Dragon Quest XI Side Quest Guide

Dragon Quest XI Side Quest Guide
Dragon Quest XI is full of side quests to find and complete. The early ones start off easy but as you progress they start to get difficult. Check out this Dragon Quest XI side quest guide to find and complete them all as you progress through the game.

Dragon Quest XI Side Quest Guide

Cobblestone Quests

The People’s Friend – The first quest you get right before you leave Cobblestone, you can see him on the mini map as a purple dot. The man is looking for the flurry feather that his son lost on top of your shed. Head back up to your house and jump up the boxes and hay to get to the shed roof. Grab the feather and the chest and return to complete the quest.


Amelia’s In A Pickle – Near the Inn in Helidor there is a girl crying that you can get a quest from. It seems her cat is stuck on a roof and she wants you to help get her down. Take the stairs in the Inn up and go out the door to the upper level. You can see and hear the cat on the roof near the Inn. Go into the building that has the cat on the roof and there is a ladder that leads up to the roof. Free the cat and return to the girl to complete the quest.

The Solider And The Strategist – A Tale Of Two Heroes – A man near the armor shop is looking for two books in the city. The book is found on the east side of the city, in a house near the Downtown entrance. It is on a bookshelf and it is a red book.

The Solider And The Strategist - A tale Of Two Heroes

Heliodorian Foothills

It Takes Two To Tango – This one is outside of the church where you wake up in the Heliodorian Foothills. The warrior wants you to perform the Real Decoy pep power with Erik. To do this, both Erik and your character need to be in Pep mode, when they glow blue. If they get hit enough they will get into Pep mode and you can use this move if they are both in it. I didn’t have much trouble getting it done by fighting random enemies but a boss that AOEs is the easiest way to do it.

Hotto Village

Put A Ring On It – You can find a man behind the bar in Hotto who needs a gold ring crafted. Next to him is some gold ore and he will give you the recipe for the gold ring also. He wants the ring to be +1 and you can’t put it on. When I appraised the ring before taking it off it said “It should turn out pretty well.” You have to be at a campsite to use the forge.

Smiths And Sparkly Spots – This one is found in Hotto Village and the man wants you to bring him some Iron Ore. On the way to the Cryptic Crypt you will find large blue crystals that you can interact with. Pick up the shinies they drop for some Iron Ore. There is also some Iron ore in the crypt, return when you beat the crypt to beat the quest.

Some Like It Hotto – This opens up after you complete the Tree Of Life main story part. This woman wants some Fiery Brimstone to heat up the baths. This one is actually pretty simple. Head back up to Mount Huji, inside the Volcano and fight the floating lamps with green fire inside them. I only had to defeat one group to get the drop.


A Cactus Cutlet To Die For – At the bar in Gallopolis there is a man who needs help finding a Golden Globule. To get the Globule you will need to defeat a Golden Globe. You will have to fight Cactiballs in the desert to find a Golden Globe, they spawn together. The cactiball enemy can be found around the campsite near the Laguna Di Gondolia checkpoint, they look like cacti during the day. At night they dance around and that’s when I found a Golden Globe, I had zero luck during the day.

A Walk On The Wild Side – Another man in Gallopolis wants you to use the Pep skill Wild Side to defeat a Spitzfire. In order to pull this off you need the main character, Erik and Serena to be pepped up at the same time. You can find the Spitzfire in the Celestial Sands to the north of the Gallopolis city. They are the large sleeping creatures that almost look like Dragons. The trick is to get everyone in pep mode. Thankfully the Spitzfires hit hard and attack multiple times, use them to get into pep mode.

A Lovely Letter – On your way to the Gondolia check point you will see a guard with a quest. Talk to him and he wants you to drop a letter off to his sister in Gondolia. you are going there anyways so why not grab the quest. You have to go to the building above the Item shop in Gondolia and talk to the woman there. She will tell you that Akio works as a mage in Doge’s house. You can find her outside Doge’s house near the locked gate, I did this after I got the ship so you might have to wait until then. You have to return to the guard to complete the quest.

