Final Fantasy 15 Side Quest Guide

Final Fantasy 15 Side Quest Guide
Final Fantasy 15 has tons of side content and quests you can find and do. Some of the quests are simple, while others are challenging. Check out this Final Fantasy 15 Side Quest Guide for help finding and completing all the side quests in the game.

Final Fantasy XV Side Quest Guide

Chapter 1

The Pauper Prince – This is the first side quest you can get. If you talk to the weapon shop guy, your allies will mention that you are broke. Talk to Cindy and ask for a Loan. She will give you this quest and also a small amount of Gil. You have to go from way point to way point clearing out the low level monsters, they are weak to the two handed sword in this part.

Hunter Becomes The Hunted – Right after you complete The Pauper Prince, you will unlock Hunter Becomes The Hunted. Go to the first way point and you will be ambushed by enemies. Take them out and then go to the next point, clear the enemies to get a cut scene. You can say you’ll do the next for free, but I wanted to get paid. You will also get a second Magic Flask for this.

The Mutant Maraudar – Now you have to hunt the creature Dave was hunting. The creature is weak to fire and only level 2, but has quite a bit of HP. It is kind of a tutorial fight for skills, but you might want to camp and buff up a bit before starting. The flask you are given takes about half its HP in a hit.

The Highway Helper – You can find this guy on the side of the road here.

Final Fantasy 15 Highway Helper

He will want a repair kit. You can pick one up from the Hammerhead Shop keeper in the Gas Station. Pick up a few because I’ve run into at least two people needing them so far.

Gone Hunting– After you make the delivery at the Motel for Cindy this quest will unlock. You have to find the head of the hunters around this area. He is at a shack next to the Diner. Talk to the guy inside the Diner after to find out where the Dog Tag is you need to get, return to Dave for the reward.

Search And Rescue – This one is easily missed if you don’t drive by. You can find it here on the map.

Final Fantasy 15 Search And Rescue

The guy is sitting near some rocks, use a potion on him to complete the quest.

Dust To Dust – This is Dave’s second dog tag quest. Head to the marker and clear out the enemies there. The Dog Tag is near the car down in that area.

Unlucky Driver – You can find this here on the map, another repair kit is needed.

Final Fantasy 15 Unlucky Driver Side Quest

Broken Down – Another guy’s car has broken down, here on the map.

Final Fantasy 15 Broken Down Side Quest

Kitty Catering – You can’t get this quest until after you get to Galdin. After you do the story bit there, a cat will appear on the dock. Talk to it and it will be hungry. You have to catch a fish down at the beach for it and bring it back. Then you have to have to meal cooked and then finally give it to the cat to finish the quest.

Chapter 2

Cid Sophiar, Master Mechanic – Cid wants to upgrade the Drain Lance you just got from the story quest. You will need a Metal Bit in order to complete it. I sold all mine so I had to go find one. During the next part of the story quest you go into a mine, I found a couple down there.

Scenic Delivery – Another Fetch quest but this time from the Takka(the cook) at Hammerhead. He wants a Lucian tomato which I had a tone of. He will give you some cooking ingredients as a reward. You can buy the Lucian’s at Prairie Outpost.

The Aspiring Artisan – Dino will call you after a bit and give you this quest. Head down to the ocean and speak wit him. Go to the quest marker and you can find this item against a large rock. It shines red so it is pretty easy to spot.

Hunters And Gathers – This one is for a Daggerquill Breast, another Takka quest. You can get these by killing the birds around the area. I found my birds in the Three Valleys, near the treasure above the Three In “The Three Valleys”.

Emergency Delivery – You can complete this one during the next Story quest. Use Cor to help you defeat the beast because it is a high level. Right outside the tomb with all the soldiers, you can find a large Garula with some small ones. Kill it and it should drop the meat for you.

A Better Engine Blade – This is the next quest Cid gives you to upgrade the sword you started with. If you have sold the weapons, you are out of luck. He needs a rusted bit, which you should of got while you were getting the Metal Bit.

