Dragon Quest Builders Room Building Guide – Materials & Bonuses

Dragon Quest Builders Room Building Guide - Materials & Bonuses
Dragon Quest Builders lets you build and customize a huge variety of different rooms, each with their own perks and bonuses. This Dragon Quest Builders Room Building Guide – Materials & Bonuses lists all of the buildings we’ve discovered, the materials you need to make them as well as the bonuses you get for making each type of room.

Dragon Quest Builders Room Building Guide – Materials & Bonuses

Below is a list of the various bonuses and rewards we’ve received for constructing the rooms and buildings in Dragon Quest Builders. A lot of the rooms are available as you progress naturally through the story, others are hinted at but never fully explained and others are completely absent most of the way through. It can be difficult to know what room to build depending on your personal needs and requirements so here is first a list of bonuses given for each building before a screenshot of every room you can make and the materials they require. Those marked with “*” are Chapter dependent. Chapter 2 marked “**”, Chapter 3 marked “***” and so forth.

Dragon Quest Builders Room Bonuses

  • Increase Residents maximum HP by 10% (Basic Bedroom)
  • Increase Residents maximum HP by 15% (Grotty Guesthouse, Fancy Bedroom)
  • Residents will cook and supply free food (Crude Kitchen, Barbecue Kitchen, Cafeteria)
  • Gives Residents new clothes (Dressing Room, Sewing Room)
  • Residents will build furniture and supply materials (Stonemason’s Workshop)
  • Residents will build furniture. Makes equipment slightly more durable (Stonemason’s Studio)
  • Residents will build furniture. Makes equipment more durable (Blacksmith’s Studio)
  • Residents will provide free Pots (Pot Chamber)
  • Residents get new clothes & use more powerful weapons (Armory, Bodybuilders’ Baths***)
  • Automatic HP Recovery +1 (Botanical Garden, Graveyard)
  • Residents make medicine. Healing items 25% more effective (Herbalist’s Workshop)**
  • Residents will build water related items and put them in a chest** (Watering Hole, Purification Pool)
  • Residents make medicine. Healing items 50% more effective (Alchemists Laboratory)**
  • Residents make novelty items (Welder’s Workshop) ***
  • Residents will wield magical weapons (Hela Hot Baths) ***
  • Prevents hunger meter from falling while in the base (Bodybuilders Bar)***
  • Residents will build divine items (Diviners Den)****

Dragon Quest Builders List Of Room Recipes & Materials

Below is the list of rooms we’ve discovered in Dragon Quest Builders so far. Some of them can be built freely while others require a certain level of progression through the story, such as creating the sign posts from the dye so that you can assign rooms and such. Some room recipes are restricted based on your chapter as not all rooms are available in all chapters. Those unmarked are available in Chapter 1, Chapter 2 rooms are marked with “**”, Chapter 3 “***” and so forth.

How To Build A Barbecue Kitchen
How To Build A Barbecue Kitchen
Notes: You need the recipe for the Brick Barbecue. This is from a hidden quest in the area after the Red Teleportal
How To Build A Watering Hole**
How To Build A Watering Hole
If you’re struggling to build this for the Chapter 2 side quest use the blue crystal inside the town to make a water source.

Big thanks to Sophii, Granitefish, Kaiyl_kariashi & Amanda for their contributions.

  • Excellent work dude! Extremely useful. Keep it up!

  • Sophii

    “En-Suite Bedroom” (1 of each item)
    Residents sign
    Fancy Bed
    Fancy Light Source

    Or how about “Master Bedroom” (also 1 of each item)
    Resident’s Sign
    Fancy Bed
    Fancy Light Source

  • Amanda

    Grand Guesthouse
    -[Fancy Bed]
    -Inn Sign
    -[Light source]

    Cook fire Cafe
    -Cook fire
    -[Decorative Food]

    Treasure Room
    -Treasure Chest
    -[Light Source]

    • I have tried all of the recipes you’ve put up but none of them worked. Are those from Chapter 4 by any chance? Appreciate your feedback 😀

      • Kaiyl_kariashi

        The Greasy Mallet (the cookfire cafe) (chapter 1, hidden blueprint)

        2 stone tables
        4 stone chairs

        1 salad plate (fruit salad + ceramic dish set)

        1 ceramic dish set

        1 pot
        1 chest
        2 sconces

      • Granitefish

        It’s missing the numbers for the first two. Grand Guesthouse needs 4 fancy beds. Cookfire cafe needs 2 tables and 4 chairs. Also Your image for Treasure room doesn’t include it’s required list

  • Amanda

    Expensive Inn
    – [Fancy Bed]
    – Inn Sign
    – [Light Source]

  • Natalius

    I’ve searched forever for a solution but google does nothing for me.

