Dragon Quest Builders 2 Khrumbul Dun Quest Guide

Dragon Quest Builders Khrumbul Dun Quest Guide
The second island in Dragon Quest Builders 2 is Krumbul Dun and there are quite a few quests there. Some of these quests will be easy and others are annoying. Check out this Dragon Quest Builders 2 Krumbul Dun quest guide to complete them all.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Khrumbul Dun Quest Guide

Make Diggers Juice And Cask
This is your first quest you get in town when you arrive. You need to make a cask, which takes wood and cord. Break the busted barrels for wood and the vines for the cord. Put the cask in the tavern and then put the Vineapple in and cook it. When it comes out, give it to Babs to complete the quest.

Find The Voice
Follow Babs into the mine and clear the sand at the way point. Speak to the Golem inside and then follow him to the wall. He will break it down so you can get inside. Then you are given bombs and asked to bring back copper. Go into the hole that the golem made and follow the mine tracks to the back. Blow up the sand walls that you run into along the way. When you reach the blocks with the brown small rocks inside of them, you have found the copper. Blow them up and once you collect five and return to town the quest will be completed.

Make The Cocktail Counter
Babs wants you to make her a cocktail counter for the tavern. After you build the forge and get copper ingots you can complete this quest. Use you copper ingots to make the shaker and put it on the table to complete the quest.

Build The Forge
Speak to the bald NPC and he will give you this quest and recipe. Build a forge and then start making copper ingots. Collect the ingots and talk to Magrog to complete the quest.

Rebuild The Tavern
Progress through the missions and finish this as you go.

Fix Up The Tunnel
This is one of the big objectives for the area, you need to repair the tunnel. Follow one of the miners into the tunnel and he will lead you to a mine cart. He wants you to fix up the track all the way back up to town. To the right of the mine cart there is some extra tracks that you can break down, get them all. From there just follow the track back up to the surface and fill in the blank spots with track. There is plenty of extra track near where you entered the island at as well, follow the path back to the village and take it all.

Go to the Copper Dig Site warpglobe and kill the enemies there, that will complete this part of the quest.

Place Down Chests
The miners want you to put down three chests in the area. Make the chests and put them on the markers.
Place 10 Sconces
Make 10 sconces and place them all over town.
Make An Dormitory
The miners in the area will want a place to sleep, so they ask for an Dormitory. You will need eight beds, three pots, and the inn sign on the wall. He also wants it to be a small room, so jam everything together.
Mine Iron
Follow the miners into the mine and repair the tunnel as you go along. Towards the end, you will have to build a scaffold for the miners. You need four stone steps, six ladders, and two sconces. Build it up, then collect 10 iron to complete this mission.
Make The Mushroom Kitchen
You need to make another room. This one needs a chest, two bonfires, and a Marshroom, which can be found in the mine. You need to use your glove to bring the mushroom back, do not cut it.
Make A Smithy
In order to make some Iron tools, you need to make a smithy. The walls of the smithy need to be made of iron, and you need a forge, leather sack, a pot, and a chest. After the room is made, make the iron sledge hammer.
Bust Down The Metal Wall
When you have the iron sledge hammer, return to the iron mine and break through that metal wall you couldn’t get through before. Follow the miners until they need your help with a water situation. Climb up the waterfall and plug the hole up top, so the miners can pass. Lastly, he will ask you to fix up the mine track the leads back to the base. Use the extra track in the area to repair both lanes this time and that will complete the quest.
Make A Fancy Pump Station
After you repair the mine, this quest opens up. You need to put two dumb-bells, two sets of mining tools, and two towel rails into a room to create it. Add lanterns to make it more fancy if you need it.
Make Babs Room
Place the blueprint for Babs’ room down and then fill it out. The Gladiolus needs to be picked up with your glow and dropped into the potted plant. Follow the path that leads east out of the town and you will find a little green patch with red flowers, that is what you need.
Build The Silver Bar
After you repair the bronze bar, you will have to make the silver bar as well. You need a lot of silver bricks, so be sure mine all of it you see when you are down there for ore. Follow the quest and once the bar is done, this will be completed. To get the Prickley Pop you need to put Prickly Peaches into the casks.
Make A Cocktail Counter
This has to be made in the Silver Bar, so follow the blueprint until you have connected counter and the stone stools placed. Then put down the water job and the cocktail shaker in the right spot and this mission will be complete.
Make A Card Table
This is another thing that is built in the Silver Bar.
Find More Silver
When you get more miners, this quest opens up. You have to clear a path deeper into the mine and find more ore. Along the way you run into a bag enemy who wants you to finder her siblings. Go to all the markers and clear out the enemies there. Once you find all the siblings, return to the town and turn the quest in.
Build A Shower
You need to make a room with silver walls and then put in a shower, a towel rack, and a folding screen. They say build it near the silver bar, but I don’t think it matters.
Build A Relaxation Room
You will need to get cotton for this mission, which can be found in the underground lake and will sometimes drop from the rabbits. The Underground lake is to the south of the iron dig site. It says you need to put curtains on a window, but I just put them on my wall. Put all the items in a room and this quest will be complete.
Find Gold
You want to warp down to the Marshroom Room and use the flute. Follow the notes to a wall that you have to bust down. Go inside to find gold, mine a bunch of it and then warp to the Old Lift point. Use your flute here and you will have to dig to the next gold vein. The last one can be found here on the map, you have to dig for quite a bit to get here.

Gold Vein Dragon Quest Builders 2

Make A Fancy Dormitory
You should do this with silver walls at least, because it needs to be fancy. Place atleast eight beds, three pots, and the inn sign in a large room to get started. From there, put down Golden Braziers to increase the fancyness until it is three star. This will give you the recipe for the light box, so you can finish the silver bar.
Renovate The Shower Room
This time you need to have four showers, two towel racks, two folding screens, and two light sources. He also wants you to connect windows to the walls, in a shower, really guy?

Build The Gold Bar
Thankfully, this is the last main objective of the area. Do the next quest from the bald guy and the NPCs will help you out with the building. Follow the quest line and you will be lead to some red rocks, smash them to get Red Dye. Use the dye to make the Light Boxes red and wait for them to finish up the first level of the gold bar. Next you will need to make some blue light boxes. Go to the underground lake and then go under the water near the floating slime. On the other side there are blue rocks that have the dye you need. Place all the blue blocks and finish up the gold bar level two. Next he will want you to find some diamonds. Use your flute in town and wait for the golem to bust a hole in the ground for you. Drop down the hole and now you have to look for diamonds.

In the lava lake there is a path that leads up and deeper into the cave, follow that. Here is what it looks like on the map.

Diamond Location Dragon Quest builders 2

Kill the enemies there and use your flute. Follow the notes and bust down the wall to reveal some diamonds. Get the diamonds, make a pair of golden gauntlets, and put them on the golem. After that, you need to make the Goldinoggin recipe you just got. Place the Goldinoggin in the bar, and it will finally be finished.

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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Khrumbul Dun Quest Guide

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