Dragon Quest Builders 2 Furrowfield Quest Guide

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Furrowfield Side Quest Guide
Furrowfield is one of the first areas you will visit in Dragon Quest Builders 2. Here you will receive various side quests, some easy and some hard. Check out this Dragon Quest Builders 2 Furrowfield quest guide to complete them all.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Furrowfield Quest Guide

Build A Scarecrow
This will be the first quest you get from Rosie when you arrive in Furrowfield. You need to get some Cord(from vines) and Wood(from trees) and then go to the workbench. After you create it, place it at the marker and the farmers will work the area.

Plant Cabbage
When you complete the Scarecrow quest, you will be given some cabbage seeds to plant. Plant all of the seeds and then speak to Rosie again to complete this quest.

Build Irrigation Station
For this one you have to follow the Blueprint given to you for the quest. Just use any soil blocks and then remove the block up top to let the water flow down. When the station is filled, the quest will be complete.

Harvest Cabbage
You might have to wait a little while, but when the cabbage is fully grown you need to harvest it. You can just use your melee attack to cut it and then collect it. You will need to do 15 total for one of the main missions.

Make The Field Bigger
You will have to go to the marker on the map for this one. Kill the enemies in the area and then warp back to the farm with the worm and recruit him into the fold. When he is one your team, he will clear the soil near any scarecrow you put down.

Visit The Old Farm
When you need more Wheat Seeds, this quest will open up. Go to the farm and speak to the man with the hoe. Place a scarecrow in the field near him and he will freak out a bit. After that you have to rebuild the fence around the field. You can make the posts yourself or use your hammer to break the ones in the area.
Hand Over 10 Cabbages
During one of the quests to visit the old farm, you will see a couple of rats with symbols over their heads. One of these rats will want 10 cabbage and will give you wheat seeds in exchange.
Reach The Treasure Chest
During one of the quests to visit the old farm, you will see a couple of rats with symbols over their heads. One of the rats will want you to build a path up to a chest. Use soil blocks or any blocks to make some stairs and grab the chest at the top. Make sure you eat the life seed to increase your life.
Make A Small Barn
When you return to the farm, you will get a quest to make a small barn. The key here is that the room has to be small. If you make just a normal barn, close the walls in some and make it small. Turn the quest in when you are done.
Make A Dining Set
You need to be sure to place this outside, the quest giver wants to eat outdoors. You need to make a stool, a table(large or small), and a simple super set. Put the stool by the table and then the super set on the table to complete the quest.
Raise The Town Level
You need to complete side quests, increase your farm lands and crops, and make different rooms and sets to increase your gratitude for this quest. Once you get enough for town level two, ring the bell and upgrade it. Recruit the extra farmers after to complete the quest.
Harvest 50 Wheat
This will happen as you progress, harvest your wheat when it comes in and you will hit 50 after a bit. When you complete all the objectives of the mission you will have to defend the farm. Hand out your extra weapons and beat the enemies back.
Stop The Spoilspores
After you beat the enemies that attack the farm, some Spoilspores will pop up in your camp. You need to use blocks to box them in and suffocate them basically. Destroy all of them to complete the quest.
Fill The Hilltop Cabin With Water
This is where you get a new tool called the Bottomless Pot. You need to go down to the bog and use the pot to collect water. Tapping the button to use the pot fills it up, holding the button empties it out. You never run out of water but be careful, you can easily flood places if you hold the button too long.
Grow Lots Of Crops
Growing 250 crops if one of your main objectives that is going to take time. You need to have multiple farmlands and grow five different types of seeds. To make more farmland, put down a scarecrow and the worm will clear out the area. The five crops you will need are cabbage, wheat, sugar cane, tomatoes, and pumpkins. Sugar cane has to be grown underwater or it won’t work. Wall off a section of farmland with blocks and use the endless water pot to make it a water farm. Tomatoes need a planting pole to grow, you get the recipe by progressing in the story. Pumpkins can grow in normal soil, but take awhile to grow.
Grow Sugar Cane
Sugar Cane is tricky to grow in Builders 2. We have a guide to help you here if you need it.
Wheat Seeds For Grass Seeds
There is a fat rat on the map here who wants wheat seeds and he will give you grass seeds in exchange.

Wheat Seeds Dragon Quest Builders 2

Make A Bath House
Follow the blueprint and complete this quest.

