Final Fantasy 15 Dungeon Guide – Daurell Caverns

Final Fantasy 15 Dungeon Guide - Daurell Caverns
Final Fantasy XV features many higher level dungeons but fortunately for the budding explorer, there’s a few on the lower level spectrum too. This Final Fantasy 15 Dungeon Guide – Daurell Caverns focuses on the Daurell Caverns and provides information on monsters, rewards, boss battles and other useful tidbits. Completing Duarell Caverns is one of the requirements to obtain the special key that opens the special locked doors in all dungeons.

Where Is The Daurell Caverns Dungeon

Where Is The Daurell Caverns Dungeon

Daurell Caverns Dungeon Guide – Requirements

Daurell Caverns is one of the lower level requirement dungeons in Final Fantasy XV but it’s still challenging, especially with the random chance of Necromancers popping up so make sure you go in prepared.

  • Level 30+
  • Resistance/Immunity to Petrify (Not required)
  • Able to take down level 30 Iron Giant boss
  • Thunder/Blizzard Magic, 2-3x Magic Flasks full

Daurell Caverns Dungeon Guide – Monsters

Most of the monsters inside Daurell Caverns are rather easy to take down, with the exception of the Necromancer. They do a lot of damage, can summon allies and also use Petrify on any of your party members.

Ronin (Level 18)
Weakness: Thunder

Hecteyes (Level 20)
Weakness: Spear, Royal Arms

Necromancer (Level 41)
Weakness: Blizzard

Daurell Caverns Dungeon Guide – Boss Battles

There is a hidden area in the boss room but it’s not easy to reach. Search the upper walls and you’ll see a ladder that you can knock down, however this platform can only be reached using Noctis Warp Strike. Use it to reach the ledge and jump up. Then kill all the enemies to crawl through. This leads to one of the special doors that you cannot unlock until the end of the game.

The boss battle is a simple Iron Giant battle. Take down all of the other enemies in the room first and then focus the Iron Giant. Make sure to pay close attention as the parry counter attack disarms his resistances and makes him much more susceptible to damage.

Iron Giant (Level 30)
Weakness: N/A

Daurell Caverns Dungeon Guide – Loot

Daurell Caverns is pretty low on the quality chain for item drops although the Moogle Charms bonus experience points and the Hard Edge can be great for lower level explorers. Check below for a list of the loot and information on how to get the better items.

  • Ancient Dragon Tooth
  • Moogle Charm (Inside the room with the large poison pools)
  • Heliodor Bracelet (Near the fishing spot)
  • Hard Edge (Powerful 2H weapon. Inside the boss room)
  • Requirement to obtain the Dungeon Seal Key that opens doors hidden in dungeons
  • Vazh T-Stampede

    I killed the iron giant first, now I can’t warp up there, any ideas?

    • Come back after a few days. Stuff does respawn after some time. Either that or try to see if there’s a hunt nearby that features a boss inside the dungeon, that will guarantee a spawn every time.

    • Matthew Nguyen

      I’m having the same issues. Monsters dead … am I just unable to go in now …?

      • Joe Majewski

        I’ll keep that in mind; I think I somehow missed this dungeon and am in post game now. Have you tried whistling for more enemies?

        • Matthew Nguyen

          I came back after I beat the game & received the menace quest, and it looks like everytime I leave and go back in they respawn. Whew.

    • Noh_Selfazteem

      They should have thought this part through better, I warped over there first and had to wait as the rest of my party beat the iron giant, then a necromancer and two eye blobs (with a dead Gladiolous), and THEN a ronin before I could get down because we can only interact with things outside of battle. I wasted a summon and a bunch of items.

  • Steve Muggins

    There is also a Sapphire Bracelet (+45 Strength, the biggest boost I have found up to that point in the game) that can be grabbed in the area just before jumping down into the boss fight area, you need to loop back around to grab it.

  • Jordan Brogan

    Can someone please tell me how to get to this dungeon? I know where it is but I can’t get there and it’s driving me crazy.