Duke Nukem Forever: How To Kill Octaking

Duke Nukem Forever: How To Kill Octaking
We covered it briefly in another guide but it appears that many gamers are still struggling with the Octaking boss fight in Duke Nukem Forever, this boss guide will tell you the easiest on how to kill the Octaking boss.

First Encounter

For the first encounter, make sure you’re close to the turret once you kill all the monsters so you can reach it before the Octaking boss comes out of the wall. Once he spawns, get on the turret and continue to fire until your Ego gets low.  As you reach low Ego just get off the turret and strafe, dodging his attacks, until full again then repeat until it retreats.

Second Encounter

For the second encounter, you need to make sure you’re always maxed on explosives. If you don’t have full at anytime and see a quick opportunity to dash and fill up, do so. The Octaking himself is pretty easy here but the additional mobs can cause problems. The best option here is to use the small room as cover, strafe out and throw a pipe bomb. The aim assist of the pipe bomb makes it a pretty easy task, once you kill the additional mobs, move back on to the main Octaking boss and repeat until done.

Hope this clears it up for those of you struggling.

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