A Little Bit Of Lantern – This quest opens up after the incident at the Tree Of Life. Talk to the astronomer and he will ask for a Shard of the Lantern that fell down in the Celestial Sands. Ride all the way up to the Pernicious Peninsula and you will see the gold shine on the floor. Pick up the item and return to Gallopolis to complete the quest.

Puerto Valor
You can get here when you gain access to the boat.

Anything For Love – There is a man name the Armor and Weapon shop who wants a piece of Floral Coral from a defeated Coralossues, you fought one in a cave earlier. You can find them down near the beach. After you kill one it will drop the coral and you will be good to go.

Shiver Me Timbers – You can find this at the Inn in Puerto Valor. He wants some Proper Pepper but currently pirates have it. The pirates are on the island to the south east of Puerto Valor, you will need to use your boat to get there. The pirates are a shirtless dude and three knight enemies on the island standing together. Be careful. the leader one shotted my mage.

A Rush Of Blood – This quest opens up after you do the fights in the Arena for the story. A guy on the beach is looking for you to bring him a bunny girl outfit so he can ask Jade to put it on. To get this outfit you need to craft it. The recipe is a reward from the Casino and it cost 500 tokens, which cost 10,000 Coins. If you are good at slots you can win the tokens but I just bought them.

When Knight Falls – This opens up after you get past the Tree Of Life main story part. The old man at the entrance wants your help restoring a knight’s pride. This is another Pep quest but this time you need three swordsmen. You can do this with You, Hendrick and Sylvadno, the Pep is called Arise.


A Even Lovelier Letter – In Gondolia, after you complete the Lovely Letter Quest, you can get a side quest from the woman you gave the first letter to. She wants you to drop a letter off at Puerto Valor to a man named Valentino. Valentino is found in the little bar at the beach during night time, sitting alone at a table. He will give you another letter to bring back to Akia.

The Search For The Sage’s Stone – This is after the Tree of Life event in the main story. A man in Gondolia wants you to help him find a legendary Sage’s Stone. The item you are looking for is in Nautica. You need to speak with the queen and get turned into a fish again to find it here on the map.

The Search For The Sage's Stone Dragon Quest XI

A Rose Arose Where No Rose Grows – A woman in Gondolia wants you to find her a flower near Galloplis. Warp to Galloplis and go south into the sand area on the map there. There is a golden glow on the floor and that is what you are looking for.

These open after you do the main story tournament here.

The Shadow – Speak to the boy outside the orphanage and he will tell you about an MMA fighter named The Shadow. He wants an autograph from this Shadow and needs your help to get it. Head towards the Upper Octagonia stairs but don’t take them. Instead, turn around and go to the area with the ledge you can jump up. Follow the path around to find a man who is the Shadow, talk to him to get the autograph.

Skincare For The Fierce And The Fabulous – The quest giver near the arena wants you to collect some Mellow Vera for him near the Ruins of Dundrasil. Head down near the campsite that is by the Ruins of Dundrasil and go here on the map.

Dragon Quest XI Mellow Vera location

Cut the plant down near there and you will get the quest item.

Warriors Rest Inn

A Path To Paradise – The priest at the Inn wants you to defeat some undead near the Inn. You have to use the Care Prayer during the fight in order to complete the quest. You will need Serena in the party and both her and you will need to be pepped up to pull this off. I had to come back to get this one done but if you are desperate just guard and heal until they are both pepped up. When you are ready, warp to the inn and wait there until night time. Head to the ruins marked on the map and face one of the undead knights. User the prayer before killing it and you will be good to go.

A Ballad Of Bravery – This quest opens up after the event at the Tree Of Life during the main story. The minstrel at the Inn is looking for his missing music sheet and needs your help. This one is pretty easy to find. Head to the Dundrasil Region and on the south west part of the map there is a save point. That save point is a cabin with a chest inside and inside that chest if the quest item.


