Dragon Quest XI Recipe Location Guide

Dragon Quest XI Recipe Location Guide
Recipes in Dragon Quest XI are used to craft new weapons and armor. You get some recipes by doing quests but others have to be found in the world. Check out this Dragon Quest XI recipe location guide to find them all.

Dragon Quest XI Recipe Location Guide

Scale Armor And Scale Shield Recipe
When you get the crafting pot, go into the Woodsman’s cabin and inside the chest in the cabin you will find this recipe.
Templar Uniforms Recipe

When you return to Cobblestone, after visiting the king, you can find this recipe in a chest inside the church in Cobblestone.

Feathercap Recipe
Inside the Kingsbarrow, where you learn about mounting enemies. You need to jump up to the platform while riding the Egg Robot, this is right before the boss room.

Gold Ring Recipe
When you are in Hotto, get the side quest “Put A Ring On It” and you will get this recipe. The old man there wants you to craft a ring for him.
Lamp Posts, Wizard Staves and Tricky Turbans Recipes
check the Bookshelf inside the Inn in Gallopolis for this recipe.

Fur Hood and Fur Ponchos Recipe
Complete the side quest “A Walk On The Wild Side” to get this recipe as a reward.

Iron Armor
On the way to Gondolia you can find this recipe in the chest here on the map.

Dragon Quest XI Iron Armor Recipe

Silver Rapier Recipe
The Silver Rapier Recipe can be found here on the Lagun Di Gondolia map. Climb up the ledges and at the end you will find a chest with the recipe inside.

Silver Rapier recipe

Gold Platter, Gold Chains And Gold Bracers
Found in the church in the city of Gondolia.

Strength, Agility and Prayer Ring Recipe
This recipe can be found as soon as you get the boat. It is here on this island, cross the water to the small land mass and open the chest.

Dragon Quest Xi Ring Recipe

Broader Swords, Battle Forks and Rosewhips
Complete the quest “A Lovely Letter” to get this recipe.

Swindler Scarf and Swindler Stoles
Complete the side quest “Shiver Me Timbers” to get this recipe.

Butterfly Knife And Malleable Mask
Inside one of the side rooms in the church in Octagonia.

Jolly Brollies, Coral Hairpins And Utility Belts
Found on a bookshelf in a Villa in Puerto Valor.

Bunny Ears, Bunny Suit And Fishnet Stockings
You can get this by spending 500 tokens at the reward center in the Casino of Puerto Valor.

Dapper Doublets And Natty Cravats
Complete the side quest “Skincare For The Fierce And Fabulous” for these recipes.

Cute Capes, Bonny Bands And Pretty Pinnies
Speak to the man with the red clothes and the white hair in Puerto Valor to get these recipes.

Cautery Sword Recipe
Found in the weapon shop in the town of Lonalulu.

Wyvern Wands And Dragon Whips Recipe
Inside the house near the Red Locked door there is a bookshelf with this recipe in it.

Bloodletters, Sword Breakers And Theifs Turbans Recipes
Behind the build in the ruins of Phnom Nonh inside a chest.

Silver Tiaras, Silver Cuirasses And Silver Mail Recipes
When you get the magic key after doing the story stuff in Phnom Nonh, open the red door in town to get these recipes.

Queens Whip Recipe
You get this recipe from the side quest “Making Things Right” and you have to make one to complete it.

Smart Suits, Posh Waistcoats and Bling Bling Belts Recipes
Found in the library at the L’Academie De Notre Maitre Des Medailles.

Stars Of Clarity, Necklaces Of Immunity and Full Moon Collars Recipes
Found in the library at the L’Academie De Notre Maitre Des Medailles.

Lightning Staff Recipe
Found her on the Eerie Eyrie map in a chest.

Lightning Staves

Winters Wings And Shiversticks Recipes
Found behind the cabin on the Snaerfelt Map.

Platinum Shields Recipe
Found on the Hekswood Map here.

Platinum Recipes

Platinum Weapons Recipe
Found in the Sniflheim Inn after you do the story stuff there and clear out all the ice. Check the rooms upstairs to find it.

Magic Shield And Magic Armor Recipe
Complete the side quest “A Cold Crush” to get these recipes.

Kings Gear Recipe
Found in the King’s chamber in Heliodor castle.

Lifesaver Recipes
Found in the chamber across from the King’s chamber in Heliodor castle.

More Dragon Designs Recipes
On the path up Mount Pang Lai, right after you cross the log, there is a chest up a small slope.

Fit For A King Recipes
Reward from turning in 30 Mini Medals.

Platinum Headgear And Platinum Mail Recipes
Check the bookshelf in Don Rodrigo’s bedroom when the story leads you there. Madame Labouche’s Life Lesson

Tiaras Tremenda And Glad Rags Recipes
Complete the side quest “Madame Labouche’s Life Lesson” for this recipe.

Twinkling Tuxedos And Shimmering Dresses Recipes
Complete the side quest “A Delayed Diploma” for this recipe.

Full Fathom Fork Recipe
Complete the side quest “Marking A Momentous Occasion” for this recipe.

Mythril Helm And Suit Of Dancers Mail Recipes
Complete the side quest “The Search For The Sage’s Stone” for this recipe.

Sage Staff, Scholar Caps And Thinking Recipes
Complete the side quest “A Ballad Of Bravery” for this recipe.

Metal Slime Sword, Greatsword And Goomerangs Recipes
Complete the side quest “A Long-Lost Literary Love” for this recipe.

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