Dynasty Warriors 9 Tending The Wounded Soldiers Guide

Another mission you will encounter during the Wei Campaign of Dynasty Warriors 9 is called Tending The Wounded Soldiers. You need to find some Reedmace in order to help some downed fighters but it isn’t on the map. Check out this Dynasty Warriors 9 Tending The Soldiers Guide to find out where to find Reedmace.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Tending The Wounded Soldiers Guide

To get the mission you must first talk to Cai Wenji in Jianling, sometimes she takes a few seconds to load in. When you talk to her she will ask for Cattails and tell you they can be found around here. She says she needs five to help out the wounded. When you actually get the mission it says you need 10 Reedtails to complete the mission so I’m guessing there is a translation error here. Anyways, head out the gate to the east and head here on the map.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Reedmace Location

Here you will find more than enough to complete either five or 10 so just grab it all. Return to Cai Wenji with all of the Reedmace and you will complete the mission and lower the difficulty of a couple of other missions.

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