The Evil Within Guide: Chapter 6 Altar Puzzle Guide

The Evil Within Guide: Chapter 6 Altar Puzzle Guide

During Chapter 6 in The Evil Within you will end up in a room full of altars a levers. You need to hit the levers in a certain order to open the door so you can get out of the area. This guide will help you find out the order and get your out in one pieces!

The Evil Within Chapter 6 Altar Puzzle Guide

Once you get into the altar room the exit will get sealed off by spikes. On the right wall you can see four numbers covered in blood. Basically those are the altar numbers and if there is a cross through them you need that altar down and if there isn’t a cross through the number that altar needs to be down. My wall had had 3, 5, 9 down and 7 up. You can see number on the altar if you get close enough.

So what you need to do is go to each alter and hit the switch. One of the altars doesn’t have a switch so that one is going to be stuck where it is at. Make sure to take the body of the altar that needs to be up. The game tries to trick you by removing the spikes after you move one altar, DO NOT fall for it. Make sure the pattern matches the pattern on the wall and then go through. If you make it you know you did it right, if not try again.

After that you can take the elevator out of the area and beat the chapter.