Far Cry 4 Balance Of Power Guide – Amita Or Sabal?

Far Cry 4 Balance Of Power Guide - Amita Or Sabal?
The Far Cry 4 Balance of Power missions are one of the most exciting elements Ubisoft have introduced into the franchise. Far Cry 4 Balance Of Power Guide – Amita Or Sabal will provide some information on the various routes people have taken to give you the opportunity to side with the right leader. Please be aware, this guide does include major plot spoilers.

At several points in the game you will reach a Balance of Power mission. These missions all provide 2 alternatives, whether you choose to side with Amita or Sabal. The choice you make will change the following mission, change objectives in future missions and create different opportunities until the next Balance of Power mission becomes available.


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I have listed the decisions I have chosen on my first playthrough thus far and will hopefully update it to include the alternative options on my second playthrough. Alternatively if you’ve taken a different decision to one I’ve covered below, we would greatly appreciate as much information as possible so we can update the guide. Post a comment at the bottom of this article and we’ll credit your name and update the guide.

Far Cry 4 Amita Or Sabal?

Balance Of Power Mission 1: Hunt Or Be Hunted

Choosing Sabal
If you pick Sabal you will need to go protect a rebel village. Once you get to the village you have to defend it. Grab the mines off the box and plant them on the path that leads up to the base. From there get on the turret and use it to kill any enemies you can see. The enemies use bows so they won’t appear on the radar. Listen to where your allies are saying they are coming from and track them down. After three waves this camp will be defended.

After that you will have to run through the woods to Alpha camp. Avoid the hunters in the woods and once you make it to the camp use your binoculars to tag enemies. There were 6 enemies in total here and I used the stealth and bow approach to kill them all without being seen. If you want to go a bit more ham use the bear cage in the center to stir things ups. Just don’t be too close or else the bear will turn on you.

Choosing Amita
Amita wants you to retrieve intel from a Golden Path camp. The first camp is simple, a single enemy Hunter. The second is more difficult. When you reach the 2nd camp use some bait to lure away the wolf. There are 5 Hunters in the area and 3 enemies that have melee weapons. The best tactic I found was to stealth your way into the house and then use windows as cover to heal up between Hunter hits. They will not come into the house.

Balance Of Power Mission 2: Reclamation

Choosing Sabal – Sabal will want you to burn the Opium fields for this mission. There are a lot of guards and watch dogs here so I would bring a bow for some stealth action. You will also need fire in the form of Moltovs or a flamethrower. The fields just need to be set on fire. If a guard sees it on fire he will start the sprinklers and stop the fire. If this happens just turn off the generator and restart the fire. There are also explosive barrels in the fields and near the drug stacks that can be used to set the Opium on fire. I ended up getting seen and just went the fire fight route with no problems. If you need a flamethrower there is one in the building behind the wooden doors you can kick.

Choosing Amita
Amita wants you to reclaim the Opium crops at the Kyra Tea Factory to fund Golden Path activities. Head to the objective and take out all the guards and dogs. There are two alarms on both sides of the main compound. Once cleared the Golden Path will assist in your defense of the Poppy Fields. Keep your eye on the map and move between each Poppy Field as the objective changes, making sure to aim for the enemy fire units first.

Balance Of Power Mission 3: Advanced Chemistry

Choosing Sabal
Did you choose this path? Leave a comment below.

Choosing Amita
Amita wants you to take control of a Brick Factory to help process Opium and fund the rebellion of the Golden Path. When you start the mission be sure to use the camera to paint targets and be cautious of the patrolling truck. You can target 2 of the generators from the hilltop without having to go anywhere near the enemy patrols. Use a grenade launcher or similar and take out the one to the far left and then the one directly in front. Following that Amita will give you the location of the final generator which can be reached following the outside of the compound to the right. Following that, return near your original point and you can get access to the lab without getting any hassle.

Balance Of Power Mission 4: Culture Wars

Choosing Sabal
For this mission you’re offered the chance to either save or destroy the Temple. Sabal opts to protect it. This is the final Balance of Power Mission and likely has the biggest influence on what happens at the end of the game. Did you choose this path? Leave a comment below.

If you pick Sabal he will ask you to kill Amita. I chose not to, and you never see her again

Choosing Amita
This is the final Balance of Power Mission and likely has the biggest influence on what happens at the end of the game. Amita wants you to destroy the Temple to free the women of Kyrat. When you reach the island there are 3 alarms and plenty of guards. If you trip any alarms the reinforcements will come via boat and helicopter – both of which will come from the same angle you did when you reached the beach, the South West side. It’s a simple mission whether you opt for the stealth or assault approach. I would advice bringing something explosive to take out the enemy vehicles. A few short missions later Amita asks you to kill Sabal as he is attempting to split the Golden Path.

The Endings In Far Cry 4

As far as we know there are 3 alternative endings in Far Cry 4. I have written information on the ending I experienced when completing the game based on the choices I made.

Far Cry 4 Ending 1: The Good Ending
You let Pagan Min live and you sit down at the table after some talking you both get up and he opens a door behind him. You see a helicopter and shed. He leads you outside and tells you Lakshmana or w/e is you’re half sister. I assume its Min and Ishwari’s daughter, Mohan killed Lakshmana and in return Ishawari killed Mohan. You enter the shrine and place Ishwari’s urn next to Lakshmana’s. After exiting the shrine, you see Min on the helicopter you see earlier and tells you that Kyrat is all your’s but he’s keeping the helicopter and flies off.

You can shoot the helicopter if you wish. The helicopter immediately goes down after one shot and explodes (even with my silly sniper rifle that couldn’t kill a regular in-game helicopter). You get the “The King is Dead” message and then the Fin/credits.

Far Cry 4 Ending 2: The Bad Ending
The bad ending occurs if you decide to shoot Pagan Min at the table when he gives you the choice of the two. The credits roll.
Far Cry 4 Ending 3: The Alternative Ending
At the very beginning of the game, when Pagan Min asks you to wait in the Royal Palace, wait 15 minutes and you’ll see the alternative ending.

Huge thanks to Chad MG, Xazur, Oscar Laurhammer, Nathan Cousins, Chin, aktuellfakta, teno, Nathan Cousins

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Far Cry 4 Balance Of Power Guide – Amita Or Sabal?

The Far Cry 4 Balance of Power missions are one of the most exciting elements Ubisoft have introduced into the franchise. Far Cry 4 Balance Of Power Guide – Amita Or Sabal will provide some