Dying Light Guide: Blueprint Location Guide

Dying Light Guide: Blueprint Location Guide
Find all of the Dying Light blueprints across all locations with this Dying Light Guide: Blueprint locations. Crafting will be one of the keys to victory in Dying Light. In order to get the best equipment you will need to find the blueprints scattered throughout the city of Harran. This guide will help you find them as you go along!

Dying Light Blueprint Location Guide

You get some basic blueprints from the first skill in the survivor tree. If a blueprint takes a side quest to beat we also have those on the site.

Medkit – You get this from one of the first missions in the game when you need to heal a survivor. You will be using this throughout the whole game to keep yourself alive. It takes 1 Alcohol and 1 Gauze.

Lockpick – This is from the skill “Survival Starter Kit”. You will need one Metal Piece to create a lockpick.

Firecrackers – This is also from the “Survival Starter Kit” You need 1 piece of Plastic and 1 set of Household Supplies to create these.

Moltovs – Another one from the “Survival Starter Kit”. This one takes 1 bottle of Alcohol and 1 String.

Throwing Stars – Last Blueprint you get form the “Survival Starter Kit”. You will need 1 Blade and 1 String to create these.

230V – You get this during the “First Assignment” mission when you clear out the safe house. Look on the table near the bed for this blueprint. You can make Knives do electric damage with this one with the right materials.

Water Current – During the mission “First Assignment” you will have to restore the power after a giant zombie attacks you. To deal with the zombie use Firecrackers on the propane tank near him and he will blow himself up on it. After you do that restore the power and in the office next to where you restore the power you can find this on the desk. This will add Electric damage to any of your pipes if you have the materials.

Pocket Lighter – You can get this one during the side quest “Goodnight Mr. Bahir” which can be found in the Tower. After you clear out the bandits go into the drug store and look to the right of the refrigerator to find this blueprint.

Flares – After hitting survival level 3 I automatically got this blueprint.

Industrial Grade Leech – I bought this off a vendor at the Tower for 800$, it was his item of the day. This upgrade will make your weapons cause enemies to bleed.

Boosters – If you get the Booster skill in the survivor tree you will unlock four blueprints that help with combat. They all take some kind of herbs to create. You get Speed Booster, Night Vision Booster, Resistance Booster and Stamina Booster.

Electricutter – During the quest “Voltage” you will go to three substations to activate power for a part of the city. In one of those there will be a green box you can open and inside is where you find this blueprint.

Welder – During the mission “Pact With Rais” you will talk to a man named Jaffar. After you do that go to his garage and use your survivor sense to find the blue print on a table.

Fastball Special – This was another Item of the Day at the vendor in the Tower for 800$. You will be alerted in the corner when they get new stock so check back from time to time.

Exorcist – I got this from an escort quest I did on the map. Basically the guy thought he was going to turn into a werewolf and I had to help him find supplies for his potion. After I did that and we got to the tower he gave me this blueprint.

All-Purpose Toxic Striker – Another Item of the Day blueprint for 800$.

Tru-Action Electric Baseball – Found during the quest “On The Hook” while you are in the warehouse looking for the hooks. Use your survivor sense to find it on a shelf.

Zaid’s Flares – Complete the quest “Firebug” to get this blueprint.

Sophia's Healing Recipe

Sophia’s Healing Recipe – Complete the “Dulse” quest to get this blueprint.

Natural Medkit – You can find this in the fishing village in one of the buildings. Use your survivor sense to help you locate it.

Zombie Classic – Beating the quest “The Prodigal Son” will get you this blueprint from Alexi.

Surprise MFs!!! – You can find this at the top of the bridge. You need to go up past the safe house to the the very top and you can find it there.

Kurt’s Bombs – You get this from the quest “The Big Bang Thesis”. Once you complete it talk to Kurt to get the blueprint.

Electrician – Beating the request board quest “Electronic Parts” will get you this reward.

Dahlia’s Shroom Potion – Completing the side quest “The Witch Queen” will get you this blueprint.

Grill’em And Kill’em – Complete the quest “Lighter Gas” from the Tower board to get this blueprint.

Cloud9 – You find this in the University in the Old town. Go to where Spike is and in the room next to him it is on the counter.

Angel Sword Blueprint – You get this for doing all of Rupert’s quests. Once you finish up the quest “Troll” talk to him in his workshop to get it.

Conducting Liquid – Item store on the tall building safehouse with four zip lines on it. (Thanks Rafe Mofohoho)

Stinky Edge – On a blue motel northwest of the top building safehouse mentioned above. (Thanks Rafe Mofohoho)

Heavy Wielder – Chest at the back of a shack in the cove at the top most of map, the Slums map. (Thanks Rafe Mofohoho)

Puke n’ Nuke – Chest on the northwestern most cliff of the map (just north of the seaside safe zone). (Thanks Rafe Mofohoho)

Dying Light Expcalibur Blueprint Location

Expcalibur – Slums map, southern coastline, there is a rock off the coast. Has a sword in a corpse, pull the sword out, the corpse will set on fire, and when the fire dies down, the blueprint will drop. (Thanks Zauyrio)

Korek Machete – Slums map, northern, same house there is a quarantine zone in, parkour up to the top, there will be a blue toolbox within a bunch of crates, kick it several times to open, and pick up this 500 damage weapon! (Thanks Zauyrio)

Airstrike (grenade/flare) – Antenna map(After Old Town), search the coast underwater for a helicopter wreckage. In the pool of poison fuel, there is a crate, open it, inside you can find the blueprint. (Thanks Zauyrio)

Statis Field projector – Old town, Rupert the gunsmith side quest, when you get into the “magical fortress” there is a pink teddybear on the top floor. Keep making it say “i love you” until it gets pissed off and explodes, leaving this blueprint. (Thanks Zauyrio)

Right hand of gloVA – Old town, search the tower at the very north for an object called “unknown” (its frustrating to find, as it is invisible) and the beach south of the museum (castle, southern part of the map) for another unknown. Take this to the safehouse by the striped dragon hotel quarantine zone, and put the two unknowns into the eyesockets of the skull in the safehouse. This spawns the blueprint known as the Right hand of gloVA. (Thanks Zauyrio)

I am updating this as I go so check back soon for updates! If you know one I missed be sure to leave a comment so I can add it.

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