The Fastest Way To Build A Level 10 Friendship In The Sims Mobile

The Fastest Way To Build A Level 10 Friendship In The Sims Mobile
Many of the highly rewarding Daily & Life Goals in The Sims Mobile require very high friendship levels, typically a very time and energy consuming task. This guide will tell you a fantastic trick for the fastest way to build a level 10 friendship in The Sims Mobile.

Whenever you socialise with other Sims in The Sims Mobile it drains a number of stats. Typically it drains energy and food. Food can be replaced fairly easily, especially if you make free food, but energy is much more difficult to refill. You get 1 energy restored every 15 minutes, otherwise you have to sleep for at least an hour to refill your energy bar. As such, a lot of socialising with other Sims can mean you’re talking for 2 minutes and then having to sleep an entire hour before you’re able to progress further with the relationship – but there is a faster way.

This great little trick isn’t available immediately at the start of the game. You have to progress through until you unlock the ability to include an additional Sim in your household – so you can now control your initial starting character and another character that you’ve made. Now that you have two Sims to control you can reach a level 10 BFF, Soulmate or other relationship in no time.

When you interact between the two Sims that live in your household, energy and food is consumed normally – but only by the party you’re controlling. As an example, let’s say you have Dave & Sarah, or Dave & Jimmy, whatever floats your boat. Every time you control Dave and speak with Sarah, only Dave’s food and energy is consumed but both build the relationship points. So you can use Dave to the point of exhaustion but instead of sleeping, switch over to Sarah or Jimmy and then continue the process. This allows you to build up the relationship twice as quickly as normal.

Using this trick is the fastest way to build level 10 friendships in The Sims Mobile. If you need any extra help, be sure to post a comment below. Be sure to check out some of our other guides such as getting married in The Sims Mobile and how to cook food for free.

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