Fallout 4 Side Quest Guide

Fallout 4 Side Quest Guide
Fallout 4 is full of side quests for you to do for extra gear, money and experience. Some of the quests you will find easily but a lot are hidden throughout the Commonwealth. Check out this Fallout 4 Side Quest Guide to help you find them all!

Fallout 4 Side Quest Guide

We are doing this as we go so check back often for updates!

This is one of the first quests you get and the first settlement you can build up. You will get this at the town you used to live in. Talk to Sturges and he will give you some tasks to do, this is after you get your power armor. First thing you will want to do is to break down everything around Sanctuary. This will give you resources for the first few parts of the quest.

His first task is to make beds and place them INSIDE houses. All you have to do is enter a house, and place the beds. You can do it in multiple houses or the same house, doesn’t matter. Return to Sturges once you do this.

Next is water. Go outside and build two wells to increase the water for the settlement. You should have enough materials from breaking things down around town to do this. Return to Sturges again.

Now he will want some food for the settlement. The best spot to get this will be down at Abernathy Farm. There are Melon and Tato plants you can loot without getting in trouble and there’s enough to beat the objective. Here is the farm on the map. Place the food and then talk to Sturges again.

Fallout 4 Abernathy Farm

Lastly it will be time to build up some defenses. You may have to do some farming to get what you need for this. You will need to build a turret or two, ideally two, and these take Gears and Circuitry. Desk fans are one of the few things that give gears, you can normally find them on desks. The circuitry can come from hot plates or from turrets you destroy. I found hot plates in Concord during my run through there and was able to find a couple of fans when I went back. I placed my turrets on the top of the bridge. When you place the turrets, return to Sturges and you will get some bonus experience.

Returning The Favor
You can get this at the Abernathy Farm here.

Fallout 4 Abernathy Farm

Talk to Blake until he starts talking about raiders and he will as you to help him out. Accept the offer and then you can get the map marker on your map. Set your way point and head there. This is a pretty rough fight because one of the enemies has a mini gun. Be sure to bring some Molotovs or explosives and plenty of healing items. Clear out all the raiders and you can find the Locket in the toolbox in the back. Return to the farm for your reward.

Pull The Plug
You can get this at the Thicket area here.

Fallout 4 Pull The Plug

Talk to Sully here and he will ask you to fix the pipes so he can drain the water. If you have high enough Charisma you can figure out what he really wants, but I didn’t. Jump into the water and follow the bubbles down. These aren’t very deep at all so if you get to the bottom you went way to far. I’d say between 10-15 feet down. Return to Sully when you do that and be prepared to face off with two Mirelurkers. Use VATS to shoot them in the face, their weak spot, and make sure Sully doesn’t die!

Talk to Sully again for a reward and you can return later and the water will be drained.

The First Step
You get this in Sanctuary from Preston after he and the others arrive there. You will have to go help out another settlement. Go to the location and talk to the Settlers there.

This mission is really rough if you are below level 5. I highly recommend bringing your power armor to even the odds. Even if you don’t bring the armor, bring plenty of ammo, meds and explosives. You will have to clear out a factory of about 35 raiders and leader named Jared. If you don’t think you can handle it yet, just wait a few levels. Once you kill them all and kill Jared you can return to unlock this Settlement. The key you get off Jared is used right underneath where he is, on the ground level.

Return to Preston after for your reward.

Order Up
You can find this quest here on the map.

Fallout 4 Order Up

There is a dispute between a Jet dealer and a dinner owner. You will have to help out by either making the dinner owner pay, or by gunning one of them down. I had high enough Charisma to have the dinner owner pay and beat the quest without any bloodshed.

If you don’t have enough Charisma you can kill one side to beat the quest. Trudy has weapons and ammo and Wolfgang has meds and drugs.

Human Error
You can find this quest here on the map.

Fallout 4 Human Error Guide

You will need to do a little test in order to get into Covenant, you can’t fail it so don’t worry. When you get inside, talk to Honest Dan He will ask you to help him investigate a missing caravan for a reward. This will involve you staling a key from a citizen of Covenant so you can get into the Barracks. Wait until night and steal the key from a sleeping person.

When you have the key, enter the Barracks and you can find the terminal password on a table. This is used in the house with the locked terminal. You might have to wait until after noon for someone to open the door for you. Check the terminal and you will get the location of Amelia. Talk to Dan and go over to the check point. Inside you will have to deal with some security forces so be ready. At the end you can either leave Amelia inside and fight with Dan, or let her out and have the whole town turn on you. If you let her own the town will become yours after you clear it out. You will lose access to the shop and the doctor here if you free Amelia.