Build A Tiny Toilet
This has to be done in a tiny room for it to count. Place a pot, towel rack, and a light source in a tiny room to make a tiny toilet.
Make Bread
Put some wheat over a bonfire and hand it to Saffron to complete this quest.
Make Wormfood
In order to make wormfood you will need 10 grass seeds and some night soil. The seeds drop from the mud hands in the bog and the night soil comes from a toilet pot. You can also get night soil from the zombies near the church.
Make A Kitchen
You need to fit a chest, three sacks of wheat, three bonfires, and two stacks of firewood into a room for Saffron. Your NPCs will cook up any food you leave in the chest here, so make sure to leave some behind.
Find Tomato Seeds
After you get the Sugarcane going you will have to get another crop. This time the villagers will lead you to tomato seeds. To the east of the bog there is a bridge that connects to another area. In this area there is a warp globe near a small camp. That camp is called The Orc’s Tomato Farm. Grab that and start your search in that area. The dog will bark when she finds any seeds so be sure to follow her.
Plant Tomatoes At The Orcs Farm
Talk to the Orc at the Tomato Farm and he will tell you how to plant Tomatoes properly. You need to place Planting Poles in the soil and then put the seeds down for it to work. When you do all three of the spots in front of the Orc, speak to him again to finish the quest.
Kill Purple Faced Bodkins
While looking for Pumpkin seeds you will run into some Bodkins in a tree. Kill them and return to the Bodkin in the tree for some Acorns.
Find Pumpkin Seeds
This is the last crop you will have to plenty to complete the main mission. These are found in the Old Church area, which the waymarker leads you to. The dog will lead you to seeds one by one, which is slow since you need 30. Go into the old church and behind the alter there is a patch of purple earth. Bust through that and down below you can find four chests with 20 Pumpkin seeds inside. You have to gather the rest by following the dog, the chests speed it up.
Rebuild The Holy Altar
This quest opens up after you collect the 30 pumpkin seeds. Speak to the ghost near the grave and it will ask you to fix up the Holy Altar in the church. All the items you need to fix it are in the church. The holy statue, candles, and other table are behind some boxes near the altar. Speak with the ghost again and a large skeleton and some other bad guys will attack you.
Plant Tomatoes
When you learn how to plant tomatoes properly, this quest opens up back at your base. Plant the tomatoes and wait for them to grow, don’t forget to use the planting poles on them.
Plant Pumpkins
Pumpkins don’t need any special treatment, they just take awhile to grow. Put them in some normal or fertilized soil and eventually they will grow.
Make Lillian A Room
Lillian wants you to make her a private room. You need to make a room with a bed, stool, torch, and a nameplate that is assigned to her. When you do all of those things, the quest will be complete.
Place Bunting
Create 30 Bunting and put it all over your town to complete this one.
Place Jack O Lanterns
You will have to wait for your pumpkins to grow for this one. When you have three, make the jack-o-lanterns and place them around town.
Place Swing
When you start growing trees around your town, this quest will pop up. When a tree has grown high enough, put a swing it and complete the quest. Make sure it is within the area of your village.
Find The Heartwood
When you start growing trees around your town, this quest will pop up. When a tree has grown high enough, put a swing it and complete the quest. Make sure it is within the area of your village. After beating the enemies around the big tree, you need to collect the heart wood from it. Climb up a bit and you will see the yellow cores inside the wood. Bust them all out and return to town.
Make The Deitree
The first part of the quest requires you to get 40 pieces of bark. Head to the marker and hack down the large trees if you need some still. From there, follow the blueprint as much as you can with the bark pieces you have. After you put down the first 40 pieces, the towns people will come out and start helping. You then need to go find some new seeds that you can only get using your windbreaker. Head to the waypoint and grab the seeds from the chest behind the fat rat. Return to town and plant them after speaking to the worm. Be sure to put the Heartwood in the chest near the tree, that allows the builders to put it down before you arrive.

The next set of seeds you need to collect will be protected. In order to open the chest in the area, you had to kill all the enemy Bodkins. Return and plant the flowers to move on to the next stage. One of the villagers here wants you to get some pure clean water, you can find it here on the map.

Pure Water Dragon Quest builders 2

Jump in and sink to the bottom of the water. Work your way into the ruins under the water and you will find a spring. Jump inside, use your pot, and collect the water. Remember to just push the button and don’t hold it to get the water. Use the water on the tree in your base to help complete the blueprint. Then collect the last of the seeds and plant them to finish off the tree. Beat the boss and you will finally be able to leave the island.

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