra objectives are
    -clear by beating all saibamen without letting any escape
    -defeat all revived saiyans

    Hope that helps

  • Ryan Gomes

    how come explosion of namek wont show up for me, ive even completed other quests on a higher star level….?

    • You might not have it yet because of a story mission or bonus objective not met? I’ve had complaints about certain missions not showing up as well.

    • wmx191

      Wait untill he mentions that the planet has 3 minutes left, then finish him.(After the 2nd min is up)

      • Daniel Selig

        I’ve done it a few times but it doesn’t trigger the patrol guy, I wait for frieza to say the 3 minute thing, I kill him, and it just ends. Am I doin somethin wrong?

        • Bugg

          u got to beat friezer within 3 min and with luck patrol dude shows up
          worked for me both times i killed him within 3 min and got 1 dragonball 😀

          • Bobi Atanasov

            you need to talk with Gohan(kid) to open that PQ 😀

    • Chris Large

      It is a quest you get from Gohan after doing it from him you get it as a PQ.

    • E10x Gaming

      to get explosion of namek you have to meet Gohan. Once you do he will ask you to defeat frieza if you except the quest then you will fight frieza. Gohan asks you to do somewhat the same thing for the cell games but this time you have to fight all the Z fighters to win

  • Garrett

    Thanks a lot mate!

  • illa

    For the Legendary Super saiyan I used frieza(final form) I defeated gohan piccolo and vegeta in that order then fought goku until half of his life was left then defeated krillin which triggered goku’s transformation almost all the time (more than any other character I used)

  • Dani Ilges

    on Legendary Super Saiyan to trigger the bonus you NEED to of beat krillin before goku while both goku and frieza are above 90% health. ive done this for hours so i know thats how you trigger it. always works no matter what

  • Crimzon Nutcase

    Multiple Cell Jr. Hunt PQ – Special conditions; – Clear in under 5 minutes – Defeat Cell (Perfect)

    Best method is splitting up and one person going to each area at the beginning. Then all three members meeting up in the center for the final three.

    ~ Crimzon Nutcase

  • Steven Higgins

    If I could make a suggestion, i see you have some mentor quests here, I think it would be helpful if you put them in a separate guide, it would make them easier to find which woudl really hep out someone like me who want to get their Ultimate Skills. And if you could find out the triggers 9liek how many times you need to use Gallck Gun to get Vegita’s second quest) all the better. This one has already helped me out though so thank you for yhat.

    • ✭ Roney ✭

      I think the idea is that if you keep using Galic Gun and win the battle using it you will increase your meter with Vegeta and after a certain amount he will give you the second quest. After you finish the second quest all you need to do is get him that z-soul he wants and you receive a better one.

      • Steven Higgins

        So I guess it’s the same for all of them.

  • Jared

    Does anyone know where to see this friendship bar?

    • Jay

      Play data

  • Dkrause

    hey so goku goes super saiyan in the legendary super saiyan quest 100% of the time if frieza (either you as frieza or a teammate) kills krillin.

  • Brent

    For masters do you need to use the move they most recently taught you? or there moves in general or is it something else?

  • Kingbibi

    In Saiyan quest, you should beat Gohan first then Krilin and Goku with Vegeta > 50% HP.

  • JakFudo

    A lot of this is in broken English I can’t even understand. ” Defeat Frieza’s henchmen and all forms of Frieze. Kill all henchmen, then one Frieza appears DO NOT fight him”, what the hell does that even mean? If you beat all forms of Frieza the mission is over.

    • fogL

      The first sentence is a basic mission instruction. Sentences after the first explain what to do, to complete the bonus.

  • Nick

    its behind a breakable wall shoot some blasts

  • Bugg

    PQ 19 lets train
    trunks then vegeta then picolo then goku and finally gohan to get gohan to respawn and after defeating him u get ultimate finish

  • mewmew34

    “I would wait until you have Super Saiyan yourself.” What about those of us who didn’t go with the most over-used race in the game? I’m an Earthling, and don’t plan to make any Saiyan characters later. What strategies should I use against some of these fights when I’m not using Super Saiyan?

    • Cameron Lund

      I was able to do this without super saiyan so I know you don’t need it. As far as a strategy goes, I don’t have one. : make sure you’re a high enough lvl and you should be fine

      • mewmew34

        So far I’ve not had any major problems getting through things with my Earthling. Just bugs me that this guide is written on the assumption that everyone will be playing the Saiyan race by constantly mentioning using Super Saiyan for various fights. Also wish the guide had better spelling and grammar, because some of this is pretty hard to understand.

  • Callum J. Anderson

    hey so i found out about the two star attack of the saiyans.

