Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Side Quest Guide

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Side Quest Guide
Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is full of side missions that you can pick up for extra rewards and cash. Some are simple kill quests while others have you searching for hidden items. Check out this Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Side Quest Guide to get them all done!

The majority of side quests unlock naturally as you progress through Dragon Quest Heroes 2 so just remember to keep checking the quest stall to pick up new quests. If any particular side quests require special conditions we’ll include the information to unlock them.

Bridging The Gap
This is one of the first quests you can get when quests become available. You might have already completed this one by the time you get it. You need to collect 2 Slimedrops and 5 Grubby Bandages, both of which can be found in the Desert. Kill the Slimes and the Mummy Boys to get them.
Smoldering Boulders
You have to go into The Grand Dunes and kill 20 Grinades, pretty simple quest. Zoom down to the Oaisis and you can find them all around there, return when you get 20 killed.

Patrolling The Pastures
This is your first timed quest. You need to go to the Greena Pastures and kill 15 Slime Knights and 15 Platypunks. You have 10 minutes to get all the kills, it is simple enough to find them though. Just go right outside Accordia and you can find plenty of Slime Knights and Platpunks around. When you kill most of them, walk back into Accodia and then walk back out so they respawn and finish up. If you zoom the enemies change up so make sure you walk.

Sticking It To The Man
This unlocks at the second round of quests, after you do the annoying main mission in Harba. You need to find an old mans walking stick. All he tells you is that it is near the Dragon Bones out in the desert. You can find them at this set of Dragon Bones, near the cave that leads to the south part of the desert.

Sticking It To The Man

Fire Extinguisher
This quest is pretty simple, you have to kill 10 Dancing Flames in the Grand Dunes but with ice attacks. If you don’t have any, you can use Prince Ceaser and his Glacial Strike on them for credit.

Well-Healed 1
This is a mission to upgrade your healing stone. You need to go to the Lumberlands and kill a King Slime, there is one near the entrance from Accordia. When you kill it, you will get the item and you can turn the quest in.

Training Exorcises
For this one you need to kill 10 Lost Souls with a Priest in your party. You can become a Priest as either of the main characters or wait until you get the party member that is a priest. You can find the Flames near the Forest Gate warp point, north east from Accordia.

Eggsercise Caution
This is unlocked after you unlock Maya as a character. You have to collect a egg from the Woods and bring it back without breaking it, YOu cannot sprint, jump, pull out your weapon or zoom to get it back. You can find the egg here on the map. Do not sprint until after you drop the egg off at the counter, if you sprint in town you can still fail.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Eggsercise Caution

Fireballs For Furballs
Super simple quest, get someone with a fire skill and go burn the cats in Greena Pastures.

Pedal To The Medal 1
Another easy one, go to the Grand Dunes and collect some monster medals. When you have some, use them to kill Mud Mannequins for the item to complete the quest.
Entertaining The Troops
For this one you have to go to The Battle Of Dunisia instance on the Grand Dunes map. This is the place where you had to protect the king and fight with the prince. when you are there you have to get 15 kills with a single Coup De Grace, the move that happens when your Tension bar ends. If you keep going forward from the start there is a hill with a large group of enemies at the top, that is the best place to do it. If your teammates are giving you trouble then go solo.
Hammer And Tongs 1
You have to go to the Oasis and to No Man’s Land in order to get both items for this quest. At the waters edge near the Oasis you can find the Water needed for the quest. Near where you break the red rocks to progress in No Man’s Land you can find the Etheral Stone you need.

Procure The Cure 1
You will need to get a Small Scale, which you might have gotten from a boss Hacksaurus before. If not you can find them on the path through Redrock Ravine, you’ll pass them during the story missions.

