Final Fantasy 15 Memories Of FF Locations

Final Fantasy 15 Memories Of FF Locations
In Final Fantasy 15 you can unlock the other Final Fantasy soundtracks for your car. These help the long drives go by a little bit quicker. Check out this guide for all of the Final Fantasy 15 Memories Of FF Locations!

Final Fantasy 15 Memories Of FF Location Guide

Most of these can be found at item stores in different areas.
I started with FFVII and FFXIII for pre ordering the game. I am still looking to see if you can buy them somewhere in game as well. You can change soundtracks in the car by holding left or right, so you can go from VII to VIII quicker. You can also purchase an MP# player from the Car, I don’t know when it unlocked, I just checked while I was auto driving and it was there.

Memories Of FFIV – The first soundtrack you can find is at the Gas Station in Hammerhead, 100gil to purchase.

Memories Of FFVIII – This is also at the Hammerhead Gas Station store.

Memories Of FFV – This Sound Track is found at the item store in Galdin Quay for 100 Gil.

Memories Of FFIII – You can buy this soundtrack at the Coernix Station in Duscae at the start of Chapter 3.

Memories Of FFX – This is in Duscae, at the Chocobo Outpost.

Memories Of FFIX – The Final Fantasy 9 Soundtrack can be found at the Coernix Station – Cauthess in Duscae.

Memories Of FFXII – You can find the soundtrack for Final Fantasy 12 at Verinas Mart in Cleigne.

Memories Of Dissidia FF – You can find the Soundtrack for both Dissidia and Dissidia 12 in Old Lestallum, 500 Gil each.

Memories Of FFVI – The Soundtrack of Final Fantasy 6 can be found in Toelpar Rest Area in Duscae.