Fallout 4 Legendary Creature Location Guide

Fallout 4 Legendary Creature Location Guide
In Fallout 4 you will run into Legendary Creatures that will drop you rare weapons. These are normally in the form of stronger normal enemy, like a Ghoul or Radroach. This Fallout 4 Legendary Creature Location Guide will help you find them all so you can hunt them down!

Fallout 4 Legendary Creature Mutations, Beware!

Before you go hunting for Legendary Creatures in Fallout 4, make sure you’re prepared. A seemingly random mechanic will sometimes cause a legendary enemy to mutate, this is possible for any legendary enemy you encounter. When a Legendary Creature mutates you will see a message pop up on your screen informing you of the change. This can have several different effects including the Legendary enemy regaining all of its lost health, launching a damaging attack or sometimes exploding and instantly killing anything nearby. Make sure you go prepared.

Fallout 4 Legendary Creature Location Guide

Legendary Radroach
Fallout 4 Legendary radroach
You can find the Legendary Radroach inside the USAF Satellite Station Oliva. You can find him all the way in the back. you will have to fight through some raiders and a mini gun raider to come prepared! At the back you will find a locked door that you will need to pick. Pick the lock and shoot inside, there is gas so don’t enter until after you clear it! When you clear it out, kill all the baby radroachs and go to the back left. This will spawn the Legendary and you can take him down. I used my Double Barrel Shotgun and VATS to take him out, I was level 6.
Legendary Radroach 2
Fallout 4 Legendary Radroach 2

You can find a second Legendary Radroach to the west of Sunshine Co Op here on the map. There is a small camp that has a couple of skeletons in it and this will spawn the Radroaches. You can use a Moltov to deal with the smaller ones quickly and then focus on the Legendary one. The Roach isn’t that tough overall, we took him down at level 5.

Legendary Ragstag
Fallout 4 Legendary Creature Guide - Legendary Rabid Ragstag Location The Legendary Rabid Ragstag can be found in the South West corner of the map, exactly where shown on the image. It walks around a small shack in a swampy area with two normal Ragstag’s. There’s plenty of open ground here so a well placed mine can take it out pretty easily.
Legendary Feral Mongrel
Fallout 4 Legendary Creature Guide - Legendary Feral MongrelFar in the very South West corner of the map. South East of the Scrap Palace down by the shore there’s a broken vehicle, the Legendary Feral Mongrel can be found nearby with 2 normal enemies. Even if it mutates, it’s pretty easy to take down.
Legendary Festering Bloatfly
Fallout 4 Legendary Creature Location Guide - Legendary Festering BlowflyThe far Western side of the map, South West of Forest Grove Marsh, a few minutes travel from where the alien ship spawns in for the Alien Blaster Pistol.
Legendary Feral Ghoul Stalker
Fallout 4 Legendary Creature Location Guide - Legendary Feral Ghoul StalkerThe Legendary Feral Ghoul Stalker can be found in the very South West corner of the map. This is a high radiation area so be sure to use either Power Armor or pick up a Hazmat Suit. There’s a large grouping of Ghoul here but they are as weak as normal Ghoul, 1-2 shots takes them out.
Legendary Radscorpian
Fallout 4 Legendary Creature Location Guide - Legendary RadscorpianI hate these things…..The Legendary Radscorpian is another Legendary Creature that can be found in the very South West corner of the map. It’s a short distance East from The Crater of Adam. As with previous enemies out here, make sure you’re wearing radiation protection. Be careful on approach, there are at least 3 normal Radscorpians in the immediate area.
Legendary Raider 1
Fallout 4 Legendary Raider 1
I found a legendary Raider inside the Federal Ration Stockpile which can be accessed from the Lonely Chapel. Go into the Chapel and you can find a hatch on the floor you can enter. Down here there are around1 15 raiders and a boss named one. The legendary raider is down here hiding out with the normal raiders. I actually lured him into a couple of mines and then finished him with my sword.