Plume For Improvement
Another collection quest that takes Flurry Feathers. You can find them on the Redrock Ravine Path as well, they drop from Hawk Men.
Heart Of Stone
You have to kill the Stone Golem in the Oasis in the Grand Dunes. At level 25 it wasn’t a problem. If you are having trouble, gather some monster medals in the desert to help you out.
Hammer And Tongs 2
The next Blacksmith quest opens up after the huge battle with the Beastmen. You will need Iron Ore, which can be found in the Lumberlands and Permasnow which is found in The Frosty Foothills. I found my Permasnow here.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Permasnow location

Breaking The Ice
You will have to kill a Ice Sculpture inside The Frost Foothills. You can find it here on the map. Be sure to bring healers because this thing hits hard.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Breaking The Ice

Work Your Magic
This quest has you killing 5 Hacksaurus when you have a Mage in your party. You will have to change yourself to a Mage if you aren’t one already. You will find the enemies in the Redrock Ravine, just follow the path.

Well Healed 2
You need to procure a Curative Crystal from a Moosifer. You can find them in No Man’s Land, the large red-devil type enemies. You can find them on the East side of the map, directly East from the Zoom crystal.

Wheres The Fire?
You need to find a Frozen Fire item and return it to Accordia within 10 minutes. This is very similar to the previous egg quest, once you find it you should avoid running, drawing your weapon, jumping or using zoom – otherwise you will fail the quest. You can find the Frozen Fire at the location marked in yellow below.

Wheres The Fire

Hammerhood Hustle
You must locate and kill 30 Hammerhoods in 5 minutes. You can find them in the Lumberlands. There’s not many large groups around but if you search the North West corner there’s plenty of 4-5 man groups that are enough to complete the quest.

Pedal To The Medal 2
You need to obtain a Monsterium Nugget to upgrade your Monster Medal bag. To get the item you have to kill Skeleton Soldiers using summoned monsters inside the Battle of the Great Divide (North) instance. To reach the instance you have to go to Redrock Ravine and then travel to the East side, the entrance to The Great Divide. From there you can access The Battle of the Great Divide (N).

Head inside, take down some of the bigger monsters for a Monster Medal and then kill a Skeleton Solider to get the item.

Feuding Friends
You need to obtain 4 Mirrorstone items. You can find these as drops from Killing Machine. You can find plenty of them in The Frosty Foothills. The Mount Neverest Base is the best place to go.

The Splats Pyjamas
You need to collect 4 Lambswool, they drop from Splatyfunks, which can be found on the Redrock Ravine map.

A Short, Sharp Shock
You need to kill 5 Killing Machine’s, with the final blow coming from Lightning based abilities. You can find plenty of them in The Frosty Foothills. The Mount Neverest Base is the best place to go.

No Spring Chicken
You need to head to Redrock Ravine to take down a special monster, Barbatos. You can find it in the dead center of the Redrock Ravine map.

No Spring Chicken

Fur Enough
You need to collect 10 Fine Fur. The quest says they drop from Silvapithecuses. They are the white monkey type enemies with wings. You can find them scattered throughout the Mount Neverest Base area.

Procure The Cure 2
You need to collect 10 Savvy Sapphire’s. You need to defeat Mandrake Majors to collect this item. They can be found on the Frosty Foothills map. It’s the large lizard type enemies with the sword and shield. It may appear that they do not drop the item, but it’s just a VERY low drop rate. I probably had to kill close to 80-100 to get the 10 stones.
The Stuff Of Legend
This is a solo quest for the main character. You need to complete The Wildwood trial from Gragwort. You have to head to the entrance of The Wildwood and when you enter you will get the option to participate in The Stuff of Legend quest. It’s a pretty simple quest, just clear out a large group of enemies.

Get Ready To Rumble
For this quest you need to defeat 10 Hoodlum’s. They can be found in The Battle of Accordia trial. To participate in trials you have to visit Gragworts Grotto at the top of Mount Neverest. You also need to make either of the main characters a Martial Artist.
An Honour Among Thieves
This is a special quest that unlocks the Thief’s Key. This is how you unlock locked chests in Dragon Quest Heroes 2 (check the link for more information on unlocking this side quest). You have to infiltrate the dungeon without being seen, find a code phrase, and then escape without being seen again. It took some time but we’ve got a video below showing you how to enter and exit the dungeon without being seen.

