Dying Light Guide: The Pit Guide

Dying Light Guide: The Pit Guide
Rais finally takes the fight to the Tower by capturing Zere in The Pit mission. You will have to get into his base and find Zere before it’s to late. This guide will help you get through the missions with no issues at all.

Dying Light The Pit Guide

After all is said and done head over to the Rais compound. The front door will be locked of course so you will need to find another way in. Go around to the right side of the building and use the crashed van to get to climb point. Climb up to until you get onto a platform and then look right for some scaffolding to climb on. Take the scaffolding around and keep following the path until you hit a gap. Be sure to stay low so the guards below you don’t spot you and start shooting. Once you hit the gap look up and jump up the next platform.

Follow that around and jump up to the next platform. Turn around once up there for another jump spot. Keep going until you hit yet another jump point. Finally after that last jump point there is a ladder for you to take. There are a couple of guards on the roof you might want to take out. Make your way to the other side of the roof and you will have your way inside.

Once inside he through the double wooden doors and hit the elevator switch. You will have to pry it open and jump down the elevator cables. Once you reach the bottom you will be in an area with enemies. Kill anyone who gets in your way and use your survivor sense every now and then to find extra loot. If you run into a group of three just use a Molotov to deal with the whole group. Work your way down stairs to find out Zere isn’t in this area. Before you enter the lower levels be sure to search the extra room for guns and ammo.

On the lower level the enemies will have rifles so bring out a gun and take cover. Pick them off with head shots and then move down the ramp. As you progress more enemies will spawn to take cover again and repeat. You will fight a total of three waves with a bonus enemy at the door or Dr. Zere. After the cut scene you will end up in the Pitt.

Once you gain control in the Pitt grab any weapons on the floor and head to the top of one of the containers. Up there you can find some fire crackers and a propane tank. Use the fire crackers to lure the zombies in and the propane tanks to blow them up. You will need to search a few containers for throwing knives as well. There are only two propane tanks story to group as many together as you can before using them. Any that survivor you will have to deal with the old fashion way.

After that you will face off with your first Demolisher. The idea here is to get him to run into something so he is stunned and then strike him a few times. Use your dodge towards the last second of his charge because he can change his direction quickly. After a few hits some runners will come after you as well so kill them while the Demolisher isn’t facing you. He is glitchy as can be and sometimes when you think he hits something he doesn’t so just stay clear until you know for sure. Lure the runners up to the containers and finish them with power hits. It might take you a couple tries but this part is doable.

After the cut scene just start running. The path is pretty obvious just keep jumping and running. If you are lost just keep following the orange dots on your mini map. Once you make it outside go to a safe area to get your items back. You infection will prevent you from running so use firecrackers to distract the zombies while you make your way back to the Tower. Eventually you will pass out and wake up with Brecken.

After that you will get your next story mission.

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