Far Cry 5 Fishing Guide

Far Cry 5 Fishing Guide
Where to find all the different fish, how to unlock the rods, and more. This Far Cry 5 Fishing Guide will tell you everything you need to know to catch the biggest and best fish in the game, using the biggest and best equipment.

Fishing is a fun mini-game in Far Cry 5. It’s mostly used as a means of earning some cash but it’s also tied to some of the different Side Missions in the game. It’s a pretty basic feature but fun nonetheless. You can acquire different types of rods through completing specific objectives and you can even get different types of baits or lures.

If you’re looking for more advanced information. Check out our guide on all the hard fishing spots in Far Cry 5.

How To Unlock All The Fishing Rods

How To Unlock All The Fishing Rods

Basic Fishing Rod
This is available at the start of the game. You can purchase them at any General Store, or you can get a free one with our guide.

Natural Fishing Rod
You can purchase this Fishing Rod at any General Store for $800

Wonderboy Fishing Rod
You need to help Skylar at Dylan’s Master Bait Shop in Whitetail Mountains. Check out our guide on Tools Of The Trade Side Mission for information on what Side Missions you must complete.

Old Betsy Fishing Rod
Unlocking Old Betsy is much more difficult than the other rods. You have to beat the different records set in each of the areas. Check out our guide on how to unlock Old Betsy in Far Cry 5 for details.

How To Get New Bait/Lure

How To Get New Bait Lure
You can switch your bait or lure in a very similar fashion to switching fire modes or switching ammo with guns. You have to purchase the Fisher King Perk. Which can be found on the first section of Perks, the second option. It’s marked by a large fishing hook. Once you have purchased the Perk you can then switch your bait by highlighting the Fishing Rod on the Utility Wheel and pressing the corresponding button that pops up on your screen.

Where To Catch Fish In Far Cry 5

That’s it for our Far Cry 5 Fishing Guide. Now you know how to catch fish, where to find every fish and how to unlock all the best equipment.

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