Legendary Radscorpion Hunter
Fallout 4 Legendary Creature Location Guide - Legendary Radscorpion HunterThe Legendary Radscorpion Hunter can be found in the South Western area of the map. It’s a very short distance North of the Federal Supply Cache 84NE
Legendary Mirelurk Razorclaw
Fallout 4 Legendary Creature Location Guide - Legendary Mirelurk Razorclaw
The Legendary Mirelurk Razorclaw can be found in the South West portion of the map. It’s near the small group of houses on the shoreline.
Legendary Infected Bloodbug
Fallout 4 Legendary Creature Location Guide - Legendary Infected BloodbugIn a clearing in the city, head to the location on the map and look for the broken road that leads down to a small body of water.
Big Mack
Fallout 4 Legendary Creature Location Guide - Big MackThis guy is a Legendary Super Mutant and comes complete with a horde of allies and powerful Minigun. I was level 25 on approach, was a very difficult fight but possible. Bring the big guns.
Legendary Vicious Mongrel
Fallout 4 Legendary Creature Location Guide - Legendary Vicious MongrelThe Legendary Vicious Mongrel isn’t all that much stronger than the average mongrel. Few shots should do it. I found it attacking a farmer as soon as I fast traveled to the College Square location.
Legendary Raiders 2
Fallout 4 Legendary Raider 3 You can find some more Legendary Raiders inside this building and on the outside around the town. There are a few other Raiders with them so prepare for a fight.
Legendary Ghoul 2
Fallout 4 Legendary Ghoul Location A Legendary Ghoul can be found in the bottom of this building. You will have to use the Terminal to open the door on the bottom floor. When the door is open, go through the gate with all the barrels and in the back you can find the Ghoul. Don’t fight it there, you will die from Rad poison.

Legendary Black Bloatfly
Fallout 4 Legendary Bloatfly location This one is actually pretty easy to kill with VATS. The hard part is getting into the building with all the Mirelurk Warriors on the outside. I used mines to get through them and into the building.

Legendary Molerat Queen
Fallout 4 Legendary Mole Rat Queen Location Very dangerous area here, I was using my Power Armor. You can find a Legendary Mole Rat Queen roaming in this area. She isn’t that strong but without Power Armor the Rads will really do a number on you. You will also have to watch out for Radscorpions, Ghouls and Deathclaws in the area.

Legendary Gunners
Fallout 4 Legendary Gunner Location 1 There are a few Legendary Gunners in Vault 95. I found 3 and a bunch of other enemies and Mechs. This is another area I would recommend using your Power Armor on. There is also a Bobblehead for heavy weapons on the bottom floor here.

Legendary Super Mutant Brute
Fallout 4 Legendary Creature Locations Guide - Legendary  Super Mutant BruteA distance North East of Diamond City. The Legendary Super Mutant Brute can be found atop a broken skyrise building just off the main road.

Legendary Triggerman
Fallout 4 Legendary Creatures Location Guide - Legendary Triggerman
This tough guy can be found inside Vault 114 while you’re doing the quest to save Nick Valentine.

How To Kill Legendary Creatures In Fallout 4

This may seem like an easy solution but we’ve had a lot of people ask. Assuming you have at least a decent weapon and basic protection gear, taking out the majority of Legendary enemies in Fallout 4 is pretty simple. Make sure you have some Jet and Psycho on you and any food you can find to buff defenses. Let the Legendary creature get close enough to guarantee accuracy with your weapon, pop the Jet and Psycho and go to work. With a decent gun this wipes out 90% of the enemies you’ll encounter in the game.

We are updating this as we go so check back soon for updates!

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Fallout 4 Legendary Creature Location Guide

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  • Aaron Santiago

    Ran into a legendary mirelurk at the quarry place where you help out and patch the pipes. The crazy thing was that the legendary mirelurk mutated part way through our battle and gained all his health back! I have never seen this happen before and can’t find anything else about it online. The game prompted me with a message that said legendary mirelurk has mutated. Unfortunately it killed me and I didn’t run into it again when I went back. But the whole thing seemed very similar to Borderlands 2 and the goliath enemy.

    • Hey Aaron. Thanks for the info! I’ll check the area ASAP and see if I can find it. I’ve updated the guide to include information on mutating, I’d come across it a few times but totally forgot to include it. Thanks for the reminder! I’ve also added some very basic tips that may help you the next time you encounter one. Hope it helps 🙂

      • oisrmjiosrjopsrors

        There’s 2 Legendary Feral Ghoul Stalkers at Med-tek. The first one to encounter there drops a enraged combat knife ( something like that, I killed the second one with it btw ) and the other one drops a powerful 10mm pistol totally modified ( legendary of course ).

