Dragon Quest Builders 2 Ancient Temple Guide

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Ancient Temple Guide
One of the places you have to get through in Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the Ancient Temple. There are multiple puzzles in here that can be tricky if you don’t know what to do. Check out this Dragon Quest Builders 2 Ancient Temple guide to get through it quickly.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Ancient Temple Guide

When you arrive there is only one spot to go. Enter the door and go down to the puzzle below. You need to get the red block to the blue tile in the area to open the chest. Use the sand blocks and the red switches on the outside area to move the block into position.

Puzzle Room 1 Ancient Temple Dragon Quest Builders 2

Get the key from the chest and go through the next door. In this hallway there is a second room with three chests, the middle one is a mimic. The next room is another puzzle that you need to complete.

Puzzle 2 1

Puzzle 2 2

Puzzle 3 2

Open the chest and then open the lock on the door. Now clear this hallway and don’t fall down below yet, you want to get to the end to find the statue. Grab the statue and loot the chest. Now, with the statue, leave the room and drop to the area below. Down here there will be a fight and three chests. Open all the chests, one of them has a key inside. Now, use the silver key to open the door and head back up to the center to place the statue. Once the first statue is down, go to the locked gold room near the start and open it with your key. Follow the hallway and there will be a mini boss up ahead. You have to use your hammer to shatter this boss, open the chests after you beat the boss.

Now go through the next door and you will be lead to your final puzzle. I’m not sure if this is how it is supposed to be done, but it worked so here it is.

Block The Water

Block the water 2

Block the water 3

Block the water 4

Grab the chest after and work your way to the next statue. When you get to the faces you can break them if you want, behind the last one is a wall you can bust down. Enter the unlocked door and you will find the second statue. Move it, grab the chest, unlock the door outside, and bring the statue to its pedestal.This will cause them to come to life, use your hammer to smash them to death. Grab the chest that opens after and you can leave the temple.

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