    So i found yamcha in the area after defeating up to nappa.
    then defeated vegeta in under 5 mins (barely had like 10 seconds left) and nappa and raditz come to fight again.

    Hope this helps people

    • ✭ Roney ✭

      You don’t need to find Yamcha as an added condition to make them appear. He’s just there to give you a z soul.

  • Bernard Mayo

    Attack Of The Saiyans: bonus objectives:
    let no saibamen escape (beat ALL the saibamen before beating the saiyan they are with)
    – beat the revived saiyans (Sometimes ((if you killed all the saibamen)) after beating vegeta, raditz and nappa will come back and the vegeta too will revive. beat them all again to complete bonus objectives.

  • Jared

    anyone got super dragon fist?

  • Raphie Barreto

    Guys just a reminder because even though the Poster has said this a couple times, people are still asking: Just because you meet the requirements for the Extra Fight, or True Final Boss, whatever you wanna call it, doesn’t mean you’re gonna get it. It’s just like getting a reward, just because you fight SS Goku, doesn’t mean you’ll get the drop. Keep doing what you have to do, and you’ll eventually get where you’re trying to go (the game is awesome, but that really really sucks).

  • Ken Knight

    Edit: Disregard that I suck cocks.

    • Bugg

      look below

  • Ramiro Oviedo

    Hi I beat all 55 parallel quest and didn’t get the achievement for it and didn’t got Super Saiyan 4 Goku. I already also beat the game and unlock broly and bardock. Is there more Parallel Quest to unlock? Cuz I been playing for hours trying to get SS4 Goku

    • dj batts

      Make sure your not missing any PQ

    • Justus Grant

      I have the same problem. I just beat all the parallel quests and nothing happened and he does not show up in the character menu. I also bought the day 1 edition and did not receive ss4 vegeta or anything else that was promised

      • Raphie Barreto

        For Vegeta you should’ve gotten a code that you got to the PS Store and type it under “Redeem Code.” Idk about Gogeta.

  • bilal maptur

    PQ 28 , Take back the dragon balls… the special requirement is killing all the cell jr’s and collecting the dragonballs before the 10 minute mark.

  • dj batts

    I got ssj4 goku for beating all PQ so wouldn’t waste a wish on him

    • bilal maptur

      The wishes are for SSJ4 Vegeta , Omega Shenron and Super Android 17 if im correct.

      • dj batts

        I got ssj4 vegeta from the day one edition and my very first wish I got ssj4 gogeta

      • Semjax

        its SSJ4 Gogeta Super Android 17, and Omega Shenron, not Vegeta or Goku.

  • Derek

    For the “Clash! Perfect Cell” I beat cell in about a minute, then he comes back & it takes me about 2 and a half minutes, all in all i defeat him both times with over 11 minutes left & it still gives me a damn “B”. What do i need to do to get the bonuses??

    • dj batts

      I have a S on it & it says clear under 3 mins & defeat revived cell I got a score of 7863 that May give you something to aim for

  • Andrea h2o

    Legendary Super Saiyan: if you want goku to turn ssj u have to be in your team Frizea last form, when u will kill krilin goku will start a dialogue and than he turn ssj to kick frizea’s ass

  • JaitsuStudios .

    I kept Nappa and Raditz alive for Saiyan Revolt, however Vegeto did not show up.

  • John Smith

    with “legendary super saiyan” I found that if you kill vegeta after beating gohan and piccolo, and then after killing krillin goku will go super saiyan about 90% of the amount of times I did this quest

  • Semjax

    Johnny: For Earth in Danger! The Four Star Mission, you need to defeat all of the extra’s before defeating the main enemy. (Aka the Saibaman before Vegeta, and the two henchmen before Frieza) Then after you beat cell, Cell Jr.’s will appear, defeat them, and then Cell will get back up. Once Cell gets back up, Super Saiyan Vegeta and Full Power Frieza will come back into the fight. Defeat them and the battle is yours. That’s the bonus objectives.

  • Football Fan

    I have a question. When it comes to bonus objectives (Ultimate Finish) does it matter if you do the quest online or offline?

  • SubparAriel

    For PQ 38 “Blast the Super Spirit Bomb”, you actually have to beat buu in under a 1:30 for a chance at the ultimate finish. Doing the prerequisites doesn’t guarantee the revival of kid buu.

    Once kid buu’s health drops to 50%, Majin buu disappears & vegeta joins you. After the whole talking session is over (which eats up time whether you’ve lowered buu’s health to nothing or not in under 1:30), if you still have 13:30 or more left on the clock, kid buu revives for a chance at the most over powered move in the game. Super Vanishing Ball ftw.