    • Alex Roy Leger

      Yea, the legendary mutate, I ran into a Legendary glowing one ghoul, it was, a super hard battle. Mutated 3 times on me, they replenish health, and grow stronger when they do, you can tell they mutated by the yellow glow around them. So far only my legendary encounters have done so. Also regardless of game difficulty, but your chances are higher on harder difficulties, since more legendarys spawn around the wasteland. Total Fallout 4 game play time, a little over 60 hours

    • slap

      happens every time

  • Jamerson

    There are 2 legendary super mutant skirmishers in the hospital next to the sinkhole. Also in Lynwood there is a legendary Alpha Deathclaw , which I’m currently sniping at from a vantage point

    • Adamant

      Good luck with the Claw, keeps glitching and running away on me. Faced one of the mutants and he cried like a bitch as Dogmeat ripped his ankles and he wouldn’t fight him. Seriously, it was hilarious the way this deadly mob was trying to run away from the mean doggy and was literally sobbing.

    • slap

      there are many many more, because legendary spawn rate is based on your game difficulty, so they spawn randomly depending on that

  • Johnathon

    There’s a legendary yao guai just north of Listening Post Bravo.

  • HUN_Sector

    I’ve found a legendary ghoul at the basement of the meat factory (dont know at the moment it’s name – it’s at the east side of the map, you get a hint from a trapper, who feels sick from the meat). The factory itself containing a special shotgun too, so it’s a good place to stop. Anyway, the ghouls are strong, especially the glowing ones, so gear up.

    A legendary raider (with +25% poison resistant armplate) can be found at the crashed plane site, east from the starting vault.
    Furthermore, another legendary raider was at Vault 75 (basement of the Malden middle school)

  • Chillybean

    Decided to do the first Radroach as it was at the top of the list, and once I reached it I realized I had killed it before, neither the first or second time was it legendary.

  • Adamant

    MURKWATER CONSTRUCTION SITE in the south. Can’t miss her she’s 23′ tall and spits highly corrosive acid over 30′. Long range nuke or missiles or she’ll melt your face off! She will also spawn or cause to hatch spawnlings easily ignored and swept upon kill.. There is a suit of power armor nearby at a crash (look for the tire fire) and you just need to drop a Mr. Gutsy to claim it. Make generous use of trees. Swing by if you got the ballistics on your way to see Big Mack. Location is half way between him and Somerville Place due west in a direct line. Also seen a giant super mutant due NW, probably behemoth but not verified to date.

    LEGENDARY BANDIT (2 types)
    DUNWICH BORERS – found guarding the quarry. One in control west booth (wearing cloth and very perceptive), one patrolling (wearing cage armor)

    HUGO’s HOLE – randomly spawned after hitting lights in area past the raider boss. Reload did not have appearance. Need to enter via Dunwich Borers and pass the bandits. Advise to go all the way down for what lies below.

    Here are a few of the ones I remember encountering but location/type and not verified
    Legendary Glowing one – found in a trailer park with a pool, inside camper with 3 others, easy enough to trap and bag and tag if you can prepare. Fast with up to 10radsPS and will rip you apart fast

    Legendary crustacean (forget name but it was lobster like not a murk though) near Concord I believe and I sicced it on a deathclaw.

    Legendary Deathclaw – Sinkhole where crustacean came from, hiding inside a collapsed building. Will glitch, run away and reset if mob cannot find path to reach player so slow kill sniping may not be viable.

  • Silverking Ns

    I’m pretty sure that Legendary enemies spawn randomly. Also, how often they spawn depends on which level of difficulty you’re playing. The higher the difficulty, the more legendary enemies you’ll find. Don’t expect to see many if you’re playing on easy.

    I find legendaries all over the map. Sometimes more than one in the same place. I’m sure there are areas where some have a better chance to appear, but I don’t think it’s guaranteed. I’ve revisited places where I killed a legendary, but only found common enemies when I got there.

