Fairy Tail Whose Stuff Is This Quest Guide

Fairy Tail Whose Stuff Is This Quest Guide
Stuck searching for the package’s owner in this Fairy Tale request? This Fairy Tail Whose Stuff Is This Quest Guide will tell you exactly where you must find the guard wearing the white and yellow costume, as it doesn’t match the costumes of guards in either Magnolia or Crocus.

The “Whose Stuff Is This?” Request is a D Rank request available once you’ve reached the Inn at Crocus. The game provides two objective points, one in Crocus, and one in Magnolia (this may differ if you take the Request sooner than I did). The one in Crocus leads you to the Inn, where you can speak with a friend that gives you a physical description of the person you are looking for. The other objective for search for the package’s owner, takes you back to Magnolia, but that’s all the information it provides.

Fairy Tail Whose Stuff Is This Quest Guide

Where Is The Package's Owner In Fairy Tail
So if you’re looking for where is the package’s owner, this is where you must go. Fast travel to Magnolia and then head to the Western most entrance. You’ll find a normal guard standing here but at the entrance to the alleyway, there will be another guard character. This guard is wearing the white and yellow uniform described as the quests objective. Once you have traveled to Magnolia and found the guard, the rest of the quest is simple.

Approach the guard and speak with him, he is called Resident A when you get close. He expresses his thanks for the parcel as Lucy hands it over. Once the conversation is over there’s little reason to hand around, so accept the games invitation to return to the Guild and hand in the quest.

Once you have completed this Request another Whose Stuff Is This? -2 request opens up for Lucy to complete, except this time she has some help. The second one is simple objectives, so you shouldn’t have any problems completing part 2.

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