Far Cry 4 Fortress Guide: Pagan Min’s Fortress

Far Cry 4 Fortress Guide - Pagan Min's Fortress
One of the optional objectives in Far Cry 4 sees players take on the forces of the infamous Pagan Min. This Far Cry 4 Fortress Guide will give you all the information you need to take Pagan Min’s Fortress with little effort, no alarms and if you’re sharp enough, no alerts.

Pagan Min’s fortress becomes weak to attack after you complete the last quest in the Balance of Power quest line. From this point on you can take Pagan Min’s Fortress without allies or support.

There are 4 alarms within the Fortress and you can destroy all of them without getting detected. I’ve listed each alarm below and what must be done

Pagan Min Fortress Alarms

  • Alarm One – Stand on the left side of the front gate and peer through the broken sections of the door into a small window. You can see the 1st Alarm box here.
  • Alarm Two – Head to the front East side of the Fortress and use the Grappling point. At the top the Alarm is directly in front. Stay crouched and they won’t spot you.
  • Alarm Three – Head to the far East side of the Fortress and use the Grappling point. From there drop down, up the stairs and into the building.
  • Alarm Four – Straight on from Alarm 3. On the roof climb the ledge of the building at the back, and use it to jump down behind the next building.

With all the alarms taken care of, the rest is up to you. Personally I enjoyed throwing out a couple of mortar shots before engaging. Be sure to bring some explosives and molotovs to take care of the heavies but other than that, it’s easy pickings.

This is also the location of the last Kyrat Fashion Week Quest to get the rare skin Thick Skin’s Hide.

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