Far Cry 5 Resist Or Walk Away

Far Cry 5 Resist Or Walk Away
At the end of Far Cry 5, there’s a choice. Whether you choose to Resist or Walk Away. This Far Cry 5 Resist Or Walk Away guide will explain the different outcomes of your choice, which influence the ending of the game. This article does contain spoilers so read at your own peril.

Far Cry 5 Resist Or Walk Away

Choose Resist
Choosing the Resist option at the end of Far Cry 5 seems like the right thing to do. This is considered the “best ending” however, it doesn’t really turn out in a positive way. After an intense battle against The Father, Montana is hit by massive bombs. The Sheriff attempts to arrest The Father but you all have to flee the pending explosions and retreat to Dutch’s bunker on the island.

When you reach Dutch’s Bunker it appears only you and The Father survived. The county appears to have been mostly destroyed and the game ends there. There is nothing after the credits.

Choose Walk Away
If you decide to choose the Walk Away option your character saves the Sheriff and two of the Deputies as they walk away from the fight. The Father reaches out and touches your head in an act of forgiveness, as you see a bright flash of light come across the screen. as you drive away with the Sheriff and the Deputies there’s a brief argument in the car before you pass out at the wheel. This is likely caused by the nuclear-like explosions, meaning your character possibly died.

So there you have it. What choice did you make? Did you choose Resist or Walk Away? Let us know below and comment on our Far Cry 5 Resist Or Walk Away guide.

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