Knack Of All Trades Sage
To unlock this quest you need to get the Mage and the Priest to level 20 on your main character. Talk to the Vocation changing guy and he will add the quest to the Quest Lady. You have to go to The Battle Of The Wildwood as either a Mage or a Priest. When you are there fight in the large square to the east on the map. When that is decently cleared out use the teleporter in the area. Go back in to the teleporter and clear out the square again. Repeat that and you will get the 250 enemies quickly. For more information check out our guide on how to unlock the Gladiator and Sage classes.

Knack Of All Trades Gladiator
You need to get the Warrior and the Martial Artist class to 20 before this unlocks. Talk to the Vocation guy and he will give the quest to the Quest Lady. you need to be a Warrior or a Martial Artist to complete this quest. Go to The Battle Of The Great Divide(south) alone. In the south west corner of the map there is a large group of small enemies for you to clear out. When they are cleared out, go the center of the map and return to the south west corner. Repeat his until you get the 250 enemies and you will beat the quest. For more information check out our guide on how to unlock the Gladiator and Sage classes.

Post-Game Side Quests

Well Healed 3
You need to collect a Rejuvenating Jewel. These can be dropped by the Missing Lynxes enemies, most commonly found in the Blacka Pastures area. To reach Blacka Pastures you must Zoom to the Desert Plateau and use the teleporter there to go to the other world. I had to come in 2-3 times before one appeared, I may have missed it the first couple of runs but it’s not overly common. Check below for the location:

Missing Lynxes

Pedal To The Medal 3
To complete the Monster Medal Case you need to finish off this final quest. You most obtain a Monsterium Ingot from The Fetid Foothills. Use Monster Medals to kill a Hellion. To reach The Fetid Foothills you must Zoom to the Desert Plateau and use the teleporter there to go to the other world. Once you reach The Fetid Foothills take the South West route, you’ll run into a Hellion on the way to the South West corner of the map. Use a Monster Medal summon and take one out to get the item.

Sunderbolts And Lightning
You need to take down a Bullion and Axesaurus using Tag Trick moves. These are the abilities use to switch between characters while doing damage. It’s holding L1 and tapping L2 on the PlayStation 4 version. The enemies can be found in Blackrock Ravine. To reach Blackrock Ravine you must Zoom to the Desert Plateau and use the teleporter there to go to the other world. Take their HP down to low and then finish them off with the tag ability. The Axesaurus are everywhere, you can find the Bullion at the center of the map near the hot springs.
Way Of The Warrior
Once you complete the main story speak with the Martial Master, the guy that teaches you skills and uses the bond items, and he will give you a challenge. Speak with the quest lady to get this quest. You must defeat 30 different kinds of monster in 15 minutes. It sounds harder than it is. Simply zoom to 1-2 different locations in each zone, take out a few enemy types and move on to the next one.

Smart As A Whip
This quest is only available after you complete the trial quest, Sunderbolts And Lightning. Speak with the quest lady to start this quest. You need to defeat 15 or more monsters with a single Coup de Grace, the special move when you max out your way and press O. You have 20 minutes to complete it, you have to do it in the Battle of the Pinnacle (center) map. To reach the map head to Gragwort’s Grotto. I used Jessica but it’s not a requirement. You need to climb all the way to the top of the tower. Towards the end is a large enclosure, has 15-20 Zombies to kill.

Hammer & Tongs 3
Hammer & Tongs 3
To unlock this quest you have to first find the Blacksmith in the Damned Dunes. You have to travel to Desert Plateau and then use the teleporter to go to the other world to reach the Damned Dunes.

You need to get a Malicite and Faerie Fluff. You can get the Faerie Fluff on the Blacka Pastures map killing the genie type enemies – it’s a common drop. The Malicite drops from Wight Kings. The Malicite is a rare drop so it can take a few kills. Wight Kings spawn when you approach a skull on a stick. At the location marked below, check the center of the crater to find one. You may have to return to the Dead Man’s Land map a few times to get the item.

Hammer & Tongs 3 Item

If you kill one and it doesn’t drop, exit the map nearby and come back in to activate the stick again and try again. It is a REALLY rare drop, I was probably farming that one Wight King for about 90 minutes.

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