Far Cry 4 Complete Walkthrough Guide

Far Cry 4 Complete Walkthrough Guide
This Far Cry 4 walkthrough guide collection has all of the current guides we have for Far Cry 4. This collection of Far Cry 4 guides includes crafting guides, bell tower guides and the balance of power missions.

Far Cry 4 Guide – Main Missions

Balance Of Power Guide
Find out the pros and cons of making the decision to side with either Sabal or Amita as you progress through the main campaign.

Far Cry 4 Guide – Collectibles & Unlocks

Quick Crafting Guide
Max your gear and find all the animals you need quickly!

Kyrat Fashion Week
Find the rare animals and hunt them down!

Bell Tower Guide
Learn what you can unlock and how to take all of the Bell Towers quickly and easily!

Outpost Guide
A guide detailing every Outpost in Far Cry 4 and what quests, items, collectibles and rewards they unlock so you can get the best weapons first.

Weapon Guide
A guide to the massive list of weaponry in Far Cry 4, how to unlock them and where to find them.

Far Cry 4 Guides – How To Conquer The Fortresses

Noore’s Fortress Guide
Clear out Noore’s Fotress with this guide!

Pagan Min Fortress Guide
Take down Pagan Min’s Fortress with this guide!

Yuma Fortress Guide
Take over Yuma’s Fortress with this guide!

De Pleur’s Fortress Guide
Take over De Pleur’s Fortress with this guide!

Far Cry 4 Guide – Miscellaneous

Ghalles Homestead Guide
Customize your homestead with this guide!

Karma Guide
Increase your Karma quickly with this guide!

Far Cry 4 Review


Far Cry 4 Review – A Deranged Playground Of Brutality & Freedom

A deranged playground of brutality and freedom that builds perfectly on the solid foundations set by its predecessor. A worthy entry to the franchise and a must buy for any open-world gamers