    I’m currently on chapter 2 and I built a small room to make a crude kitchen. I placed the cookfire and chest in there and it does nothing. Just says I make a room.

    I’ve had this problem before in the first chapter with trying to make additional rooms to get my score up (just planted 60 breadbaskets essentially) and I cannot seem to find why the game is not recognizing these rooms. Anyone have an idea?

    • Autumn Thames

      If the message you receive just says ‘X made a room’ and it doesn’t add points to your town, then odds are that it is outside of your town. Remember that your town has an end and you cannot build past that point as monsters spawn there and beyond. You can tell if this is the problem as the music will change if you step outside of your town. I hope this helps!

      • Natalius

        You know right after I posted this I went and did an eagle’s eye view of the town and yeah, you’re right about that and it helped me re-arrange some things for sure.

        However I still am having the issue even when I’m building within the town. I’m trying to build a good perimeter and then work inside, with the walls just outside of the lighted area and all of my “rooms” inside.

        I successfully made a crude kitchen for chapter 2, but I built another room literally a few blocks west of it, still well within the boundaries, and tried to get a carpenter’s station up and it will not, no matter how big or small I build it (within the lighted area) will pop up as a carpenter’s station.

        It’s really throwing me for a loop.

        • Milkybee

          Maybe it’s a better-rated room already. If your room is having more points than it would from a carpenters station then it wont change into a carpenters station (like if it is a BBQ kitchen. It won’t change to carpenter unless you remove it because it’s less points to do that)

        • Steve B.

          The walls are part of the room. If any part of a room’s walls falls outside of the town’s perimeter, the room will not be part of your town (just stand on top of the walls to determine this).

  • Silver Nox

    Here are the rooms I have that are missing above (if you are interested)
    Cook fire cafe
    1 cookfire
    1 chest
    2 table
    4 chair
    1 decorative food

    Barbecue bistro
    ( same as cookfire cafe but with brick barbecue instead of cookfire)

    Carpenters workshop
    1 carpenters workstation
    1 chest
    1 light source

    Stonemasons smithy
    1 masons workstation
    1 smithy station
    1 chest
    1 light source

    Shared room
    2 residents sign
    1 pot
    2 bed
    1 light source

  • Silver Nox

    Flowery foodery

    Brick barbecue
    Pot flower
    Extravagant table
    4 chair
    Decorative food

  • Milkybee

    Another one I couldn’t find: library
    Bookcase x4
    Book x2
    Light source
    (Special, increases auto hp recovery by 1) 300 points

  • wheedle

    You can actually build the following in Chapter 1 if you raid the castle for materials, even though you can’t yet create some of the furniture:

    Fancy Bedroom
    Master Bedroom
    En-Suite Bedroom

    • Aelita Rose

      Can definitely be done for Master and En-suite (bathtub comes from resident built furniture in the smithy chest) but Fancy Bedroom requires two fancy beds and I only found 1 king-size bed in the castle. Where did you find a second fancy bed?

  • Aelita Rose

    En-Suite Shared Room:
    Residents sign x2
    Fancy Bed x2
    Chair x2
    Bathtub x1
    Flower x1
    Fancy Light Source x1

    Torture Chamber:
    Chains x2
    Straw Mattress x2
    Bones x 1
    Light source x1

    Tropical Garden:
    Bench x1
    Pongsettia x1
    Bigonia x1
    Cotton Plant x5
    Tingleweed x5
    Light source x1

    Expensive Inn:
    Fancy Bed x6
    Inn Sign x1
    Light source x1

    Treasure House:
    Treasure Chest x3
    Light source x1

    Fountain Foyer:
    Bench x1
    Block of water x10
    Fountain x1
    Light source x1

    • Greg Couch

      if you build a torture chamber. Magnus will take care of it. he seems to yell at the wall, fiddle with the bones, and weep. its funny because in my game he has his own private room.

  • Aelita Rose

    Superior Shared Room:
    Resident’s sign x2
    Pot x1
    Fancy Bed x2
    Chair x2
    Fancy light source x1

    Bench x1
    Display stand x4
    Light source x1
    (auto HP recovery +1)

    Illumination Station:
    Bench x1
    Torch x3
    Sconce x3
    Brazier x3
    (increases the brightness of handheld torches)

  • Autumn Thames

    Bodybuilder’s boudoir

    [Resident’s Sign] 1
    Pot 1
    [Bed] 1
    Portrait of a Lady 1
    Dumb-bells 1
    [Light Source] 1

  • Andreas Aschauer

    Doomed room:
    Any room x1
    Wreckingbomb x1

    500 points and a destroyed room… but the message is funny though .

