How To Farm Ammo In Fortnite

How To Farm Ammo In Fortnite
Depending on what class you play in Fortnite you may quickly come to realize, ammo doesn’t grow on trees. This guide will tell you everything you need to know How To Farm Ammo In Fortnite so you can avoid running out mid-battle and keep your defenders topped up and ready to go.

Depending on the weapon you are using, there are several different ammo types. Below is a current list of the ammo types you can discover, craft and use in Fortnite.

  • Shells ‘n’ Slugs
  • Light Bullets
  • Medium Bullets
  • Heavy Bullets
  • Energy Cells

With the exception of the Energy Cells, all of the other ammo types require the same ingredients and materials to build, listed below.

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Nuts ‘n’ Bolts

Wood and Metal are both incredibly easy to come by. Wood can be gathered quickly from any tree or wooden resource, Metal can be gathered from cars and other metal resources. The best way to farm ammo in Fortnite is to head to any urban level. Using the map select a mission from the urban area, not one in heavy woodland. Urban areas feature more cars and houses, one of the best sources for Nuts ‘n’ Bolts. Breaking down cars, washers and refrigerators.

Alternatively, a much easier way of collecting a large number of Nuts ‘n’ Bolts is the Expedition Missions. You unlock these once you reach the Unlock Land Expedition Vehicle: Dirt Bike skill on the Skill Tree. This allows you to send off Heroes on Expedition Missions to gather materials. The available missions differ every day but you want to look for the Expedition Mission that has a Large Cache or Crafting Supplies as a reward. You can easily get 100+ Nuts ‘n’ Bolts from one of these so if you’re struggling with ammo, take these Expedition Missions whenever they arise.

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