We made a separate guide for the modded weapons, find it here.

The Ever Regal Regalia – This is at the pumps in Hammerhead. Cindy wants you to go find some rare car wax that can help out the Regalia. Head to the tunnel and go to the center to get the Wax. Follow it all the way out and you can find an injured guy who you can heal with a potion for Exp and Gil. When you return another part of the quest will open. You can head to the mines and get the stone from there.

Chapter 3

The Professor’s Protege – This quest can be found at the Coernix Station in Duscae. Go to the mark and then talk to the woman at the table. Sadly I was constantly harassed by magic troops and didn’t think they’d be tricky to find. I turned my sound all down minus sound effects and listened to the croaks to find them. I found 3 near rocks, 1 in the lake(not the pond) and the last one near some tall bushes.

Final Resting Plains – Dave can be found at Coernix station as well. head to the marker and clear out the enemies there. You can find the Tag near the she din the area.

Fishing Buddies – You can find this one on the map in Duscae, near a fishing spot. You can find the Bomber: Ice Bomb lure near the guy that you need to use to catch the fish. When you catch a Crag Barramundi, you can turn the quest in. Aim for the yellow fish on the mini map.

The Ever Gleaming Regalia – You get this in chapter 2 from Cindy but can’t complete it until chapter 3. Head to the marker and grab the item near the broken down car. Return to Cindy for another upgrade to your Regalia.

Where The Wild Chocobos Are – This is found at the Chocobo Stop after you unlock Chocobos. You have to go back to where you beat the Behemoth and snap a photo of a Chocobo. Run up next to it and hit X to take the shot, A on the Xbox.

Bird on the Brink – This one unlocks after you complete Where The Wild Chocobos Are. You need to find a wounded Chocobo in the wilderness and heal it with a potion. Head to the way point and use the Potion on it. Return to Wiz to complete the quest.

A Feathery Feast – This unlocks after you beat Bird On The Brink. He will want you to bring him one Aegir Root, which you should have. If not you will have to go back to the first area and find some. They are on the road going to Galdin from the other stop, near a camp, if you need them.

Chase That Chocobo – This is the last mission from Wiz. Head over to the last area and interact with the Chocobo there. You will be attack, clear the enemies and heal the Choco. Return to Whiz for a nice chunk of Exp and some new Choco colors.

Pilgrimage – This quest is also at Whiz’s Chocobo place, on the outskirts. A guy will be talking about a site near by and Ignis will say you should check it out. Ride or walk there and you will be greeted by the empire. Defeat them and you will beat the quest.

Scraps Of Mystery VIII – Not sure if I missed the others or not but this is the first one I found. In Cauthess Rest Area you can find this in the open Hanger. Check under the shelf with the two fans on top. Head to the way marker and you will find a downed ship. On the side, in one of the crevices, there is a gold shiny item. Pick that up to get a new map fragment.

A Rocky End – Another Dave Quest, this time at Cauthess Rest Area. When you get to the area, look for the section with enemies in it. Clear them out and you can find the Tag behind the big rock.

The Professor’s Protege – Yellow Frogs – This time we are finding yellow Frogs. This one is much easier, the Frogs are all on the outside of the pond. Listen for the croaks and go slow to find them.

Swallowed By Shadows – This next Dave quest and he wants you to find another Dog Tag. When you get to the way point, check up at the Windmill for enemies. Clear them out, and enter the building. The dog tag is behind the logs.

The Professor’s Protege – Gigantoads – You will have to kill a Gigantoad and return with Slimy Oil from it. I had it but if you need a Toad, you can find them near the Chocobo Rest place. Head down to the water from there and a couple are normally lurking around. It’s not a 100% drop rate but you can find one here during the day.

Final Fantasy 15 Gigantoad Location

A Backwoods Burial – Dave happens to also be in the town with the Toad lady. Head to his way point and the item can be found right outside the building in the area. There is also a rare coin inside, these are used to give you EXP buffs on spells.

