Dragon Quest Builders 2 Tablet Targets Guide

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Tablet Targets Guide
The Tablet Targets in Dragon Quest Builders 2 are challenges to help you fill out your island. Some of these are easy and others can be tricky to figure out. Check out this Dragon Quest Builders 2 Tablet Targets guide to get them all done.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Tablet Targets Guide

Make A River
This is the start of the Tablet quests. Speak with Lulu and follow her to the area she wants you to start the river. Use your jug and fill up the area near Lulu and the water will fall to the west and the south. Speak to the lady again and follow her to the riverbed below. Now you have to fill up the river with your pot until you make it to the end of the riverbed. Speak to Lulu when you finish that and they will start clearing more riverbed for you to fill. Do a couple of other objectives while they remove blocks.

When they finish, you have to fill up the rest of the riverbed that is uncovered. When you get near the purple soil, the water will turn dirty. Remove the purple soil and keep moving on to fill the river. When you fill it up, someone will complain about food and you will need to bring them back a chicken. Go to the dock and spend some hearts to go to Soggy Skerry. These are randomly generated, the chicken is there you have to find it. Malroth will say an animal is nearby when there is a chicken around, sneak up to capture it. Return to your island with the chicken to progress on the river.

Head back up to the riverbed and fill it up with your pot again. When it is all filled up, follow the NPC to the blocked part of the river and work your way through with your hammer, don’t forget Big Smash. Try to keep the path at least two blocks wide to ensure the water gets through to the other side. Kill the enemies along the way and make sure the NPC tells you the path is large enough. Finally, speak to the NPCs on the island with the dead tree and some crab enemies will spawn. Kill them, and return to the tablet to complete this quest.

Make A Meadow
While you are making the river, this one will start as well. Talk to the worm and he will give you some Worm Food. You will need to put down a total of 10 Worm Foods in order to get all the meadows you need for this first objective. If you need more Nightsoil, make a toilet for your people to use.
Make A Forest
The first part of the objective is simple enough, make five Woody Goody balls and place them on the island to complete the mission. Head to Soggy Skerry to find acorns if you need them.

Build Lots Of Different Rooms
Build more and more rooms until this one gets complete. We have a room guide here if you need a hand.
Build A Restaurant
Still working on this one.
Build A Room Somewhere High
Still working on this one.
Make Lots Of Meadows
Use the Worm Food to create meadows across the island. Do 50 squares to complete this mission.
Make Lots Of Forests
Same with the Meadows but this time use the Woody Goody.
Make Lots Of Water
Use your endless water pot to create more water on the island.
Find More Residents
You get more residents by completing story islands and by finding them on Exploring Shores islands. Those islands are randomly generated, so you will have to search the islands for citizens. They can normally be found by buildings on the islands.
Light Up The Island
Use torches, fires, and other light sources to light up the island.
Build A Farm
You need to put a scarecrow down on a field and wait for your NPCs to till the soil. Plant some seeds there and when they grow this will count.
Build Lots Of Fields
Put scarecrows down to make more fields.
Make All Sorts Of Food
Make food on the fires, the more recipes you complete the better.

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