How To Farm Tons Of Gold Fast In Xenoblade Chronicles 2

How To Farm Tons Of Gold Fast In Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Want to make tons of gold fast? This guide will tell you How To Farm Tons Of Gold Fast In Xenoblade Chronicles 2 so you can pick up the 500,000 Gold Core Crystal, buy everything your heart desires and pick up the Deeds for all the best shops. Gold is used for practically everything in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but thankfully this little farming guide will give you millions of gold in a very quick amount of time. In about 30 minutes I was able to Salvage 400,000 worth of gold, all the while watching Netflix.

You need to unlock access to the Empire of Mor Ardain. Once you have access head to Kedeigh Gate in Alba Cavinch, the capital. Head to the store and buy as many Gold Cylinders as you can afford. Don’t worry if you spend all your money, you’ll make it back 10 fold. Once you are full on Gold Cylinders head to Lower Level – Anangham #2 Dock. There is a Salvage Point just ahead and to the left of where you spawn in.

Simply use all of your Gold Cylinders on this Salvage Point. Make sure to kill all the enemies too as it’s a great way to farm Common & Rare Core Crystals. Once you have exhausted your supply of Gold Cylinders, head back into Alba Cavinch and trade your items set at the trade store – the one marked with the scales icon. You will easily make a return on your investment and a lot more. Use Blade’s with Salvage Mastery for a bit of a boost.

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