How To Farm Mini Medals In Dragon Quest Heroes 2

How To Farm Mini Medals In Dragon Quest Heroes 2
The fabled Mini Medals currency returns in Dragon Quest Heroes 2 and they can be used to purchase some of the most powerful weapons in the game. This guide will tell you How To Farm Mini Medals In Dragon Quest Heroes 2 so you can gather lots of Mini Medals quickly, and without much of a challenge.

Mini Medals are a special currency in Dragon Quest Heroes 2. You can obtain them at a very early stage of the game but you cannot spend them until much later. Continue to progress through the story and eventually you will unlock Maxi Malone’s inside Accordia. Once you have unlocked that you can spend your Mini-Medals to purchase tons of weapons, some of which are among the most powerful in the game.

How To Farm Mini Medals In Dragon Quest Heroes 2

You can begin farming Mini Medals near the start of the game in Dungeon Quest Heroes 2, after unlocking multiplayer. You don’t need friends to farm Mini Medals in Dragon Quest Heroes 2 but it is MUCH faster if you can either form a party or join another.

Once you have unlocked the first dungeon, the one available at level 3, you can begin farming Mini Medals. Every time you complete the first dungeon you receive 2 Mini Medals and this can be done right the way up to level 20. Once you reach level 20 the monsters inside the dungeon become stronger, but then you’re rewarded with 4 Mini Medals per run. You can also sometimes get Mini Medals as random drops during the dungeon. It is possible doing it solo with AI companions but after reaching level 20, it can be quite time consuming to complete each dungeon run – depending on your class and battle style.

There are other ways of making the farming method more lucrative. There is a Party Power you can unlock called Monster Wrangler. This makes Monster Medals summons much more powerful – and the Monster Medals drop a lot within the dungeon.

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