    I grinded the hell out of this mission & it seems like the only way to get the move/ultimate finish.

  • SubparAriel

    And for PQ 54 “Saiyan Warrior”, I believe you have to beat everyone, including Broly, in under 5 minutes for the chance of an ultimate finish.

    This one sucks as Broly revives, & super vegito + SSJ3 Gotenks join in, both with megaton health.

  • SayanSoul

    On the quest “Take back the Dragon Balls”, you have to beat the Cell Juniors first, then you get the 3 dragon balls. After that, Trunks will ask you to get 3 more Dragon Balls. Before doing this, beat the Cell Juniors. After that, Cell will appear, beat him and take the final Dragon Ball.

  • Fortresst

    Forgot PQ 44 “God of Destruction and his Master” you have to beat in under 5 minutes then kill revived Bills/Beerus

  • ✭ Roney ✭

    Great article but you didn’t mention the “Invade Earth” Quest. I can never get Goku to revive and use Kaoken X3 and i can’t complete the quest. I was only able to get him to revive once and that was when you initially have to talk to Nappa in tha plaza to start the quest. Any tips to get Goku to revive?

    • cnuzzo

      i killed in the following order yamcha tien krillin piccolo gohan then goku. it says i cleared with nappa surviving so make sure nappa survives. i also killed them in less than five minutes because i thought that was needed but seems to just be nappa surviving.

      • ✭ Roney ✭

        Thanks, after grinding it out I finally got him to revive and now i get him to revive all the time pretty much. I didn’t realize that this game is full of RNG’s. Took me a while and a lot of reading comments to realize that even though i hit the requirements all the time there still is a chance things won’t trigger the ultimate finish.

  • Bradley Clay

    I’ve done PQ 5,6,7,8,9 but it won’t unlock the next PQ ?

  • ReaL

    For PQ 19 you need to go in wastelands and kill Goku first after you kill him Gohan tranform in to ssj2 defeate gohan and go for Vegeta in Pod Landing drop vegeta to 50% after whitch apear Trunk,Ignore Vegeta now and go straight for Trunk kill him and Vegeta will tranform in to SSJ,after you killed them go for Picollo in Kami place after defeating Picollo go back to Wastelands there will be Gohan Revived in evil form defeate him and you have all secret objectives for PQ 19 done.

  • Raphie Barreto

    Can you make more than one character? There’s like 10 slots, but I can’t go to them, and the only option I have coming close to new is deleting my old one.

    • Steven Higgins

      You need to beat the story mode, that unlocks the other seven. good news is, all your skills and Zenith carry over.

  • ✭ Roney ✭

    I don’t feel like scrolling through all the comments to find one that asks about help for defeating Vegeta’s Mastery quest to get Final Flash so I’m just gunna post up what I did to finally beat this sumbitch:

    I took me about two hours with my low rank (25) character, and i got overly excited with i got SSJ x 2 Vegeta’s health almost to zero then to realize he has a WHOLE OTHER BAR LEVEL OF HEALTH you need to chip away at to actually win!! Dude is a badass, and annoying at times. But the reward definitely made it worth grinding it out and taking all the insults from the Prince of all Saiyans.

    1) I equipped a S and M energy cap to revive my tiny bar of health when Vegeta would smack me around like a bitch.

    2) I spam attacked his first form with the combo where you pop him up in the air and can continue hitting upward with the same combo and volley him up again. (PS4: Square Square Square Triangle Triangle).
    Note: I made sure he didn’t lay a punch or combo breaker attack on me in his first form, conserving my health for his super saiyan badassness.

    4) Me vs. SSJ Vegeta : I kept the same game going, spam attack, try to run away when he charges for a counter and kept flying around to avoid his energy blasts.

    5) Good idea to equip Krillen’s Orin combo attack (the one you get when you complete his first master mission). Smack him around with this to give you some breathing room. Also hit him with a normal attack combo followed up by this special attack combo for added damage.

    6) I hit him with the ultimate attack where you pretty much explode (Big Bang Attack, i think). This attack is perfect because when Vegeta isn’t hitting you with a blast he is up in your face trying to hit you. And when you charge this attack you take no damage from his punches, and it knocks him back for added breathing room.Then…he turns SSJ 2…

    7) Keep an eye on your health and judge when you need to take your energy caps.

    8) Pretty much did the same method with added dash steps and running away from blasts and dask combo attacks.
    Note: You will win when you get Vegeta’s second health bar a little passed half or lower.


  • Gonçalo Lopes

    in PQ16 I beat vegeta super sayan but even that way I didn’t get the super vegeta skill… what happened?

