The Evil Within Guide: Chapter 5 Room Puzzle Guide

The Evil Within Guide: Chapter 5 Room Puzzle Guide

During Chapter 5 of The Evil Within you will get locked in a room that has no obvious exit. Once you figure out where to go you will need to beat the puzzle in order to progress. Use this guide to get through all the rooms without dying!

The Evil Within Chapter 5 Puzzle Guide

Once you get locked in the room look through all the holes on the wall to make doors appear. Each door will have different symbol you need to push in order to beat the room.

The room with the ghost boy drawing on the wall has two flowers to choose from. If you look on the wall you can see the fully blooming flower near a face. Hit that full flower switch on the left to avoid death.

In the room with all the symbols on the wall you can see a gear on the center wall. The picture on the wall has 3 cogs instead of 4. When you hit the switch be sure to hit the symbol with only 3 cogs.

In the doctor room you can see a brain diagram on the wall. On the lower right corner of that diagram you can see the switch symbol with a tail coming off. When you pick a switch near the body make sure it is the on with the tail.

After that follow the blood trail to the wall and you will get a minor cut scene. Once you can move again take that door and you are free… figuratively speaking.

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