Taking Point: Starlight Drive In
You get this from Preston in Sanctuary if you haven’t taken the area yet. Just go there and clear out the Mole rats. After that, set up a beacon and report back to complete the quest.
Fire Support
How To Join The Brotherhood Of Steel In Fallout 4
You can get this quest near the this Police Station on the map. Listen to the distress signal and then help the Brotherhood clear out the Ghouls in front of the Station. Talk to them afterwords to collect your reward.
Call To Arms
How To Join The Brotherhood Of Steel In Fallout 4
After you help them clear out the ghouls, you can talk to the Paladin again and get another quest. This quest will allow you to join the Brotherhood if you complete it.

Talk to Danse and follow him into the Arcjet factory. Clear out any enemies that come your way and use the terminal to restore the power on the bottom floor. Use the engine to clear out the Synths attacking Danse and then take the elevator up to get the quest item. When you have the item, leave with Danse and collect your reward.

Cleansing The Commonwealth
How To Join The Brotherhood Of Steel In Fallout 4

Once you are in the Brotherhood you can get more quests from the Police station. Talk to Rhys to get this quest. All you have to do it go clear out college square. Kill all the ghouls on the streets and then go into the subway and do the same. Return to Rhys for your reward. This quest can be done multiple times but you are sent to a different area each time.

How To Join The Brotherhood Of Steel In Fallout 4

You can get this from Haylen at the station. You just have to go retrieve an item from the Hillock Reservoir. Mark this as your active quest and you can be lead right to the item. Return for your reward. This quest can be done multiple times but you are send to different spots each time.

Raider Troubles at Greentop Nursery
Another minuteman quest you will get from Preston. Go to the area marked on the map and talk to the Settlers there. They will ask you to help them clear out some raiders at the Dunwich Borers. This is a pretty high level quest, 15+, so only do it if you can. I brought my power armor to even the odds.
The Slog: Greenskins
You can get this quest at the Slog, the settlement with all the Ghouls. They will ask you to clear out another settlement of all the Super Mutants. There are about 5 Super Mutant and Dogs in the area and they are decently high leveled. I’d recommend 10+ to try this quest.
Kidnapping At Oberland Station
Another quest that you get from Preston. He will point out a settlement for you to go help. Go there and talk to the Settler and tell her you will help. You can pay 300 caps for the ransom or go free the sister yourself. I went and freed her myself. You will have to fight about 20 raiders so if you beat the Greentop Nursery mission you should be fine here.
Curtain Call
You will get this quest as you go to Trinity Tower. You will have to get to the top and save Rex. This will require you fighting a few super mutants and a leader super mutant. I used my Power Armor to make short work of the place. After you save him, take the elevator down and he will reward you.
Unlikely Valentine
I don’t think you can miss this one because you need Valentine’s help looking for Shaun. You will have to save Nick Valentine from the vault in the Park Street Station. You have to fight some wanna be gangsters and their automatic weapons but this place isn’t that bad. There is a bobblehead here on the Overseers desk. At the end you can convince Slim that his girl is behind it all or just kill them all.
Taking Independence
This is from Preston after you help enough farms in the Commonwealth. He wants your help in retaking the old Castle that used to be the Minutemen’s base. Agree and hop into your Power Armor and go that direction. Getting to The Castle is a bit of a hassle, you have to fight a alot of different types of enemies on your way there.

Once you get there, talk to Preston and start the assault. You will have to kill all the Mirelurks in the area and then the Mirelurk Queen. After you do that, build two 5 power generators to get the radio tower working and you will beat the quest.

Old Guns
I got this from Preston when I randomly returning to Sanctuary. You need to head back up to The Castle and talk to Ronnie there. Tell her you will help and follow her around. Use the build tool to break down the rubble and then head down into the bunker. There are mines around so watch out for those, also a assault robot at the end.

After you clear those out, grab the blueprint from the armory room and go back out. You will need build the Artillery and then assign someone to it. Finally, test it at the test spot and you will beat the quest.

Ghoul Problem At Nordhagen Beach
Another Preston quest and a farm protect quest. Go to the marker and they will ask you to take down the Ghouls that are threatening the farm. Go to the marker and clear the area out. Return to the farm and then to Preston to beat the quest.
Feeding The Troops
This is a quest that has you going to all the farms in the Commonwealth and getting help from them. You cannot do this quest until the Prydwen appears on the map. Talk to Protector Teagan on the ship and he will ask you to get food from the farms. You have three choices, persuade, pay or take by force. I had high enough charisma to just take it all for free. I find it weird that MY farms need someone else’s permissions to take the food.
Road To Freedom
This quest was a little bit tricky so we made a separate page for it. Click here to check out The Road To Freedom Guide
Dangerous Minds
This is a story related quest so I wouldn’t normally add but I had a hard time at the end. In order to leave the memory you will have to click on the TV in the room, the marker was underneath he house for me for some reason.
The Big Dig
You can get this mission from Bobbi in the town of Goodneighbor. She is down the alley between the two warehouses. She wants you to go under her building and help with the digging. You don’t actually dig but you will have to fight some Mirelurks.

