Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Fishing Guide

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Fishing Guide
Many Substories in DBZ Kakarot need you to find certain fish, such as Goliath Catfish. This Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Fishing Guide explains the basic and advanced mechanics of fishing so you can catch the specific fish you’re looking for and get on to your next objective.

Fishing is available right from the start of the game, after Goku takes Gohan fishing. It’s as simple as finding a fishing spot and casting your tail into the water. You can see the fish available in each region by inspecting the materials from the world map but even then, it can be tough catching the right fish.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Fishing Guide

There are two types of fish in DBZ Kakarot, fish you can catch, and fish you can find. The fish you can find, such as the Great Energetic Fish, are found by swimming underwater into schools of fish to get an item. The other type can be caught using the traditional fishing method, this is for fish such as the Goliath Catfish and Scarlet Catfish.

Fishing is simple on the surface but learning the mechanics can help you complete your objectives quicker. Whenever you shake your tail in the water, it immediately attracts the attention of any fish facing your direction. All fish travel at the same speed once they are fixated on your tail, so the closest fish facing you will usually be the fish you catch.

If you are fishing for a specific type of fish, it’s usually bigger, or has a larger fin poking out of the water. For these fish, don’t immediately shake your tail in the water. You want to wait until the fish you are targeting is the only fish facing you, or at least the closest fish facing you.

DBZ Kakarot Fishing Guide

Here is an example. I needed to catch the bigger fish at the back. If I shake my tail with both fishing facing my direction, the small fish is closer and will get their first. I waited until the big fish was facing my direction and the little fish turned, then shook my tail. Shake it again every couple of seconds to keep the fish interested.

That’s the best way of catching the different fish you can visually see in the water. Need any additional help? Post a comment below.

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