How To Farm Collection Points In Xenoblade Chronicles 2

How To Farm Collection Points In Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Where to find Collection Points? This guide will tell you How To Farm Collection Points In Xenoblade Chronicles 2 with an incredibly easy but not necessarily obvious trick that will let you hunt down Collection Points with ease, granting you tons of treasures to sell and plenty of materials.

Collection Points are special resource nodes that reward you with a variety of different items. There’s a huge variety, from material and wood based items, to flowers, insects and fruit. Many of these items can be sold for profit, others can be used to improve your Blades, and some are handed in to complete quests.

When you find a Collection Point, you simply interact with it and that’s it. You can get bonuses depending on the Field Skills your Blades have, but that just grants additional items not necessarily rarer all the time.

Open the Pause Menu and head to the Skip Travel option. From there you can view the maps of any areas you’ve explored. The simple trick here is to turn on the Filter for Collection Points. This is off by default. Use R to navigate through the different options and then press X on the Collection Point Filter to turn it on. This will reveal all Collection Points in that area. Making it much easier to navigate to a large cluster of Collection Points.

It’s worth noting that when you die, Collection Points all replenish. If you find a large cluster of Collection Points near a respawn spot, you can farm them, die and repeat. Certain items in your inventory also tell you the region in which they were collected so if you need more of something specific, be sure to check that out.

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