Dying Light The Following Blueprint Location Guide

Dying Light The Following Blueprint Location Guide
Looking to create the most powerful weapons in Dying Light The Following? This Dying Light The Following Blueprint Location Guide lists the location of all the blueprints we’ve discovered, their uses and how to get them. Below you will find the name of each of the Blueprints in Dying Light The Following along with a screenshot of its location. Note, the exact location is the same location as the primary player, the green arrow.

Roast Blast Blueprint
Roast Blast Blueprint Location
The Roast Blast Blueprint can be found inside the barn during the Kaan and Able quest at the start of The Following.
Heavy Venom Blueprint
Heavy Venom Blueprint Location
You need to defeat the Freak Holler in order to unlock the Heavy Venom Blueprint. For more information on Freaks in Dying Light, check out our Dying Light Freak Locations & How To Kill Guide
Arrow Blueprint
Arrow Blueprint Location
You can purchase the Arrow Blueprint at the store at the farm, the first quest hub in The Following.
Phlebotomizer Blueprint
Phlebotomizer Blueprint Location
Inside the barn with Jasir. You need to restore water to the farm before you’re able to access this Blueprint.
Discharger Blueprint
Discharged Blueprint
Inside Bilal’s Garage in a drawer. In the same room as the young child sleeping.
Stiff Stick Blueprint
Stiff Stick Blueprint
This can be found in the Granary to the North West corner. Inside the East side building on a table.
Nailer Blueprint
Nailer Blueprint Location
This can be found in the North West area of the map inside a barn. It’s on the second story, you need to use your grappling hook to get up there. Behind the Worlds Best Dad in a drawer.
Electro Tool Blueprint
Electro Blueprint
Inside the safehouse at the dam. You must clear the mission first.
Countryside Bane Blueprint
Countryside Bane
Complete Bilal missions to receive this as a reward
Iceberg Bane Blueprint
Iceberg Blueprint Location
During the Going Postal quest check the top floor. It’s inside a filing cabinet.
Hot Swing Blueprint
Hot Swing Blueprint
Defeat the Freak at the location on the map. You need to kill Beelzebufo
North Pole Blueprint
North Pole Blueprint
During the Crash Boom Bang quest and locate Mr Volkans bag.
Dripping Edge Blueprint
Dripping Edge Blueprint
Inside Adam’s House on the top floor in the office.
Portable Charger Blueprint
Portable Charger Blueprint
Defeat the Freak Thor on the bridge marked in the screenshot.
Toxinator Blueprint
Toxinator Blueprint Location
Clear out the Volatile Hive at the marked location

Military Keycard & Military Chests Loot

The following Blueprints are only available if you have the Military Keycard. You get the Military Keycard through progression in the main story campaign. Once you’ve met The Mother you’ll be given the Military Keycard by Jasir. You can then use it to unlock Military Chests.

Experimental Military Traction Part Blueprint
Experimental Military Traction Part
Inside the back of one of the trucks inside a Military Chest.
Experimental Military Suspension Part Blueprint
Experimental Military Suspension Part Blueprint
Inside one of the train carts in the safe zone.
Experimental Military Engine Part Blueprint
Experimental Military Engine Part Blueprint
Inside a Military Chest on the small island.

Hacking Device Chests

Some chests in the game cannot be opened with force or even with the Military Key Cards. If you need to know how you unlock the mysterious chests you need to complete the quest chain for the two brothers. When you begin the quest to help them build a rocket train, and they eventually go through the tunnel, search a nearby tables for the hacking device.

We’re updating this as we go so it will be updated regularly until we get through the DLC.