Fallout 4 Guide – Where To Find Shipments Of Aluminum For Your Settlement

Fallout 4 Where To Find Infinite Amounts Of Aluminum For Your Settlement
Aluminum in Fallout 4 is used to upgrade and repair all forms of Power Armor at your base. You quickly blow through it after a couple of upgrade and a few repairs. This guide will let you know Where To Find Shipments Amounts Of Aluminum For Your Settlement In Fallout 4!

As stated above, you will use Aluminum in any and all things related to Power Armor. The higher level of your Power Armor, the more materials you will use.

  • Alarm Clock
  • Aluminum Can(Duh)
  • Surgical Tray
  • TV Dinner Tray
  • Toy Rocket Ship
  • Distress Pulse

As you can see up above, the list isn’t very big and Aluminum turns out to be one of the more rare components in the game. Thankfully you can buy shipments of Aluminum.

Where Can I Buy Aluminum In Fallout 4? How To Get Shipments Of Aluminum

Shops & Stores In Fallout 4 That Sell Aluminum
Diamond City Marketplace – Shipment Of Aluminum

In the Diamond City Marketplace you can buy a Shipment of Aluminum from Arturo the weapon’s dealer. It comes at a high price but you get 50 pieces so it is a good investment if you upgrade your Power Armor alot.

At this point, all I use is my Power Armor so I figured I’d write one of these up since I was having trouble finding Aluminum.

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    • Tyler

      Hey dude if you go to Se7enSins .com, go on fallout 4 glitches and look up “new xp glitch”, the fist step of that shows you how to glitch infinite material shipments.

  • Jamerax

    Go to the Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant north of Gwinnet Brewery and North West of The Castle. They have trays everywhere there. I got quite a bit there.

    • Theory89

      Thanks man, this was great – got about 30 alumin(i)um there and two fusion cores as well. Pretty sweet.

      • Jamerax

        I recommend getting the perk that allows you to scrap more materials from weapons and armour. Scrounger perk maybe? can’t remember. anyway I get like 5 aluminum each just from scraping useless junk weapons lol

        • Theory89

          Lol yeah I got that, I just get through an insane amount of alu. I just buy it now, given that my money doesn’t seem to be good for much else.

          Pro tip – the laser gatling gun is awesome later in the game, it runs off fusion cores (1 core to 500 rounds). Given that you always have an abundance of them it’s pretty cool.

          • Jamerax

            I use my cores for Power Armour! >:D I also super up the Infinite potential laser rifle with sniper attachment and full out rifle perk = destruction.

  • Barnaby Cable

    There is a way people. It requires cheating, but that’s why you are here, right? Read ALL steps before trying this.
    Step 1) Get your dog (Dogmeat)
    Step 2) Get something with loads of aluminium in it and drop it on the ground somewhere.
    Step 3) Tell Dogmeat to move away and stay there
    Step 4) Tell him to pick up the aluminium item you dropped earlier.
    Step 5) When he goes over to it, he will stop. Now go and pick it up. You have a short window between when he bends down to pick it up to grab the item.
    Step 6) If done correctly, you should have the item in your inventory and your dog should be moving to you without the item. Now wait for Dogmeat to move closer to you and let him drop the item. Now you have duplicated the item.
    This does not work for every item in the game, the most useful of which it doesn’t work with is a Radaway, but it works with some things like Stimpacks, aluminium cans and hot plates. Those are only a few of the many things that can be duplicated. You’re welcome! : )

    • Vera Knief

      Just because someone tries to find an article about which vendors sell aluminum shipments, and the best places to find aluminum, doesn’t mean they’re looking for cheats. Be logical.

  • kodger

    You can get infinite fusion cores in this same manner allmost every vendor sells fusion cores

  • ayatollahofrocknrolla

    I was running out of steel and aluminuminum upgrading my main guns and power armor, and had a buttload of regular unimpressive guns of all sorts that I had collected in my journeys stored in my various Workshops. I loaded them up and “scraped” them in my Weapons Workbench for a nice load of alum and steel. And don’t forget to take out your Fusion Core like car keys when you exit your power armor to get a Big Gulp or Slurpee!

  • XtraLlamaJack

    Grammar Nazis…

  • XtraLlamaJack

    Grammar Nazis…

  • To be honest here, Aluminium is really not that hard to find in the game, One perfect example is: go to the Mahkra fish packing plant that’s just up from that Salem witch place that (SPOILER!) has the Mother deathclaw.. Mahkra has got a shit ton of TV dinner trays that you can just load up on your companion and yourself.. There are a load of Synth’s in there and some ferals but apart from that, it’s a Great place to get lots of Aluminium.. Plus over time the place is restocked so you can go back there at a later date and just recollect them :3 ..

    • Vera Knief

      It isn’t that it’s hard to find, it’s that you blow through a ton of it making simple things. One fusion reactor is 25, add in upgrades for weapons and power armor, and building massive settlements, and it becomes a problem very quickly.

  • Tony Creasey

    Like the rest have said, @CaptainCamper:disqus is a F’n Tool and a click bait artist.

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  • Arturo in Diamond City sells shipments