Washed Away – Dave gives you a second quest in the same area. This time is down by the river, near some crocodile looking enemies. The Tag is up by the rock, behind some bushes. It is a little hidden so I took a picture. And yes, I did my questing at night.

Final Fantasy 15 Washed Away Dog Tag

The Professor’s Protege – Wyvern – The prof returns to Verina Mart. Talk to the food seller here and they will reveal to dungeon you need to access for the quest. You will have to climb a sand hill which is annoying to get to the Wyverns. You need to climb up, get behind a rock, climb to the next area to avoid falling. You can go all the way to the top if you want. but you need to something to get past the lava and I don’t have it yet.

Fishing, Naturally – This can be found near the Wenneth Riverhead Parking spot, down at the river. There is camp site you can use to make it dawn for the quest. He wants you to catch a Cherrycomb Trout, which is out at dusk or dawn. You need to use the Knife T Tonberry lure to catch it. You can find one on the riverbed near him if you don’t have one. I think they are the large yellow fish on the mini map, they were clumped so I’m not 100% sure.

Ace Of Carapace – This quest is found in Lestallum. Head to the way point and take out the beasts to get your quest item. I was way high level so I dropped them all with one spell, don’t know their weakness.

On The Hunt For A Harvest – Another Lestallum quest you get after doing some story missions. Head to the waypoint and kill the enemies, return to Lestallum to complete the quest.

New To The Road – Found this while I was doing the above quest, here is where you find it. If you don’t have a Repair kit you can buy one from your car now.

Final Fantasy 15 New To The Road Location

Mind The Trap – This quest has you removing traps for someone. Be careful at the first area, I ran into level 36 Courl which I could handle, but the quest is much lower level. It ias kind of hard to explain where they are, I made a short video for you guys to help out. You can also freeball it if you so choose.

Van, Interrupted – Here you have to retrieve something from a crashed vehicle. It is protected by Bees, so warp strikes and pistols are your friend here. Check the Truck after you clear them out and return for a reward.

The Perfect Landscape – You get this from Lustallum, the guy Kind of looks like Hugo form Lost. He wants two pictures of the Disc Of Cauthess, one from the south and one from the north. Head to the spots, take the pics and return for your reward.

Lestallum’s Finest – This is the next quest from the chef at Hammerhead. Head to the way point on the map and oyu have to face a level 32 Ox beast. Take it out, grab the box and return to the Lestallum.

Wild About Onions – Another collection quest, head to the area and pick up the onions.

Tails Spin – This one is a hunt and retrieve quest. Go to the point and kill the Spirahorns for your reward.

An Eye For Islands – Another picture taking quest. Go to Galdin and take pictures of the island from the dock entering the restaurant and from the dock exiting the restaurant. They are prompt points you can find.

A Meat Most Magnificent – Another Takka quest you get after turning in the last one. To gey the meat you have to accept the hunt for the Catoblepas from Coernix Station – Alstor. You need to be hunter rank 3 to get this mission. The creature is weak to Blizzard and can be poisoned. You might want to eat some food that increases item drop rate or you may have to repeat the hunt a few times.

Van, Interrupted Again = Go to the van, kill the enemies, collect the box and return to complete the quest.

Aftermath Of The Astral War – Head to the points and take the pictures. This one nets you 10k Gil for almost no work.

Sting Your Praises – Go to the waypoint and kill the scorpions there.

Vegging Out – Go to the way point and pick the vegetables.

Of Gods And Kings – Go take a picture of the Royal tomb in the area. The sword is in the dungeon near there but you can only enter at night. It isn’t easy, but we have a guide if you are interested in trying. The guide can be found here. 12500 Gil for this one.

Chapter 8

You want to finish any side quests before you progress in the story at this point. After you leave the area, you can’t come back until you beat the game.

Savior Of The Species – You can get this from Whiz’ Chocobo Post. You need to head into the Vesper Pools and pick up a Black Choco egg. There are a few enemies around it, clear them out and grab the egg.