Up Where They Walk – After speaking with the queen mermaid you can find this quest in Nautica. This mermaid wants you to find the human singer she used to hear up above on the waters surface. Head to Gondolia and up by the light house in the top left corner there is an old man. Talk to him and agree to learn his song and then return do Nautica and sing it for the mermaid.

Marking A Momentous Occasion – This opens up after the Tree Of Life incident during the main story. A turtle in the museum wants you to bring him something from the surface. The item he is talking about is a canon. You can get one in Lonalulu by speaking with the canon lady at the canon house.

Justice Is Brined – A mermaid on the sunken ship has this quest, talk to the queen to get your fish form. She wants you to bring her the book of Undersea Legal Precedents for help in her case. The Island far to the west is where you want to go for this quest. Inside the cabin on that island there is a chest with the notes you need.

Justice Is Brined Dragon Quest XI


My Secret Saint – A man on the beach near the docks will want you do help him find his missing property. There is only one island to the north of Lonalulu and it is pretty far up there.

Dragon Quest XI My Secret Saint Guide

You can find the item on the beach, it is a gold shiner on the floor.

Soothing Seaweed – This quest opens up after the Tree of Life main story event. The kid at the beach is looking for some help with the mermaid nearby. Go to this island on the map and talk to the guy fishing off the dock for the item you need.

Soothing Seaweed Dragon Quest XI

My Kingdom For Some Kanaloamari – A sailor in Lonalulu wants some help getting some Kanaloamari. This one requires a Pep power between a Flame Slash and Hot Lick, which is a one handed sword move and a Sylvando move. Tentaculars are the giant squids you can find around the small island on the far east of the map. Stay in the boat and float around there until you find one with the Pep power.

The Measure Of A Man – Another Pep power one. He wants you to use the Pep Buff-Buff which takes the Unbridled Blade and another move. I am still looking for the move.

Phnom Nonh

Light It Up – The old man in Phnom Nonh wants you to take down a Brollygager and get some Rainbroof Rayon from it. The trick is you need it to be raining for these enemies to appear. There is a cow that will tell you the upcoming weather outside of Phnom Nonh near the river right outside Phnom Nonh so that helps. Combine the cow with the nearby camp and rest until some rain comes. Kill the enemy that looks like an umbrella and you will get the item you need.

Worth Its Salt – This quest opens up after your first trip to the Tree Of Life. The man wants you to bring him some Rainbow Rock Salt which can be found Grotta Della Fonte near the city of Gondolia. It is a gold shine on the floor here on the map.

Worth its salt Dragon Quest XI

L Acadmemie De Notre Maitre Dres Medailles

Making Things Right – When you get to the Academy you will find a girl by a tree who has this quest. She needs you to make her a +1 Queen’s Whip after she gives you the recipe. It can be better than +1 but it has to be at least +1 and no one can use it. The Green stones can be bought at the store in the Academy and the Mirror stone can be found here on the map.

Dragon Quest XI Mirror Stone Location

A Memorable Mystery – Inside of the actual academy, a woman in the Inn has a quest for you. A student left a mysterious message behind in her diary and the quest giver wants you to check it out. You have to find the memory box that the student left behind when it is dusk. When it is dusk go outside to the tree with the swings and the shadow points down to the garden below. There is a gold shiny on the floor, pick it up and return to complete the quest.

The Agony And The Ecstasy – If you head upstairs in the Academy you will find a slug girl who has a quest for you. She wants your help with the school news letter. Before going downstairs, go back towards the stairs and find the creature with the hammer on the second floor. Speak to her and she will tell you the newsletter flew out the window. It is in Eerie Eyrie behind the sign here on the map.

