Dynasty Warriors 9 Forming Reinforcements Guide

Dynasty Warriors 9 Forming Reinforcements Guide
During the Wei campaign of Dynasty Warriors 9 you will run into a side objective called Forming Reinforcements. You have to pick the right units for each category from the selection handed to you. Check out this guide to find out how to complete the Forming Reinforcements side mission in Dynasty Warriors 9.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Forming Reinforcements Guide

Some of their stats can be a little misleading but it can be fun to try on your own at first.

Captain – Leads A Fleet Of Ships

Cai Mao – He has the second highest leadership skill but also has good political influence, making him the right choice for the Captain job.

Adjutant – Administer Affairs and supervises subordinates

Yuan Han – Easy choice here, highest political influence of the group and that is the guy you want running your affairs.

Surveyor – Determines the current location and creates voyage plans

Wang Can – Another easy choice, high intelligence so your maps will be correct and you won’t get lost.

Lookout – Keeps a watch for enemies

Wen Pin – Highest leadership but most importantly the strongest military. This means spotting enemies will be easiest for his group since they are used to it. His high leadership makes him easy bait for the Captain job, but he won’t fit there.

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