Far Cry 4 Fortress Guide – Noore’s Fortress Baghadur

Far Cry 4 Fortress Guide - Noore's Fortress Baghadur
Kyrat is home to 4 Fortresses that you are free to attack whenever you please. This Far Cry 4 Fortress Guide focuses on Noore’s Fortress Baghadur and provides some basic tips, tricks and information should you be struggling. As with most combat-centered missions in Far Cry 4, I highly advise you spend some time maxing your crafting so that you are able to at least carry 2 primary weapons and multiple Syringes.

If you want to attack Noore’s Fortress when it is weak, you will need to progress through the main campaign. Once you have reached the mission that sees Amita and Sabal arguing over the fate of Noore, you will be presented with the weakened version of the Fortress the following mission.

Far Cry 4 Fortress Guide – Suggested Equipment

These are suggestions based on my personal loadout when I completed the mission. I would highly advise a silence weapon.

Gun: M-79
Type: Secondary, Grenade Launcher
Attachments: None

Gun: MP5
Type: SMG
Attachments: Silencer, Red Dot Sight

Gun: M-700
Type: Sniper Rifle
Attachments: Silencer, Scope

Gun: STG-90
Type: Assault Rifle
Attachments: Red Dot Sight, Increased Magazine

Extras: Throwing Knives

Taking Noore’s Fortress Baghadur

Despite appearances, this is actually really quite simple. Approach the Fortress but do not enter from the East side. Instead travel far round to the South. You will see a number of Grapple Points and a small entrance further up the hillside. Enter the Fortress via this passageway. Once inside sneak down the passage and you will arrive at a large room. Directly across from you is an alarm, and there’s another in the same location on the opposite side.

You can take out both of these from this location without alerting the enemy, I used Throwing Knives personally. The rest of it is very simple. Be cautious of the Heavy Units and when you head towards the main door of the complex, be wary of the Sniper on the front wall. There is also another enemy directly above and behind you as you leave through the main door into the courtyard.

Simples! Check back soon for later Fortress Guides.

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