Newsletter Location Dragon Quest XI

Madame Labouche’s Life Lesson – This opens up after you go to the Tree Of Life for the main story. Right near the entrance there is a slug that has this quest. She wants you to become a gentlemen refined enough to walk to halls of the Academy. She wants you to raise your charm to about 350. I had to progress pretty far into the story before I could reach that number. I went with the Sword Of Light(You get it from the story), Platinum Platter, Drasilian Helm, Madri Grab, Bling Bling Belt and a Gold Chain. There is a stat you can get in your skill tree that will add 50 to your charm as well, if you need a boost.

A Delayed Diploma – A woman inside the Academy wants you to drop off a diploma to a girl who left awhile ago. The only clue she has is the postcard that shows Sniflheim. Head to the upstairs of the weapon/armor shop in Sniflheim and talk to the girl up there. Hand the diploma to the girl and she will give you a story and you can complete the quest.

A Fragrant File – The Zombie girl wants some perfume from her home, the Cryptic Crypt in the Hotto Region. When you get in the Crypt, head back past the save point and into where the boss was room. In that room there is a zombie near some lab equipment, speak to it and you will get the perfume.

A Right Riddle – In the library of the Academy there is a slime that has a riddle for you to solve. The first answer is a Steel Broadsword. The second riddle answer is a Fizzle Foil, which can be bought in Gallopolis.

One Last Request – You have to enter the Academy at night time to find this quest. The ghost in the class room wants you to help her with her last wish. You need to go to this area on the Zwaardsrust Map during the day to find the gravestone.

One Last Request Dragon Quest XI


A Cold Crush – A man in Sniflheim needs your help collecting a flower that is surrounded by fierce monsters. Head over to the Snaerfelt and go to here on the map. There is a golden shine on the floor that you need to pick up for the quest.

Dragon Quest XI A Cold Crush Location

The Viking Hoard – A Merchant in Sniflheim wants you to look for a viking who was meant to drop off a shipment to Sniflheim. Go over to the Viking Hideout and talk to the skinny man with the long hair in the hideout. He will tell you that his brother is on the island north of the Tree of Life. Go to that island and north east beach there is a guy fishing. Talk to him and he will give you the item to bring back to the merchant.

A Dish Served Cold – This is after you do the Tree Of Life for the first time in the story. This quest is actually found on the Snaerfelt map in the cabin there. He wants you to kill a G0 which can be found around the lake in the Snaerfelt area. Fight the blur robots and eventually a red one will pop up with them. Kill it and return to complete the quest.

Arborian Highlands

Planting Seeds For The Future – A young girl in the Grove of Repose wants you to beat a Wight Bulb and bring back the seeds it drops so she can plant them. The bulbs are found near the alter that leads up to the World Tree in the First Forest, near the camp. You have to fight the blue bulbs until a gold one pops up with the blue ones. It took me about 10 and it happened during the day, not sure if that makes a difference or not.

Fit As A Fiddle – The man in the town part of Arboria wants help making something called Super Soup. The Red Kale is found in the northern part of the First Forest on the map. It is a gold shine on the floor.

Dragon Quest XI Red Kale

A Long-Lost Literary Love – This one opens up after you return from the Tree Of Life main story part. The minstrel in town wants help finding the next part of the love letter he found. He thinks the second part of the letter is owned by a woman in Gallopolis. If you look at the map of Gallopolis, the north west building is where you want to go. Head upstairs and talk to the guy there and he will tell you that a man who lives in the Manglegrove has the book. Go to the cabin in the Mangegrove and look at the bookshelf for the letter.


Understanding Angri-La – On the second floor of Angri-La there is a monk who has a quest for you. You have to use the pep power Blaze Of Glory on an enemy known as the Boreal Serpents on the path of Mount Pang Lai during the day. Blaze of Glory is usable when both you and Hendrick are pepped up. These are the blue snake looking Dragons that you ran into on the way up to Angri-La. Defeat one while Blaze of Glory is active and return to complete the quest.

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