The next step is to get Mel out of jail. I had enough Charisma to get him out for free but you may have to pay the fee or steal the key to get him out. When Mel is out, return to the Dig site and begin the journey. This is a long quest so come prepares with ammo, meds and buffs. You will be fighting Mirelurks and Ghouls down in the tunnels. Use the robot to break down weak walls and keep going.

At the end you have a choice, kill Fahrenheit or betray Bobbi. I took out Farenheit and looted the train. To be honest there wasn’t much in the train but I got paid still.

When you return to Goodneighbor, Hancock will know you did it. Agree to help him take care of Bobbi and he will give you her location. You can convince her to leave or kill her yourself. When you return to Hancock, tell him you want to work something out and he will join you as a partner.

Last Voyage Of The U.S.S. Constitution
You can find this at the big ship around this area. Fallout 4 uss constitution
You may see the ship icon on that map, don’t got there that’s not it.

Enter the ship and go all the way to the top to talk to the captain. He will ask for your help with repairing the ship. Raiders will attack when you get done talking to him, kill them to repel the attack and the go down and talk to Bosun. He will want you to repair the wires on the ship. You can either use your Int stat (3 or higher) or use the cables in ship to do it. Next he will want you to repair the Power Relay Coil. You can do this with an Int level of 5 or higher.

After you help Bosun you will have to help the Navigator. He needs you to get the Guidance chip from the Raiders down below. When you go down the Raiders will ask for your help to take the ship. I dislike robots but I hate raiders so I sided with the robots. Spoiler alert – If you help the robots you get a freaking cannon so you should do that. Grab the chip from the back and return to the ship.

Next you have to repair the Radar transmitter. You can do this with and Int lvl of 9 or go to the factory and get the part. I had enough Int so I did it there. Lastly you will have to retrieve the Turbopump Bearing from a factory. Hop in your Power Armor and go to the factory. You can find the part in the same spot you killed the Raider Jared earlier for a mission here.

When you return, defend the ship again and then go activate the power. You can now watch the ship sail of to its destination. You can visit it again but I haven’t been back so I’m not sure if you get another quest or not.

The Gilded Grasshopper
You get this from the Valentine Detective Agency. You will have to get to the roof of the Faneuil Hall to find the Gold Grasshopper. There are a bunch of Super Mutants in the building you will have to fight so be ready for that. Once oyu kill them, go to the roof and grab the Grasshopper.

After that read the Food for a Grasshopper and you will get your next objective. Head to the next marker and check out the grave there. You will dig it up and get a new sword and some other loot. Return to the office to turn in the quest and get the next one.

The Disappearing Act
You can also get this file at the Detective Agency. Go to the Dugout Bar and talk to the guy behind the bar for the key to Earl’s house. Go to Earl’s and look at the left side of the couch, crouch to find the item you need. It is a receipt for surgery.

Go to the Doctor at Mega Surgery and ask him about Earl. He will tell you that Crocker was working on Earl. Tell him you need to find Crocker and get into the cellar. You will either have to bribe him or persuade him if you have enough Charisma. In the Cellar you will find Earl and Crocker and find out what happened to Earl. Talk To Crocker and you can kill him or arrest him, either way he will die.

This can be found outside of the Witchcraft Museum, you need to listen to the Holotape on the body outside of the building.
Fallout 4 Witchcraft Mueseum

Near the building you will find a cellar you can enter. Before you go in, make sure you have some hp recovering because you will be facing a tough Deathclaw. When you beat the Deathclaw, grab and listen to next holotape and grab the Deathclaw egg.

Now you have a choice to make. You can either drop the Deathclaw Egg back off at the nest or turn it in for caps. If you drop it off you get a Deathclaw Gauntlet. If you turn it in at Diamond City you get up to 500 Caps, it starts at 200 but you can talk him up with enough Charisma. I guess you could grab the egg after you drop it at the nest and turn it in at Diamond City for the caps, I didn’t try that though.

Emogene Takes A Lover
This is the first quest you get at the Cabot House in the city.
Fallout 4 Cabot House

You will need to go retrieve Emogene from her new boyfriend. First go to the Third Rail and ask about Emogene, this will get you the location of her. Now I had enough Charisma to talk the priest down and get Emogene out without any trouble. If you don’t have Charisma you will likely have to kill everyone to get her out.

When you get her out she won’t follow you but you can return to Cabot House for your reward and the next quest.

The Secret Of Cabot House
This is the next quest you get from Cabot House. You will have to clear out the Asylum of Raiders with Jack and make it to the Basement. When you get to part with the Ghoul down on the floor, loot the Bobblehead on the desk. At the bottom floor you will have to make a choice, Jack or Lorenzo. Lorenzo will give you infinite special Serum and I am a melee guy so I went with that. You can get your reward when you get back to Cabot House.
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