Far Cry 4 Kyrat Fashion Week & Animal Skin Locations Guide

Far Cry 4 Kyrat Fashion Week & Animal Skin Locations Guide
Find the locations for all the animals you need to skin for crafting in Far Cry 4 and all of the Kyrat Fashion Week missions to max each item you can craft with this Far Cry 4 Kyrat Fashion Week & Animal Skin Locations Guide.

Far Cry 4 Kyrat Fashion Week Guide – Rare Animal Skins

To craft the final level item for most of the equipment in the crafting menu you will require a rare animal skin. These animal skins are not from animals that roam the map like the previous skins, these rare animal skins can only be obtained through the completion of specific quests, specifically the Kyrat Fashion Week quests.


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To unlock the Kyrat Fashion Week quests you will first need to progress through the story and take the first Outpost. From there head South and you’ll reach the Kyra Tea Weigh Station Outpost. Once you occupy this area a quest will appear to the West at the House of Chiffon. Introduce yourself and you will unlock the ability to start the Kyrat Fashion Week quests.

Where To Find Black Water Dragon Skin

Animal: Black Water Dragon
Quest: Kyra Tea Weigh Station Outpost
Method: Use explosives. I used M-79
Reward: 18,000 Rupees, 350 exp. Black Water Dragon’s Skin

Where To Find Tenzins Skin
Animal: Tenzin
Quest: Kyra Tea Terraces Outposts
Method: Must use Arrows or Bolts, you cannot use modified ammunition. He takes 4 arrows to kill.
Reward: 18,000 Rupees, 350 exp, Tenzin’s Skin
Where To Find Karkadanns Skin
Animal: Karkadann
Quest: Shanath Breeders Outpost
Method: Hunt Karkadann with a shotgun. Use the nearby rocks as a vantage point as he is unable to attack you there.
Reward: 18,000 Rupees, 350 exp, Karkadann’s Skin
Where To Find Gulos skin
Animal: Gulo’s
Quest: Pranjiagat School
Method: Hunt Gulo with an LMG
Reward: 27,000 Rupees, 450 exp, Gulo’s skin
Where To Find Sky Tiger skin
Animal: Sky Tiger
Quest: Barnali’s Textiles Outpost
Method: Kill the Sky Tiger with an Assault Rifle. There are two other Bengal Tigers there, the Sky Tiger is white. When you approach the area you’ll see a Bengal Tiger sitting atop a small ledge next to a body. Use the rocks surrounding the ledge to confuse the Sky Tiger during combat.
Reward: 31,500 Rupees, 500 exp, Sky Tiger’s skin
Where To Find Shadow Leopard skin
Animal: Shadow Leopard
Quest: Keo Logging Camp
Method: Kill the Shadow Leopard with an Assault Rifle. He’s the only Leopard in the area that’s not white. Simple technique again. Kill the 1-2 additional Leopards, use bait to kill the Shadow Leopard. I found it twice on the far right below the rocks as you climb to the area.
Reward: 36,550 Rupees, 350 exp, Shadow Leopard Skin
Where To Find Mad Devils Skin
Animal: Mad Devil
Quest: Keo Gold Storage
Method: Kill the Mad Devil with arrows or bolts. There are several normal white wolves nearby, take them out anyway you can. I chose to use the Auto-Cross for this one, makes it very fast and very easy.
Reward: 36,550 Rupees, 350 exp, Mad Devil Skin
Where To Find Ghost Bears Skin
Animal: Ghost Bear
Quest: Keo Pradhana Mine
Method: Hunt Ghost Bear with a shotgun. There’s 2 normal bears on the way. Ghost Bear is deep in the cave. Make sure to have 2-3 Health Syringes for fast healing and you won’t have a problem.
Reward: 36,550 Rupees, 350 exp, Ghost Bear Skin
Where To Find Thick Skins Hide
Animal: Thick Skin
Quest: Rajgad Gulag (Pagan Min’s Fortress.)
Method: Hunt Thick Skin with Fire. Hunt Thick Skin with a Flamethrower. Use the nearby trees as a shield as he can bust through the fence.
Reward: 45,000 Rupees, 650 exp, Thick Skins Hide
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  • Liquidacid

    it’s nice to note that while you are required to use a specific type of weapon you don’t have to use the exact one they leave at the drop point… like if there is an AK-47 at the drop point you can go grab your signature Bushman to use instead because it’s also an assault rifle… makes it a lot easier

  • Limor Golan

    how do you unlock more of these? is it by outpost or by bell tower? I totally forgot

  • Limor Golan

    how do you unlock more of these? is it by outpost or by bell tower? I totally forgot

  • Larzan

    Where do I find snow leopards?

    • Kyle

      I got lots north east of banapur by tossing bait. You get bears, tigers, wolves and wild dogs too.

  • Larzan

    Where do I find snow leopards?

  • solucky63

    Has anyone done these in co-op??? A friend and I did 2 last night and only 1 person can collect the skin. Can I go back to single player story mode and re-complete these to get the skins?

  • Calvin dixon

    I have done one of these quests but no more are appearing on my map how do I do the rest of them?

    • Bob Rooney

      you need to complete some of the story line campaign missions including yogi and reggie, shangri-la, and loginius campaigns for the rare hunts to show up. i wish there was the ability to shoot idiots that drug you all the time and that other hick, Hurk.