    Their difficulty seems to be random too. I’ve killed some of the more difficult legendary enemies with ease, but one of the hardest legendary battles I had, was with a flippin mosquito. I swear, I hit that bloodsucker with my most powerful weapons and it barely took any damage. It took me about 10 minutes of shooting and healing before it finally died. Maybe it was a bug (lol), or maybe the devs intended for mosquitoes to be harder to kill than enemies like “The Swan”, or legendary Deathclaws.

    Anyway, if you’re having trouble finding legendary enemies, just change the difficulty setting to hard. You can always change it back to an easier setting once you find a legendary……… and good luck with the drops. I’ve killed so many legendaries that I lost count, and the only drops I ever get are melee weapons. I don’t have a melee character!!!!!!! Thanks a lot Obama!

    • Ryan Ryugamine

      ya.. because i found mirklurk razerclaw real close to where ragstag is supposed to be

  • Kirby

    I think the Legendary enemies are kinda random, because I saw a LEgendary super Mutant Skirmisher on that place where the diamond city guard and the super mutant have a gun fight

  • Red

    I just fought a Legendary ghoul roamer in the Super Duper Mart in Lexington, after I cleared out most of the store I went to the back where 3 ghouls came in from the front (probably the windows, like I saw with normal ghouls) easy fight 2 shotgun shots, on survival mode with a sneak crit killed it before I got even hit.

  • AeonQuasar

    Legendary creatures spawns all over, and increases with higher game settings. Dough I must say that a group of legendary radscorpions is the hardest enemies in the game by far. Especially as they mostly spawn in the glowing sea, where ground is common and platforms are rare (no sniping or running away) they are highly aggressive, bulky and you often use the haz suit there, an anit radiation armor that have basically 0 armor at all.

    At least deathclaws can be sniped down.

  • Doubletap Master

    Hey just fyi
    I went to a location where i was told by this post that i could fing a festering bloatfly.
    instead i found not one, not two, but THREE deathclaws AND a supermutant behemoth!
    it was not horrible but was a suprise.
    10/10 would fight that “bloatfly” angain

  • James Ratcliffe III

    Any spawn, at all, even respawns, can be Legendary. The chance is greater the higher the difficulty you are playing on. For example turning the game onto survival the hardest difficulty, and it will be common to have a legendary in pretty much every battle. In which case you might as well just list EVERY location that an enemy spawn in the game.. Which is pretty much everywhere, aside from the obvious friendly settlements. So this guide is misleading and obsolete. Everyone just needs to be informed that Lgendary spawn are RNG, meaning randomly generated off chance system. I am level 43 playing on hard and run into a legendary almost every fight. Turning it onto survival I was fighting sometimes 3-5 legendary enemies a fight, sometimes none, and those were just random encounters wandering the wastes between settlements. While I appreciate the time spent on this portion of the guide, and i really like some of the other parts of the guide page especially locations of vendors for shipments, the legendary part needs to be re-done correctly. Double checking with coders working on mods has also shown that yes, the written code of the game allows for every single mob to be legendary. Just to be clear that yes this is verified and accurate.

  • Soul Storm

    The lagendary Radscorpion can may also be found near the Bedford Station. From there follow the Highway to south east and you will see a kind of shed where you can also find the puppy Jangles the Moon Monkey. Here for me appears the legendary Radscorpion which drops me the hunter railgun.

  • Jeff417r

    I actually came across 6 Deathclaws and a Behomoth. BOS were there but frankly kept getting in the way. I have it saved on upload but have no idea how to email of share it unfortunately.

  • Brian Gateley

    Ok legendary enemies do not spawn randomly all the time. If you know where one is say like in the national gaurd armory after you kill the legendary ghoul inside leave after collecting what he drops you can come back after a few in game days go by and he will be there again. Same goes for anyplace you know one is. At harder difficult levels they spawn more often randomly only than. So if you play on easy the ones that spawn randomly most of the time wont. I did have the ones that I know are there like the armoury where there but didnt come back as often. Im playing on very hard and the randoms are there alot but they tend to come back after sleeping for a few days to a week. Once they do more than one time they are not really random anymore because you know they are there. Another thing to note is like in the national gaurd armoury the first ghoul inside the door was always dead head shot off even after i slept for a few days but right in the next room the one layi g up stairs and on the floor by the door on the right where there one behind the desk also and the 2 or 3 inside the room to the right I dont kill them just the first 2 or 3 untill the legendary charges kill him grab shit and leave