Where To Find Desert Eagle & AK-47 In Ghost Recon Wildlands

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands boasts a huge arsenal with dozens of different guns to find and unlocked, each offering plenty of customization options. This guide tells you Where To Find Desert Eagle & AK-47 In Ghost Recon Wildlands, a pair of the most iconic guns stretching throughout video-game history.

Thanks to the huge levels of freedom offered in the open-world of Bolivia players are free to explore areas in any order. There are no restrictions, you can located any rare and powerful weapon and pick it up from the start. We’ve got a list of how to unlock every weapon in Ghost Recon Wildlands and also a list of the best sniper rifles in Wildlands, but for something a bit more iconic we’ve got how to unlock the Desert Eagle (D-50) and AK-47.

Where To Find Desert Eagle & AK-47 In Ghost Recon Wildlands

For both the AK-47 and the Desert Eagle you need to travel to the South East of the map, to Libertad. It is rated at a maximum difficulty level but with a helicopter you can easily navigate to the locations and grab the weapons without any real troubles.

Where To Find The AK-47

How To Unlock AK-47

Where To Find The Desert Eagle

How To Unlock D-50

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