Dying Light Guide: Request Board Side Quest Guide

Dying Light Guide: Request Board Side Quest Guide

The request board is another spot you will be getting side quests in Dying Light. Most of these have you fetching an item or clearing out an area of zombies. This guide will help you find the quests and complete them while you are exploring. Let’s get started.

Dying Light Request Board Side Quests Guide

You will need to click the piece of paper on the board to start the quest.

Spare Glasses – You find this one at the Tower board. Once you get the quest talk to Khaliq near the board to get the info you need. Head to the way point and go around back. There you can climb up the windows to the second door so you can get in. Once inside go to the bottom floor and you can find the vegetable book on the floor near the bookshelf. The glasses can be found in a pouch next to a dresser on the second floor.

Incense Herbs – Another Tower request you can do. The Lavender is near the fishing village in the Slums. You will need to check all the mini islands and do a bunch of climbing to get it all in one run. Use your survivor sense to help you locate them while you are up there. Once you have them bring them back to Toygar in the Tower for your reward.

Dulse – You get this quest from the board in the fishing village. Go to the river on the map that has all the Dusle plants and there you can swim around and find them. I found all five in this area using my survivor sense. Return to the fishing village to turn the quest in.

Binoculars – This quest is also from the board in the fishing village. Near the fishing village there is a tower that doubles as a safe zone. Climb that tower a bit and you can find some Binoculars up there. Return to Santiago in the village and you can turn the quest in and get your reward.

Midnight Bride – This is another fishing village board quest. Go to the safe zone closest to the objective marker and make it night there. No matter what you will be running through the night lurkers so be sure to have your UV light ready. If possible use a night vision booster to help you avoid the lurkers. I was able to make it there with no problems and collect the herbs without any seeing me. The plants do glow but use your survivor sense to help you find them anyways. Once you have 5 go make it day again and return to the fishing village.

Poisonous Herbs – You also get this one at the fishing village. You can find the most Wolfsbane south of the Tower. It is a purple plant and use the survivor sense to help you find them. I had to sleep a night before I could collect them all. Once you have 10 return to Musa in the fishing village for your reward.

Crayons For The Kids – This is at the Tower board after you return from the school. The Crayons are back at the school so head back there. Once inside use your survivor sense to help you find the Crayons. Bring them back to Kate to beat the quest.

Electronic Parts – Another Tower board quest that you get after the school. You will need to bring 2 electronics to Toygar in the Tower. I had enough to turn this in right away but you can go out and find these easy.

Coffee – You get this from the Tower after you blow up the nest. This one is a grind because you need to find 20 coffee packages. Just do it while you are doing story missions and be sure not to sell your valuables or else you will lose your coffee. You can find coffee in crates and in refrigerators in the city.

Dying Light Coffee Guide

Bandages And Meds – Another Tower request. Toygar needs a few medical supplies you can find in the city. You can find Syringes and Painkillers in any of the medical storage containers throughout the city.

Lighter Gas – Also from the board in the Tower. You will need to find lighter gas in the city. I found lighter gas inside garages, in the cupboards and shelves.

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