Far Cry 4 Fortress Guide – De Pleur’s Fortress

Far Cry 4 Fortress Guide - De Pleurs Fortress
If you’re finding the Outposts in Far Cry 4 a bit of a bore, why not try your hand at a Fortress? This Far Cry 4 Fortress Guide details the best methods to take on De Pleur’s Fortress without attracting any unwanted reinforcements and making it very simple to unlock the rewards.

It’s also worth noting the the Fortresses each belong to a specific region of Kyrat. So if you conquer a Fortress the other Outposts in that area will not be attacked by the enemy forces again. For those looking to farm Karma points, it may be worth saving the Fortresses until a little later.

De Pleur’s Fortress Alarms

In order to obtain the highest level of rewards for conquering a Fortress, you need to do so without setting off any of the Alarms. Listed below are the Alarms within De Pleur’s Fortress and the best methods of destroying them without attracting unwanted attention. There are only 2 Alarms here and one was bugged for me, but when working they’re easy to disable.

  • Alarm One: Check the front left wall of the Fortress. Climb it and you’ll see the Alarm down to your left. Disable it
  • Alarm Two: From the same spot, travel towards the main gate atop the wall to where the sniper sits. Take him out and the Alarm is in full view.

That’s the tough bit out of the way, now for the fun part. Whether the M-79 or Auto-Cross are your Far Cry 4 weapon of choice, how you take on the guards is up to you. Just watch out for the single heavy and enemy sniper.

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