  • Mara Bruyning

    chapter 3 Ironmonger’s studio:
    Miner’s refiner (1x)
    [smithing station] (1x)
    Chest (1x)
    Leather sack (1x)
    shop sign (1x)
    [fancy light source] (1x)

    The smithing station being the forge in chapter 3

  • Lia Bailey

    How to do the grassy garden?? It just says plant. What kind of plant. I have tried multiple types and can’t get it to trigger 🙁

    Any help appreciated. Does it need to be enclosed with door/walls and built on dirt? Thank you!

    • Aelita Rose

      All gardens need to be enclosed in walls with a door and a light source as they won’t register as a room otherwise. Have you tried sandwort or medicinal herb as plants? I used these as the plant type for Arboretum. Also, there does seem to be a size limit to registering rooms – if it’s too big it won’t trigger a room type. Try downsizing if it still isn’t triggering.

      • Mr. Keychains

        It seems there are 5 different categories of plant growths that you can grow or transplant – trees, flowers, crops, vines, and plants. I’ve found that any that don’t fit into the first 4 are considered ‘plants’.

        I’ve also found the size of the room is based on the interior floor space, the max being 100 blocks. Anytime I’ve expanded larger then that, it stops being a room. I’ve tried this with both open rooms and rooms with walls inside the rooms. As long as the ‘lit’ floor space is 100 blocks or less, it will be considered a room.

  • Laura Williams Leising

    Has anyone built a restaurant in Chapter 2? I’ve made it as far as the ‘Flowery Foodery’ but I’m stumped on what else I might need

  • Is there a block size limit for rooms? I’m still in the beginning, and only have the crafting room and the kitchen. However I’m being told I need to make some rooms. So I decided to make a large portion of the town my personal room and it won’t register as a room.

    I’ve built a bed, put in two doors, and have light sources all over it. When it didn’t work I removed one of the doors, added a bed, and even more light sources and it still didn’t work. (And yes, the walls are above 2 bricks high all around. I currently have it at 3.)

    Are these rooms limited to a certain block count? Because I’m stumped and kind of annoyed. Thanks!

    • 100 blocks in floor area, height doesn’t seem to matter.

      • Mr. Keychains

        Though true that rooms can be any height, it only counts items on the lowest two block levels above the floor as being in the room.

        • Next question I’ve learned you can make multi-story buildings and they will count. My question is; is there an easy way to bring the camera in when you go into buildings or tight spaces other than bringing the camera to the ground and forcing it to zoom in?


          • domno666

            Just press the right stick for that.

          • Nice, thanks!

      • Walls count as part of the room correct? If so that sort of sucks, rooms have to be pretty small :/

        • Mr. Keychains

          Walls only count towards the room points as long as their at least two blocks high. Only the floor space is counted toward room side. If you have a room with part of it on a one block higher elevation, the floor space of that higher elevation is counted as part of the total room floor space.

  • Abby Bindner

    Rugged guesthouse:
    Bed 4
    Inn sign 1
    Portrait of a lady 1
    Light source 1
    (Increases residents max hp by 25%)

    • Lerineph Lerineph

      Hello! =) If I build a few rooms which add hp to my residents, for example one with 20%, another with 25% and one with 15%, will my residents have then 60% more hp or just 25% because it’s the highest and it won’t stack up? Thanks for help! 😉

  • Muscle Inn:
    [Bed] x6
    Inn sign
    Portrait of a lady
    [Light Source]

  • brightshard

    My comments will tell you every room i have discovered so far.

    • brightshard

      Basic bedroom, grotty guest house, inexpensive inn, fancy bedroom, grand guest house, expensive inn, butch bedroom, rugged guesthouse, muscle inn, princess bedroom.

      • brightshard

        Private bedroom, master bedroom, body builders boudoir, shared room, superior shared room, strongman shared room, en-suite, en-suite shared room, sick room, infirmary.

  • fox legace

    Just found this out by trying to make the botanical garden and used trees with ivy.. was happy to see it still works like it.


    Bench x1
    Tree x 5
    Ivy x 5
    Plant x 5
    Light sorce x 1
    (Garden) Increase Automatic HP recovery by 1 point & healing items increase 15% more effective.

  • natespapa09

    I have a second story room, stair leading up to it from inside another room but it won’t recognize it as a room. I used castle foundation for the floor, sandstone walls. The room below it is recognized as a room, but the second floor area where I put beds keeps telling me that I can only sleep in a proper room. Any ideas? Are there certain things I have to use for the floor. There’s obviously a whole in the floor for the stairs to come through which is a three block space. Could this be causing my problem?

  • CanisRyu

    Treasury can be built in chapter 1 if you raid the banners from the ruined castle.

  • Hi guys and girls. I have a little problem. Can you tell me how i can build the “TABLE” for the welder workshop? Can i build it or do i have to find that specific table. I’m in Terra Incognita. I looked everywhere and I do not find with which workshop to manufacture it.
    Thank you.