  • James Wren II

    Ive beat the Multiple cell jr hunt many times under 5 minutes and no ultimate finish, any words of wisdom?

  • James Wren II

    Ive beat the Multiple cell jr hunt many times under 5 minutes and no ultimate finish, any words of wisdom?

  • James Wren II

    Ive beat the Multiple cell jr hunt many times under 5 minutes and no ultimate finish, any words of wisdom?

  • Lethal Aurora Mage

    Just beat ‘Let’s Train’ while fulfilling all hidden conditions. The hidden conditions are:
    ‘Clear with Vegeta and Gohan transformed’ Which is achieved by beating Trunks before Vegeta and Goku before Gohan.
    The second Hidden condition is ‘Defeat revived Gohan’ which was hella hard for me to get.
    The only time I got it is when I fought them all in this order: Trunks and Vegeta, Goku and Gohan, Piccolo last. It might’ve been a coincidence, but I have a hunch that no matter what, Piccolo should be your last target if you fulfilled the first hidden condition and want Gohan to revive. Feel free to correct me on that one.

  • Robert Morrow

    Legendary super saiyan is easy to activate. You fight through till Krillan and Goku come, take out Krillan first, Goku goes super saiyan.

  • Football Fan

    For Saiyan Warriors: – Clear in 10 minutes
    – Defeat all revived enemies.

  • Kofi Sarfo

    For PQ 19 – Let’s Train:

    1. Defeat 5 warriors

    2. Defeat Gohan and Vegeta Transformed (Beat Trunks to make Vegeta transform, then beat Goku to make Gohan transform)

    3. Defeat revived Gohan (Beat Vegeta first, then Gohan, and he should revive as SSJ2)

    Hope that’s helpful!

  • Roland Maganis

    in the four star (Lets train) you have to defeat Piccalo then defeat Vegeta first so Trunks goes SS2. Once you beat Trunks Defeat Goku first so Gohan goes SS2, Once you defeat Gohan, He will respawn back as Demrygra Gohan.

  • Brent Trevathan

    How do I get piccolo to spawn in tag team parallel?

  • Jonathan Swaringen

    I can’t seem to talk to the orange npcs to recruit and team registration doesn’t seem to do anything…just puts up a flag icon on character that prevents me from playing online pq…

  • Marcus McClane

    I got the answer to PQ 5 Star Take Back The Dragon Balls!. First I find it’s best to defeat all the Cell Jr. to make it easier. The first two is easy but the 3rd one is hidden in the wall. Go to the wall so you’re look straight at the dragon ball’s location and destroy it using a key blast.(I found it by accident while fighting the Cell Jr. I hit one of them in to the wall and a cave appeared). Once you’ve done that, another three will appear. To get the Ultimate finish you must defeat the Cell Jr. then Cell will appear and so will the 7th Dragon Ball. Beat him and collect the final 4 Dragon Balls and you’re done.

  • thevaaner

    I’m having issues with the super saiyan legend PQ, like ive done everything but vegeta never turns into ssj. like i don’t know what to do at this point, ive done it like 15-20 time and got anothing

  • slongstreth_25

    Been trying to get the taunt skill from multiple cell jr. Quest for 3 days now and nothing even beating cell multiple times has not give me the skill. Anyone else having this problem.

  • TheTimon64

    Thx for this guide, very helpful

  • ブラック ローズ

    For Saiyan Warriors you need to defeat all enemy’s in under 10 minutes. When completed Broly will revive and Super Vegito and Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks will arrive. Beat them to complete the bonus.

  • SarzeLight

    Just A Little Correction, For PQ33 “Namek Berserker” When You Beat The Three In the Allotted Time, Goten Does Not Revive And Go Super Saiyan (As He Was Super Saiyan When Fighting Him Originally). What Happens Is Goku Shows Up (Already Super Saiyan) And Then Gohan Revives, Turning Super Saiyan.

  • Rob

    For Attack of the Saiyans Parallel Quest the things are

    Clear by beating all Saibamen without letting any escape

    Defeat all revived Saiyans

  • Carlos Benavides

    For quest 19, you should beat , piccolo, trunks, vegeta, super vegeta, goku, gohan, super gohan, revived gohan. In this order 🙂

  • Steven Higgins

    In “Small But Strong” Goku will go always SSJ3 regardless of the order you defeat them it, that isn’t one of the hidden challenges.

  • Luigi Molina

    I seen that you’re missing one #51 “Heated, Furious, Ultimate Battle”
    I actually did this, it’s pretty easy it’s a fight with Trucks and Goku against Broly, you have to let Broly takeout Goku after that you have to defeat him and you would have to fight him again

  • Conrad Larson