Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Katchin Door Guide

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Katchin Door Guide
Special Katchin doors hide away various riches in DBZ Kakarot. This Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Katchin Door Guide explains how you gain access to the hidden Katchin doors that are scattered throughout the game in almost every single region you can visit.

You will undoubtedly encounter special Katchin doors very early in your adventure. They are large rock formations that block the entrance to otherwise accessible caves. Each Katchin Door is unique but they work in very much the same way, including how to enter and what lies inside.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Katchin Door Guide

Katchin Door Guide
The Katchin Doors can be found using the map with this symbol, a small set of crystals and another rock-like formation. They can be really hard to spot so once you’re in the general area, be sure to use your Search for Ki ability, it makes the doors glow purple. This is also the symbol for areas with crystals in general so not all have a door, but so far, all doors have crystals.

Every Katchin Door has a level requirement to enter. As you approach you will see the level of the door appear at the top of the screen. Your currently selected character must be of the appropriate level, then you simply approach the door and use the on-screen button to blow it open. It is not based on your highest level character so if your Goku is level 25 but you’re currently playing a level 10 Gohan, you will not be able to enter Ketchin doors with a level requirement above 10.

Once inside, they are all very much the same. Some D Medals and usually some crystals that you can shoot with a Ki Blast for additional resources. However, almost all of the caves hide further secrets. Either through a very narrow passage or by destroying more large rocks that block the path ahead. In the second secret part of each cave is another D Medal and a much larger crystal formation, so it’s always worth checking each door thoroughly.

Also, most of the caves have smaller rocks inside. They don’t impede your progress or otherwise obstruct you, but they do have a high drop rate of ores like Silver and Iron. So be sure to blow up the small rocks for some more drops in each cave.

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