Mountain Of Misfortune – Another Dave quest, you can get it earlier but can’t complete it until now. Head to the way point and go up onto the rocks. There is a Cockatrice near there you want to kill. After you kill it, check the ruins are right near the ! on the mini map for the Tag.

The Ever Valorous Regalia – You can get this earlier but can’t complete it until you get to the Vesper Pools. Head to the way point and check near the broken down car for the item.

Navyth’s Challenge – Another fishing quest that you can find near the Mrylwoods in the Vesperpool. He wants you to catch a Vesper Gar for his quest. You might want to be level 5 fishing to do this, I tried at 3 and it was rough. You can get the lure you need at the fishing shack to the North of the quest, Stinker Malboro is the on you want.

No Pain No Gem – Another quest you get early but can’t do until later. This one is in a dungeon, the Myrlewoods. Don’t be fooled by the enemies levels, they have quite a bit of HP. When you get inside and make it to the ! on the map, go east and you can find the rock near the wall.

Final Fantasy 15 No Pain No Gem

The Professor’s Protege – Myrlewood Firefly – This quest can only be completed at night(Thanks to Dan Torag for the comment).Another quest in the Myrlwood Dungeon. All the fireflies are shinnies on the floor near the Royal Tomb in the area. Two are by the tree and the last one is slightly south of the tree on a rock near the wall.

The Perfect Cup – You have some choices for this one on what you want to add to the cup. I choose meat to my hunt was a Behemoth. Go talk to the tipster and ask about the area to learn where the Target is. I was way over leveled so I smoked this thing quick. I know that it is resistant to fire so my guess is the weakness is blizzard. After you finish, eat the cup and enjoy the exp.

Crazy About Cactuars – I had already bought both these items so I don’t know where one of them is located. One is in Lustallum but the second one I don’t recall. If anyone knows, leave a comment so we can update it please.

Steam Valve Inspection – A mission in Lustallum that has you checking out Valves. They are kind of hard to find so we made a little video for you guys. I got lost on the last one but I found it after about a minute.

A Feline Feast – This is at the Lighthouse in Caem. That cat you fed earlier will want you to feed it again. You can either pay 20k for Cat Food or go catch a fish near by. The lure is right near the dock for the fish, Whiskers: Crystal. It is the blue fish on the map, the others are large and hard to catch but give decent EXP if you want to level Fishing up.

Formouth Garrison – You can start invading Forts after you do it in the story. You can find Formouth Garrison here. It isn’t easy so be prepared. Couple of bosses inside but you will get some nice EXP for finishing it up.

Final Fantasy Formouth Garrison Side Quest

Power To The Pylons – The woman that gave you the quest to shut the valves also gives you this one. There are three pylons you need to inspect. You can only access the ones that have the ladders near them.
The ones with the Cablecars near them are the ones you need to interact with to complete the quest.

The Professor’s Protege – Griffon – You can get this from the Coernix Station – Cauthess after completing the Fire Fly one from her. You need to go to Lustallum and take the Griffon hunt from the cook at the way point. Defeat the Griffon, get the feather and return to Sania for your reward.

The Witch Of The Woods – Another Dave quest you get from Verinas Mart. Talk to the guy selling food and ask him about the local area, he will point out Dave on the map. Head to Dave and he will ask you to go into the Malmalam Thicket to find a Dog tag. I had already killed the boss in here twice so I didn’t have to fight one, you might have to if you haven’t cleared it. The Tag can be found here.

Final Fantasy 15 The Witch Of The Woods

The Frogs Of Legend – This is the last Frog quest you get and it is all over the map. We made a video to help you find the Frogs.

Berried Memories – You get this from Galdin and you need to get the berries from the farm at the lighthouse. It takes two carrots to get the berries you need.

The Ever Illustrious Regalia – Another Cindy quest but you have to enter the Crestholm Dungeon to complete it. You can find the Head lights near one of the switches in the dungeon. It is by the fence near the switch. We have a video guide for the switches if you need help.

We are updating this as we go so check back soon for more quests!